Theme Eriport
Type: Theme
Gem Purchase
Cost Normal Discount
320 Gems 256 Gems
Buy XP 1,200,000 XP
Level 200
Regular Purchase
Cost: Normal Discount
8,000 Lithium
8,000 Aerogel
8,000 Nanotubes
6,400 Lithium
6,400 Aerogel
6,400 Nanotubes
Buy XP: 1,200,000 XP
Level: 200
Added to the Shop with the 6 Mar 2017 Game Update.

The Eriport theme is the 16th station background available for purchase in TrainStation. After purchase, it can be found in Storage. It features the new Eriport buildings, decorations and Hyperloop items.

Contractors that have this theme as the background for their stations:

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