Frolic Box (Risk) was an Offer Box available for a limited time. It offered players the opportunity to spend resources on a chance to win unique items. There was no limit to how many a player could purchase and the 10% discount from completing Alan's contracts applied to them.

Frolic Box (Risk) Offer Cost Discounted Buy XP Level
Icon Shop SO 28 Dec 2018 220 Gems 198 Gems 190,000 200
Icon Shop VO 4 Sep 2019 210 Gems 189 Gems 190,000 200

All items were marked with a colored ribbon showing the chance of winning that item:
MD Exclusive MD Very Rare MD Rare MD Common


Award Type Details Rarity % Chance
8,500 Gems Resources Exclusive 0.1%
3,000 Gems Resources Exclusive 0.2%
Dirk Frolic Dirk Frolic Icon Shop Hyperloop 28 Icon Power Exclusive 1.5%
600 Gems Resources Exclusive 2.5%
Amalthea Frolic Amalthea Frolic Icon Shop Hyperloop 26 Icon Power Very Rare 10.0%
Buffalo Frolic Buffalo Frolic Icon Shop Hyperloop 23 Icon Power Common 25.7%
120 Gems Resources Common 60.0%

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