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Gem Offers occur at various times throughout the year and present the player with an opportunity to buy a pile of Gems for real money. When a player logs into the game during a Gem Offer, the game displays a pop-up screen listing the number of gems and at what price. The price and gems amount differ for each player based on that player's level and history of past gem purchases. Additionally, Pixel Federation will typically include a FREE locomotive as a bonus incentive. The locomotives within each offer wear liveries with a common theme.

Since from 8 Jul 2019, Pixel Federation released a new form of gem-offer.
There TS repeats engines of older offers to players who can not use the tech level of the actual offer yet. That means players without Maglev or Hyperloop technology will get an diesel offer instead.
Note: Therefore, it will be shown as Icon Repeated.

Each Gem Offer is one-time use only and expires 72 (Limited gem offer 72h) or 36 (Limited gem offer 36h) hours after viewing the offer.

Gem Offers are a kind of Limited Offer. See Limited Offers Logo Limited  for more information.

Current year of Gem Offer is:

Each years of Gem Offer has its own page via Historical Offers.


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