Fuel Fuel Wagons that can be purchased in the Shop at any time.

For basic information see the Fuel Wagons page.

Name Bonus Lvl Cost Buy XP Notes
Aircraft Fuel Tanks +370%340120 Gems22,030 XPLimit: 40
Airlord I Logo Set
Airlord II Logo Set
Blaze Fuel +1,350%2961,500,000 Gold15,000 XPLimit: 13
Blaze Logo Set
Bulky Fuel +45%9595,000 Gold1,050 XP
Cargon Fuel +1,400%270170 Gems9,000 XPLimit: 14
Cargon Maglev Logo Set
Crew Fuel +115%1391,000,000 Gold10,000 XPLimit: 12
Crew Cargo I Logo Set
Crew Cargo II Logo Set
Cylinder Fuel +320%43370 Gems42,000 XPLimit: 20
477 5,300,000 Gold
Dies Fuel +2,500%730150 Gems165,000 XPDies Maglev Logo Set
DoG Fuel +120%196515,000 Gold6,000 XPLimit: 10
DoG Railfreight Logo Set
Fuel Carrier +0%252,900 Gold40 XP
Fuel Majestic +250%100100 Gems3,400 XPLimit: 10
Fuel Powerful +135%11165 Gems12,000 XPLimit: 13
210 600,000 Gold
Fuel Shipper +70%9035 Gems2,400 XPLimit: 20
130 202,000 Gold
Fuel Tanker +20%378,050 Gold95 XP
Grom Fuel +350%54770 Gems28,000 XPLimit: 56
Grom Cargo Logo Set
Logger Fuel +210%4862,350,000 Gold23,500 XPLimit: 22
Logger Freight Logo Set
Forester Freight Logo Set
Mark VI Fuel +580%126105,000 Gold2,100 XPLimit: 1
Mark VI-II Logo Set
Nihilus Fuel +1,900%4557,000,000 Gold40,000 XPLimit: 8
Nihilus Maglev Logo Set
Nihilus Fuel Tail +1,900%4557,250,000 Gold45,000 XPLimit: 1
Nihilus Maglev Logo Set
NIS Fuel +265%4501,990,000 Gold19,900 XPLimit: 22
NIS Cargo Logo Set
Oil Bringer +10%325,350 Gold65 XP
Order Fuel +140%155610,000 Gold6,000 XPLimit: 11
Order Cargo I Logo Set
Order Cargo II Logo Set
Railpower Fuel +300%200120 Gems13,250 XPLimit: 40
Railpower Cargo I Logo Set
Railpower Cargo II Logo Set
Siberian Fuel +200%13570 Gems3,000 XPLimit: 16
Siberian Cargo Logo Set
Siberian Cargo II Logo Set
320 915,000 Gold 18,300 XP
Strike Fuel +120%3260 Gems280 XPLimit: 6
Strike Logo Set
Sturdy Fuel +275%33385 Gems16,200 XPLimit: 12
377 1,875,000 Gold
Tank Car +40%2830 Gems100 XP
Technicon Fuel +140%222750,000 Gold13,750 XPLimit: 9
Technicon Logo Set
Vintage Fuel +165%40725 Gems11,000 XPVintage Star I Logo Set
Vintage Star II Logo Set
WAGR Fuel +150%267875,000 Gold15,200 XPLimit: 15
WAGR Freight Logo Set
Whalebelly +100%3450 Gems300 XPLimit: 6
58 32,250 Gold

Removed from the Shop

Fuel Fuel Wagons that are no longer available for purchase in the Shop.

Name Bonus Lvl Cost Buy XP Notes
Fuel 170 +170%174410,000 Gold8,200 XPLimit: 5

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