Eco-Box (High Risk) was an Offer Box available for a limited time. It offered players the opportunity to spend resources on a chance to win unique items. There was no limit to how many a player could purchase and the 10% discount from completing Alan's contracts applied to them.

Eco-Box (High Risk) Offer Cost Discounted Buy XP Level
Icon Shop SO 6 Apr 2018 180 Gems 162 Gems 165,000 90
Icon Shop VO 11 Nov 2018 170 Gems 153 Gems 165,000 70

All items were marked with a colored ribbon showing the chance of winning that item:
MD Exclusive MD Very Rare MD Rare MD Common


Award Type Details Rarity % Chance
7,000 Gems Resources Exclusive 0.1%
2,500 Gems Resources Exclusive 0.2%
Carpinus Carpinus Icon Shop Diesel 104 Icon Power Exclusive 0.2%
Betula Betula Icon Shop Electric 104 Icon Power Exclusive 0.3%
500 Gems Resources Exclusive 2.5%
Castanea Castanea Icon Shop Electric 95 Icon Power Rare 15.3%
Platanus Platanus (Locomotive) Icon Shop Diesel 94 Icon Power Rare 15.4%
100 Gems Resources Common 66.0%


Eco-Box (High Risk) Contents 1
Eco-Box (High Risk) Contents 2

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