In the beginning of the game there are three Welcome-Offers which are triggered after reaching Level 10, 25 and 40 and last only 24h. They offer, in addition to some Gems, respectivly the Big Boy Duochrome, Northern 9 or RENFE 252 as unique locomotives for FREE. The first one offers also sometimes a free International Slot. The later ones - if not already bought before - the technologies Dieselisation or Electrification for FREE too.

so this weeks rule so far <25 

Delightful  Steamer

<50  Delightful pwr14 >50 and without maglev  get Infinite WAGR >120 with maglev  get Infinite Maglev

Each Gem Offer is one-time use only and expires 72 or 36 hours after viewing the offer.

Gem Offers are a kind of Limited Offer. See Limited Offers Logo Limited  for more information.

Current year of Gem Offer is:

Each years of Gem Offer has its own page via Historical Offers.


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Gem Offer Yule 2016

PF9 BL2a

PF9 RSD-15a

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