Flags enable a player to increase the rate at which their stations generate passengers and the maximum number of passengers their station can hold. Flags can be purchased in the Shop and are sometimes also offered during Special Offers. You will receive them as rewards for some contracts and achievements, or as gifts from Facebook's Fan Page .

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Flag Logo

At the start of the game the maximum number of flags allowed at a players station is 10. This limit can be increased with special buildings such as Embassy, Shivaji Tower and Aerial Tower II. If a player has less than their maximum number of flags on their station, a Flag Logo will appear on the left hand side of the screen indicating the current/maximum number of flags. Clicking on the logo will open the flag section of the shop. This will only work after reaching level 50, the minimum level to buy flags in the shop.

Also, to note two key features:

  • Passenger Income means: increased rate of incoming passengers.
  • Passenger Limit means: increased maximum limit of passengers your station can hold.

Flags can be sold while they are active you will receive 20% of the gold value of the materials used to purchase the flag. This can be done even in the last few minutes that the flag is active.

NOTE: If you finish all of Cornelius' contracts, you will receive a 25% discount on all future purchases of flags.

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Game history

The rules for flags under the old system were:

  • Placing Flags
    • One of the many gifts you can receive from your neighbours are flags. You get 100 XP for placing each flag, and you earn progress toward the Vexillarius achievement.

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