Icon Shop Diesel Diesel Locomotives available as rewards for completing Contractors, Achievements, or buying Mystery Depots, Offer Boxes, or were rewarded by specific Mystery Depot which is no longer available in the Shop and can not be ordered from Support.

For basic information see the Diesel Locomotives page.

Name Pwr Tax Disp. XP Ratio Notes Limit
071 Class Double 473925148.34071 Class Cargo II Logo Set
Inductor III
2TE116 Double 2324814410.78Strange Package Historical Mystery Depot
2TE70 Double 1819810411.00Forgotten Cargo Historical Mystery Depot
3GS21B Titan 14128709.14Secret Box Historical Mystery Depot
3TE10M 1281,1051,1008.63TE10 Cargo Logo Set
DPL-Reward-On from Svetlana #31
7A Progress Double 2122013510.48Cosmodrome Cargo II Logo Set
Unmarked Container Historical Mystery Depot
8-40C Comet 827757509.45Santa's Box (2016) Offer Box
8-40C Thunderbolt 503824707.64Thunderbolt Cargo II Logo Set
Mysterious Generator Offer Box
9-44CW Brute 47Free4250.009-44CW Freight Brute Logo Set
Obscure Container Icon Shop Mystery
9-44CW Pilbara 322842898.88Pilbara Freight II Logo Set
Obscure Container Historical Mystery Depot
9-44CW Prancer 90Free9000.00Santa's Box (2016) Offer Box
AC44i Neutron 1179959058.50Nuclear Box (High Risk) Offer Box
Acciona 333 2223519510.68Barcelona Mayor1
AERO Bolt 432978.00AERO Bolt Logo Set
DPL-Reward-On from Valentina #11
ALCO C-636 Double 1717510810.29Odd Container Icon Shop Mystery
ALCO C-643DH Double 2122212810.57Strange Package Historical Mystery Depot
Alco RS3 Double 948405.33Mysterious Bags Historical Mystery Depot
Allez Quad 908057358.94Allez Freight I Logo Set
Scented Candle III
Amor BR70 614944248.10Valentine Box Offer Box
Amor EMD GP50 604824188.03Valentine Box Offer Box
Amor PH37ACi 625024358.10Valentine Box Offer Box
AN Class Double 2021013010.50Chillin III1
BB40-9W Brazil 524204508.08Sporting Goods Offer Box
Behemoth 1263555.25DPL-Reward-On from Bobby #30
DPL-Reward-On from Santa #22
Mysterious Bags Historical Mystery Depot
Bicentennial EMD F9 1119769098.791776 Box (Risk) Offer Box
1776 Crate (Safe) Offer Box

Bicentennial EMD F9 Mk2 125Free1,2760.001776 Box (Risk) Offer Box
1776 Crate (Safe) Offer Box

Big Boss 500 5050050010.00Level 5001
Big Jack Double 2022512011.25Forgotten Cargo Historical Mystery Depot
Big Jack Platinum 14125758.93Achievement-a-holic1
Billiton Mercury 332923078.85Atlas Cargo II Logo Set
Pun King II
Billiton Red Giant 701,30070018.57Brewing III1
Black Tiger 141407510.00DPL-Reward-On from Mahatma #541
Black Tiger Triple 332852008.64Strange Package Historical Mystery Depot
Blue Tiger Double 211701308.10Unmarked Container Historical Mystery Depot
Bogeyman 1070407.00Ghost Story III1
Bogeyman Double 201851009.25Humerus Joke III1
Bogeyman Quad 444352709.89Web Games III1
Bogeyman Triple 313001759.68Grave Mistake III1
Borderless 20Free1450.00Borderless Logo Set
DPL-Reward-On from Ethan #10
Borderless M 605005008.33Museum Level 251
Borderless MKII 2440542316.88Borderless MKII Logo Set
DPL-Reward-On from Ethan II #41
BR Class 20 511222.20Train Set Dispatcher1
BR Class 20 Triple 14124818.86Forgotten Cargo Historical Mystery Depot
London Mayor

BR Class 31 Double 15125908.33Anglia Freight I Logo Set
DPL-Reward-On from Lucy #50
BR Class 31 Triple 201751178.75Anglia Freight II Logo Set
DPL-Reward-On from Lucy #64
BR Class 41 Double 15130888.67Warship Freight I Logo Set
DPL-Reward-On from Lucy #27
BR Class 41 Triple 201701208.50Warship Freight II Logo Set
DPL-Reward-On from Lucy #68
BR Class 43 HST 1260565.00InterCity 125 Logo Set
DPL-Reward-On from Lucy #17
BR Class 46 1395657.31Mysterious Bags Historical Mystery Depot
BR Class 47 Double 181701009.44DPL-Reward-On from Lucy #591
BR Class 60 14120748.57Runaround III1
BR Class 66 938454.22Rubber Magnate1
Bronze SD40 1181,0059158.52SD Box (Risk) Offer Box
Bull Humpback 1211,0551,2158.72Whale Box (Risk) Offer Box
Whale Crate (Safe) Offer Box

C-MY Venture 6Free3150.00Venture Cargo Logo Set
Diesel Collector III
C1900 Summertide 655454968.38Fairy Treasure Offer Box
C66 Erebus Quad 807216519.01Erebus Freight I Logo Set
Fueltank III
C66 Sleet Double 624866677.84Sleet Freight II Logo Set
Spooky Stories II
Calcite Euro 4001 S 1181,0059158.52Mineral Box (Risk) Offer Box
Carpinus 104Free8500.00Eco-Box (High Risk) Offer Box
Eco-Capsule (Safe Bet) Offer Box

CC300 Arborea 71Free5520.00Crocus III1
CC300 Bold 100Free1,0000.00Stash (High Risk) Offer Box
Supply Box (Safe Bet) Offer Box

CC300 Gritty 928207458.91Stash (High Risk) Offer Box
Supply Box (Safe Bet) Offer Box

CC300 Resilient 908077378.97Stash (High Risk) Offer Box
Supply Box (Safe Bet) Offer Box

CC300 Triple 282611389.32Engine II1
CFL Series 900 940424.44Pulverizer1
Cheerful 1027702.70Cheerful Liner Logo Set
DPL-Reward-On from Santa - Levels 45-119 #19
Christmas Mood 4425010.50Christmas Mood Logo Set
DPL-Reward-On from Mrs. Claus #9
Class 240 Ale 97Free7550.00Keg (High Risk) Offer Box
Cask (Safe Bet) Offer Box

Class 240 Germany 524204508.08Sporting Goods Offer Box
Class 240 Lager 877907209.08Cask (Safe Bet) Offer Box
Keg (High Risk) Offer Box

Class 240 Stout 898006578.99Cask (Safe Bet) Offer Box
Keg (High Risk) Offer Box

Class 240 Volunteer 815301.88Volunteer Logo Set
DPL-Reward-On from Valentina - Levels 49-119 #11
Class 319 Spain 524204508.08Sporting Goods Offer Box
Class 41 Frenzy 756605858.80Mechanical Cache Offer Box
Class 47 Carol 504055438.10Generosity III1
Class 47 England 524204508.08Sporting Goods Offer Box
Class 47 Merry 807206459.00Azalea III1
Class 58 Netherlands 524204508.08Sporting Goods Offer Box
Class 66 VFLI Quad 675684988.48VFLI Cargo I Logo Set
Obscure Container Icon Shop Mystery
Class MZ Frenzy 736375678.73Mechanical Cache Offer Box
Class Q Azmath10 908301,0109.22Decabox Offer Box
Class Q Christmas 938507659.14Christmas box (High Risk) Offer Box
Santa's miracle (Safe Bet) Offer Box

Conqueror 1280546.67Salchow III1
Conqueror Double 201701108.50Lutz III1
Conqueror Triple 353051508.71Axel III1
Corund Eurolight 1251,0759788.60Mineral Box (Risk) Offer Box
CP 1400 Double 1275606.25Wood High Roller1
CP 1900 Double 14100807.14Unlabeled Crates Historical Mystery Depot
CP Class 1400 840405.00Mysterious Bags Historical Mystery Depot
CP Class 1900 1161515.55Secret Box Historical Mystery Depot
Unmarked Container Historical Mystery Depot

CR DF11 1390656.92Mysterious Bags Historical Mystery Depot
CR DF7G Double 1398647.54Unlabeled Crates Historical Mystery Depot
CR ND5 Double 14135809.64Forgotten Cargo Historical Mystery Depot
CR NJ2 69648916.00CR NJ2 Logo Set
Train Innovations IV
CR NJ2 Qinghai 823472.88Mysterious Bags Historical Mystery Depot
CR NJ2 Triple 292692199.28Elviira III1
Crassus I 867807059.07Crassus Freight I Logo Set
Technological Wonders Offer Box
Crassus II 5659040810.54Crassus Freight II Logo Set
Technological Wonders Offer Box
Cringy Mood I 604253877.08Cringy Mood I Logo Set
DPL-Reward-On from Cringe - Levels 200-699 #28
Cringy Mood II 806255697.81Cringy Mood II Logo Set
DPL-Reward-On from Cringe - Levels 700-999 #28
Cringy Mood III 1129458608.44Cringy Mood III Logo Set
DPL-Reward-On from Cringe - Levels 1000+ #28
Cyber Boss 504373358.74Flamethrower III1
Daedalus Vectron 584584957.90Cherry Blossom III1
Dash 8-40C Double 191801259.47Unmarked Container Historical Mystery Depot
Dash 9-44CW Triple 2527215410.88Strange Package Historical Mystery Depot
DB 218 Wiesn 45822614.50Wiesn Express Logo Set
DPL-Reward-On from Fritz #19
DB 236 Oktoberfest 44521511.25Oktoberfest Logo Set
DPL-Reward-On from Fritz #18
DB Class 218 Triple 161401008.75Berlin Mayor1
DB Class 240 Double 14120808.57Berlin Governor1
DB Class 602 925552.78TPE Express Logo Set
TPE Oil Dealer
DDA40X Sterling 756706008.93Daffodil III1
DE22000 Marathon 454402759.78Marathon Cargo Logo Set
Ratchet III
Delightful 373352059.05Delightful Liner Logo Set
DPL-Reward-On from Santa - Levels 300-699 #19
Deltic 55 616252.67Booster1
Demetrius 38Free2980.00Echinacea III1
DF200 Horizon D 342953168.68Horizon Cargo II Logo Set
Swimming III
Diamond ER 20 1351,1751,0698.70Mineral Box (Risk) Offer Box
DL CKD-9B Double 1139438738.35DL CKD-9B Cargo I Logo Set
Purification III
DR Class 130 1045504.50Multiple Unit Operator1
DRG SVT 137 210455.00DRG Class SVT 137 Logo Set
SVT 137 Neptune
DRX 6-4-2000 Double 16123907.69Forgotten Cargo Historical Mystery Depot
DSB cl. MZ Azmath10 706956209.93Decabox Offer Box
DSB Class ME 1048484.80Secret Box Historical Mystery Depot
DSB Class ME Capri 958359958.79Metallic Box (High Risk) Offer Box
Alloy Box (Safe Bet) Offer Box

DSB Class MY Double 930503.33Mysterious Bags Historical Mystery Depot
DSB Class MZ 842415.25Mysterious Bags Historical Mystery Depot
DSB ME Goldie 474383169.32Strange Package Historical Mystery Depot
DSB ME Vernus 564713958.41Cryuff Turn III1
DSB MZ Double 1385756.54Unlabeled Crates Historical Mystery Depot
DSB MZ MOW Quad 3032519210.83Maintenance of Way 1 Logo Set
Forgotten Cargo Historical Mystery Depot
DSB MZ MOW Triple 232251349.78Maintenance of Way 2 Logo Set
Enigmatic Container Icon Shop Mystery
DSB Overcharge 1008507508.50ZIP! Offer Box
DT-6-6-2000 Double 14115908.21Forgotten Cargo Historical Mystery Depot
DT-6-6-2000 Triple 2021012510.50Unmarked Container Historical Mystery Depot
EffiShunter Double 514075687.98EffiShunter Freight II Logo Set
Obscure Container Icon Shop Mystery
EL Ghan 1151564.64The Ghan II Logo Set
Mysterious Bags Historical Mystery Depot
EMC Christmas 918277509.09Christmas box (High Risk) Offer Box
Santa's miracle (Safe Bet) Offer Box

EMD BL-2 610501.67Intake III1
EMD BL-2 Strike 12Free500.00Strike Logo Set
DPL-Reward-On from Carl - Levels 30-119 #19
EMD BL2 Leone 46233615.50Leone Constructions Logo Set
DPL-Reward-On from Giovanni #71
EMD Cavalier 24502002.08Cavalier Cargo Logo Set
DPL-Reward-On from Arpad #11
EMD E6 VIP 1380806.15Bobby's VIP Logo Set
DPL-Reward-On from Bobby #39
EMD F40PHM-2 Triple 231991308.65Strange Package Historical Mystery Depot
EMD F69PHAC 1270605.83Brick High Roller1
EMD Ferromex Quad 564404677.86Ferromex I Logo Set
Stay Frosty! III
EMD GP50 Double 14126759.00Unlabeled Crates Historical Mystery Depot
EMD GP60 Geep 2425018210.42Strange Package Historical Mystery Depot
EMD SD40-2 1165555.91Semiconductor1
EMD SD40-2 Double 15142909.47Unlabeled Crates Historical Mystery Depot
EMD SD40-2 Triple 2122812210.86Enigmatic Container Icon Shop Mystery
EMD SD45 60Free4200.00SD45 Cargo I Logo Set
Alternator III
EMD SD7 Black 1050505.00DPL-Reward-On from Sam #201
EMD SD80MAC 19102455.37SF Mayor1
EMD SDP40 1160505.45Mysterious Bags Historical Mystery Depot
EMD SDP40 Triple 2020012010.00Terminus III1
EMD SDP40 Yule 726585959.14Spirit of Christmas Offer Box
EMD TR2 932513.56Mysterious Bags Historical Mystery Depot
EMD TR3 1158505.27Secret Box Historical Mystery Depot
Emperor Class 594654007.88Landing III1
ER20 Hercules Double 14125728.93Forgotten Cargo Historical Mystery Depot
ER20 IntEgro Quad 544274337.91IntEgro Cargo I Logo Set
Fermenting III
ER20CF 1271605.92Mysterious Bags Historical Mystery Depot
ER20CF Grom 5664055511.43Grom Cargo Logo Set
Plenteousness III
ER24PC Double 2121513010.24Haste III1
Era 1007809207.80Era Cargo Logo Set
Train Era 2017
ES44 Hybrid Quad 313002009.68Forgotten Cargo Historical Mystery Depot
Longing III

ES44 Matadores Q 706075378.67Matadores Cargo I Logo Set
Charge III
ES44 Orbiter Quad 333011509.12Strange Package Historical Mystery Depot
ES44 Pennsylvania 454203239.33Malting III1
Ethane E4K Blue 1179989118.53Ethane Box (Safe) Offer Box
Ethane Crate (Risk) Offer Box

Ethane E4K Gold 123Free1,2590.00Ethane Box (Safe) Offer Box
Ethane Crate (Risk) Offer Box

Ethane E4K Red 1109698998.81Ethane Box (Safe) Offer Box
Ethane Crate (Risk) Offer Box

Euro 4000 Double 201601208.00Forgotten Cargo Historical Mystery Depot
Euro Class 66 1399647.62Lighter III1
Euro Colossus Double 272272278.41Euro Colossus II Logo Set
Enigmatic Container Icon Shop Mystery
Evergreen Delight 5253836910.35Santa's Box (2013) Offer Box
Ezael Double 888001,0059.09Ezael Cargo II Logo Set
Battery III
Eástre C44aci 625146718.29Eástre Cargo Logo Set
Action III
F40PHM-2 Double 1718010610.59Unmarked Container Historical Mystery Depot
F69PHAC Double 161551009.69Unlabeled Crates Historical Mystery Depot
Fairwind Double 433594578.35Fairwind Cargo II Logo Set
Savanna Architect II
Fall TEM7 Amber 1291,1151,0158.64Fall Box (Risk) Offer Box
Fall Crate (Safe) Offer Box

Fall TEM7 Fuchsia 1149658788.46Fall Box (Risk) Offer Box
Fall Crate (Safe) Offer Box

Fall TEM7 Orange 1211,0359428.55Fall Box (Risk) Offer Box
Fall Crate (Safe) Offer Box

FEF-3 Rio Grande 1008301,1008.30Silver Bell III1
FER D220 Double 1398667.54Venetian Mayor1
FM H-24-66 840405.00Mysterious Bags Historical Mystery Depot
FM H12-44 Triple 16158859.88DPL-Reward-On from Mizuki #551
Fog 1221,0359428.48Fumus Box Offer Box
Founder Quad 827456759.09Founder Freight I Logo Set
Diode III
Freight Sprinter 363033338.42Freight Cargo Logo Set
Ready III
Fritz Euro Mk I 2020018210.00Fritz Express Mk I Logo Set
DPL-Reward-On from Fritz - Levels 120-299 #19
Fritz Euro Mk II 483052786.35Fritz Express Mk II Logo Set
DPL-Reward-On from Fritz - Levels 300-699 #19
Fritz Euro Mk III 765855327.70Fritz Express Mk III Logo Set
DPL-Reward-On from Fritz - Levels 700 #19
Frostliner Triple 4144019510.73Warmth III1
Frostpower II 484053698.44Frostpower Cargo II Logo Set
DPL-Reward-On from Mrs. Claus - Levels 300-499 #22
Frostpower III 4860555112.60Frostpower Cargo III Logo Set
DPL-Reward-On from Mrs. Claus - Levels 500-799 #22
Frostpower IV 4890582418.85Frostpower Cargo IV Logo Set
DPL-Reward-On from Mrs. Claus - Levels 800+ #22
G1700 BB Triple 252101428.40Strange Package Historical Mystery Depot
G2000 BB Double 14125678.93Unlabeled Crates Historical Mystery Depot
GE BQ23-7 1158545.27Mystery Explorer1
GE BQ23-7 Quad 2628016010.77Keepin' it Cool III1
GE BQ23-7 Triple 211781178.48Strange Package Historical Mystery Depot
GE C30-7 1275626.25Nail High Roller1
GE Dash 8-40C 14110907.86Secret Box Historical Mystery Depot
GE Dash 9-44CW 1385726.54Cement High Roller1
GE ES44AC 1275606.25Secret Box Historical Mystery Depot
GE ES44AC Double 2627012010.38NYC Architect III1
GE Genesis Double 1248564.00Mysterious Bags Historical Mystery Depot
GE no.1 A-A 1920012010.53Unmarked Container Historical Mystery Depot
GE no.1 A-B-A 2628016510.77Strange Package Historical Mystery Depot
GE U50C 1160555.45Uniformity Devotee1
Gift of Winter 1021512.10Gift of Winter I Logo Set
Serene I
GL26C-2 Double 816402.00Mysterious Bags Historical Mystery Depot
GL26C-2 Sport 161501009.38Sport Cargo Logo Set
DPL-Reward-On from Jiu - Levels 120-299 #11
GL26C-2 Sport I 3232029110.00Sport Cargo I Logo Set
DPL-Reward-On from Jiu - Levels 300-499 #11
GL26C-2 Sport II 4848043710.00Sport Cargo II Logo Set
DPL-Reward-On from Jiu - Levels 500-699 #11
GL26C-2 Sport III 6464058210.00Sport Cargo III Logo Set
DPL-Reward-On from Jiu - Levels 700+ #11
Glinting C30-7 614804107.87Christmas Box (2014) Offer Box
Glinting DE22000 604754057.92Christmas Box (2014) Offer Box
Glinting M-630 655054657.77Christmas Box (2014) Offer Box
GMD GMDH-1 713381.86Level 701
GO F40PH 14135729.64GO II Train Set Logo Set
DPL-Reward-On from Sam #38
Gold SD80 1361,1851,0788.71SD Box (Risk) Offer Box
Golem Cargobeast 312662328.58Burner III1
GP40 Summertide 645354878.36Fairy Treasure Offer Box
GP40-2LW Vermont 302572488.57Rutland Freight II Logo Set
Obscure Container Historical Mystery Depot
GP50 Frisco Quad 4244627110.62Strange Package Historical Mystery Depot
Graffiti MP40PH 1260555.00Unlabeled Crates Historical Mystery Depot
Green Witch 504804259.60Treat (Limited) Offer Box
Grim Elder 816806198.40TS8 Gift Box Offer Box
Guardian 721,35075018.75Guardian Logo Set
DPL-Reward-On from Valentina - Levels 700+ #11
Hercules Double 15145909.67Odd Container Icon Shop Mystery
Hercules Refined 827506759.15Refined Cargo II Logo Set
Hi-tech Supplies Offer Box
Hercules Refined D 85Free7150.00Refined Cargo I Logo Set
Hi-tech Supplies Offer Box
HK Monochrome 181121026.22Elastico III1
Honorius Quad 837636939.19Honorius Cargo I Logo Set
Conductor III
Humpback Mk I 1088551,0157.92Whale Box (Risk) Offer Box
Whale Crate (Safe) Offer Box

Humpback Mk II 1159551,1158.30Whale Box (Risk) Offer Box
Whale Crate (Safe) Offer Box

HXN5 16120907.50Forgotten Cargo Historical Mystery Depot
HXN5 Dancer 797126459.01Santa's Box (2016) Offer Box
HXN5 Double 2222515010.23Unmarked Container Historical Mystery Depot
HZ 2062 Double 1060456.00Carbon Fibre1
HŽ 2132 Triple 1045484.50Power Cable1
IC 125 825553.13IC 125 Logo Set
IC 125-IX
IE 201 Winter 101Free1,0000.00Christmas box (High Risk) Offer Box
Santa's miracle (Safe Bet) Offer Box

IR WDG-4 1147524.27DPL-Reward-On from Bobby #27
Secret Box Historical Mystery Depot
IR WDM-2 935503.89DPL-Reward-On from Mahatma #211
IR WDP4 1155505.00DPL-Reward-On from Mahatma #331
JNR DD51 Sumo 12641105.33DPL-Reward-On from Bobby #251
Jolly 171581009.29Jolly Liner Logo Set
DPL-Reward-On from Santa - Levels 120-299 #19
Joyous CC300 1201,0351,1958.63Santa's box (Safe) Offer Box
Santa's crate (Risk) Offer Box

Joyous Di 6 1149351,0958.20Santa's box (Safe) Offer Box
Santa's crate (Risk) Offer Box

Joyous SD70Ace 1078359957.80Santa's box (Safe) Offer Box
Santa's crate (Risk) Offer Box

JRF Leone 44823612.00Construction Freight Logo Set
DPL-Reward-On from Giovanni #10
JRF Seawater 825453.13Seawater Cargo Logo Set
DPL-Reward-On from Valentina #7
KM Frostpower 483864808.04Frostpower Cargo Logo Set
DPL-Reward-On from Mrs. Claus - Levels 145-299 #22
KM ML4000 Double 16155989.69Forgotten Cargo Historical Mystery Depot
KM ML4000 Quad 302611708.70Forgotten Cargo Historical Mystery Depot
Lively 777006459.09Lively Liner Logo Set
DPL-Reward-On from Santa - Levels 700+ #19
LongHaul 645007007.81LongHaul Cargo Logo Set
Tenacious VII
M62 Sergei 843385.38Atom Splitter1
Mammut 1008141,0508.14Meteor III1
Massachusetts D 786757018.65Massachusetts II Logo Set
Blue Peter III
Maxima 40CC Pixelmax 14120708.57DPL-Reward-On from Sam #58
Secret Box Historical Mystery Depot
Maxima General D 1139438738.35General Freight I Logo Set
Craving III
Metrolink 908057358.94Metrolink II Logo Set
Windsong III
Midwinter Quad 797152,0009.05Midwinter Freight I Logo Set
Gold Candle III
Misanthropy 4040018510.00Misanthropy Cargo Logo Set
DPL-Reward-On from Ebenezer #15
ML 4000 Chainsaw 1136085925.38Diesel Box (High Risk) Offer Box
Diesel Crate (Safe Bet) Offer Box

ML 4000 Nighthawk 544309507.96Cote d'Azur Architect II1
MLW M-420 732344.57The Competitor III1
MLW M-630 1263585.25Unlabeled Crates Historical Mystery Depot
Moonfury 776948519.01Moonfury Cargo I Logo Set
Treat (2016) Offer Box
Morena I 483055566.35Morena Cargo Logo Set
DPL-Reward-On from Spring Wilma - Levels 170-299 #20
Morena II 563857006.88Morena Cargo Logo Set
DPL-Reward-On from Spring Wilma - Levels 300-499 #20
Morena III 685059207.43Morena Cargo Logo Set
DPL-Reward-On from Spring Wilma - Levels 500-699 #20
Morena IV 806251,1387.81Morena Cargo Logo Set
DPL-Reward-On from Spring Wilma - Levels 700+ #20
MOW-2000 1395657.31Track Maintenance I Logo Set
Odd Container Icon Shop Mystery
MP40PH-3C 1260555.00GO I Train Set Logo Set
DPL-Reward-On from Sam #29
New York SD90 1008651,0258.65NY Freight I Logo Set
Conversion III
NJ2 Moonshot 655404708.31To the Moon III1
NMT Class 43 820502.50New Measurement Logo Set
DPL-Reward-On from Lucy #6
Northern 9 Double 181401057.78Forgotten Cargo Historical Mystery Depot
NR Pacific 161451009.06Australian Pacific Logo Set
DPL-Reward-On from Alan #60
NR Southern Spirit 936544.00Australia Day III1
NS 600 Triple 915281.67DPL-Reward-On from Bobby #151
NS 6400 Quad 201631208.15Forgotten Cargo Historical Mystery Depot
NSB Chord Quad 756615918.81Chord Cargo I Logo Set
Piteraq III
Parfum 564004757.14Parfum Cargo Logo Set
DPL-Reward-On from Pierre #96
Party Class 77 1099198498.43Party Box (risk) Offer Box
Party Container (safe) Offer Box

Party ER 20 122Free1,2150.00Party Box (risk) Offer Box
Party Container (safe) Offer Box

Party SD-40 1169618918.28Party Box (risk) Offer Box
Party Container (safe) Offer Box

PF SD70 1256584.67PF III Train Set Logo Set
PF III Diesel Engineer
Pioneer Zephyr 320796.67Burlington Zephyr Logo Set
Silver Streak
Pixel Evolution B 534224277.96Birthday Box Offer Box
Pixel Evolution BL 534224277.96Birthday Box Offer Box
Pixel Evolution R 534224277.96Birthday Box Offer Box
PKP ST40 Double 2121013510.00Unmarked Container Historical Mystery Depot
PL42AC 1388756.77Titanium High Roller1
PL42AC Enigma 21148857.05Enigma Cargo Logo Set
DPL-Reward-On from Zombill #11
Platanus 948317608.84Eco-Box (High Risk) Offer Box
Eco-Capsule (Safe Bet) Offer Box

PowerHaul Double 13110628.46DPL-Reward-On from Sam #421
Powerhouse Quad 766796098.93Powerhouse Freight I Logo Set
Separation III
Presidential Quad 4343530610.12Obscure Container Historical Mystery Depot
PurpleFrost 1212032010.00PurpleFrost Cargo Logo Set
DPL-Reward-On from Snow Queen - Levels 45-119 #9
PXFD EMD F9 362601607.22PXFD F9 Express Logo Set
DPL-Reward-On from Carl - Levels 300-499 #10
PXFD SD70Ace 362601607.22PXFD SD70Ace Cargo Logo Set
DPL-Reward-On from Carl - Levels 300-499 #19
QR Tilt Train D 14110707.86Tilt Train Diesel Logo Set
DPL-Reward-On from Alan #46
Quaint 1265655.42Basket of Treats III1
Quaint Quad 454352709.67Spring Gift III1
Quaint Triple 353001528.57Bunny's Treasure III1
QXT Gold 103Free7700.00Trophy box (High Risk) Offer Box
Award Case (Safe Bet) Offer Box

QXT Silver 938207508.82Trophy box (High Risk) Offer Box
Award Case (Safe Bet) Offer Box

Railmaster Quad 726285588.72Railmaster Cargo I Logo Set
Loop III
RDC Liner 81356916.88RDC Central Logo Set
Mysterious Bags Historical Mystery Depot
Reliable SD40-2 Blue 1128747957.80Reliable Box (High Risk) Offer Box
Reliable Crate (Safe Bet) Offer Box

Reliable SD40-2 Gold 118Free2,5000.00Reliable Box (High Risk) Offer Box
Reliable Crate (Safe Bet) Offer Box

Reliable SD40-2 Red 1058747958.32Reliable Box (High Risk) Offer Box
Reliable Crate (Safe Bet) Offer Box

Renfe Modernismo 282031307.25Modernismo Cargo Logo Set
DPL-Reward-On from Antoni #30
Roy Hill Double 353073408.77Roy Hill Cargo II Logo Set
Khazri III
Roy Hill Quad 65Free4800.00Roy Hill Cargo I Logo Set
Corporate II
RSD-15 Virtuoso 45832814.50Venetian Virtuoso Logo Set
DPL-Reward-On from Giovanni #64
Saver 3636020010.00Saver Logo Set
DPL-Reward-On from Valentina - Levels 300-699 #11
Savior 181551008.61Savior Logo Set
DPL-Reward-On from Valentina - Levels 120-299 #11
Schienenzeppelin 1055925.50Schienenzeppelin1
SD 90 Carlworks 40Free2200.00Carlworks Freight Logo Set
DPL-Reward-On from Manager Carl #6
SD-40 Chainsaw 1066085925.74Diesel Box (High Risk) Offer Box
Diesel Crate (Safe Bet) Offer Box

SD-40 Moonfury 473955108.40Moonfury Cargo II Logo Set
Treat (2016) Offer Box
SD40 CMQ Double 827516819.16CMQ Haul I Logo Set
Cold as Ice III
SD40-2 Azmath10 757206309.60Decabox Offer Box
SD70 Electron 1241,0659698.59Nuclear Box (High Risk) Offer Box
SD70ACe Presidential 403283568.20Beer Enthusiast II1
SD80MAC Double 2324015010.43Strange Package Historical Mystery Depot
SD90MAC 1160525.45Mysterious Bags Historical Mystery Depot
SD90MAC Double 15105907.00Unlabeled Crates Historical Mystery Depot
Sentinel 1240553.33Sentinel Cargo Logo Set
DPL-Reward-On from ESET Android #12
Siemens Vectron D 1278656.50Glass High Roller1
Silver Screen Liner 625629642.67Silver Screen Logo Set
DPL-Reward-On from Giovanni #27
Silver SD60 1261,0859878.61SD Box (Risk) Offer Box
SJ T44 Blue 838404.75Level 821
SJ T44 Green 815421.88Mysterious Bags Historical Mystery Depot
Smog 1301,1151,0158.58Fumus Box Offer Box
SNCB Class 55 282401508.57Exhaust III1
SNCB Class 55 Triple 181421037.89Forgotten Cargo Historical Mystery Depot
SNCF 68000 Quad 3840624810.68Starter III1
SNCF 68000 Yule 706005308.57Spirit of Christmas Offer Box
SNCF BB 75000 14115908.21Forgotten Cargo Historical Mystery Depot
SNCF BB68000 1273676.08Secret Box Historical Mystery Depot
SNCF CC 72100 1042504.20Rutile1
SNCF Cyclofederation 8261003.25Cyclofederation Logo Set
DPL-Reward-On from Peter #15
DPL-Reward-On from Carl - Levels 30-119 #10
SNCF Jules Verne 1053675.30Jules Verne Express Logo Set
Around the Globe VII
Sorcerer 1221,0359428.48Spell Crate Offer Box
Speedster 5663655711.36Speedster Cargo Logo Set
DPL-Reward-On from Daniel #5
Spirit of 1776 SD70 1181,0049238.511776 Box (Risk) Offer Box
1776 Crate (Safe) Offer Box

STT TMZ Quad 675654958.43TMZ Freight I Logo Set
Amaryllis III
Sunray Double 383253828.55Sunray Freight II Logo Set
Autumnal III
Superb Dash 655104707.85Presence III1
TEM 7A 947425.22Mysterious Bags Historical Mystery Depot
TEP 70 1382706.31Carbon High Roller1
TEP 70 Red 1382706.31Rubber High Roller1
Terra Leone 45631514.00Landscape Architect Logo Set
DPL-Reward-On from Giovanni #49
TGV-001 61029317.00TGV 001 Bischheim Logo Set
Train Grande VII
The Nine Mk I 402252055.63DPL-Reward-On from Birthday Bill - Levels 120-299 #91
The Nine Mk II 604253877.08DPL-Reward-On from Birthday Bill - Levels 300-499 #91
The Nine Mk III 806255697.81DPL-Reward-On from Birthday Bill - Levels 500-699 #91
The Nine Mk IV 1109258428.41DPL-Reward-On from Birthday Bill - Levels 700+ #91
Thunderbolt 726505809.03Thunderbolt Cargo I Logo Set
Mysterious Generator Offer Box
Tiger Patina 105Free9950.00Metallic Box (High Risk) Offer Box
Alloy Box (Safe Bet) Offer Box

Tiger Positron 1321,1451,0428.67Nuclear Box (High Risk) Offer Box
Tilt D VIP 61208020.00Tilt VIP Logo Set
DPL-Reward-On from Alan #82
Treno Teatro 37234224.00Teatro Express Logo Set
DPL-Reward-On from Giovanni #79
Triumphant M 70550 5507.86Museum Level 341
True Grit 1209501,0507.92True Grit Liner Logo Set
True Grit 13
TS EMD F9 726305658.75TS F9 Express Logo Set
DPL-Reward-On from Carl - Levels 700-799 #10
TS SD70Ace 726305658.75TS SD70Ace Cargo Logo Set
DPL-Reward-On from Carl - Levels 700-799 #19
TS4 Big Boss 6498565015.39TS8 Gift Box Offer Box
TS5 9-44CW 695835318.45TS8 Gift Box Offer Box
TS5 Class 240 614974528.15Pliers III1
TS5 JT38CW-DC 685795278.51TS8 Gift Box Offer Box
TS5 SD45 715925398.34TS8 Gift Box Offer Box
TS6 Wraith GP40 746155608.31TS8 Gift Box Offer Box
TS6 Wraith GP60 786756148.65TS8 Gift Box Offer Box
TS6 Wraith SD70ACe 796826218.63TS8 Gift Box Offer Box
TSC EMD F9 1089058248.38TSC Express Logo Set
DPL-Reward-On from Carl - Levels 1200+ #10
TSC SD70Ace 1089058248.38TSC SD70Ace Cargo Logo Set
DPL-Reward-On from Carl - Levels 1200+ #19
TSM EMD F9 927456788.10TSM Express Logo Set
DPL-Reward-On from Carl - Levels 800-1199 #10
TSM SD70Ace 927456788.10TSM SD70Ace Cargo Logo Set
DPL-Reward-On from Carl - Levels 800-1199 #19
TSQ EMD F9 653853505.92TSQ Express Logo Set
DPL-Reward-On from Carl - Levels 500-699 #10
TSQ SD70Ace 563853506.88TSQ SD70Ace Cargo Logo Set
DPL-Reward-On from Carl - Levels 500-699 #19
TSX EMD F9 16130908.13TSX F9 Express Logo Set
DPL-Reward-On from Carl - Levels 120-299 #10
TSX SD70Ace 16130908.13TSX SD70Ace Cargo Logo Set
DPL-Reward-On from Carl - Levels 120-299 #19
UAC TurboTrain 61308521.67UAC TurboTrain Logo Set
UAC TurboTrain VII
UGL C44aci 1390656.92Unlabeled Crates Historical Mystery Depot
UGL C44aci Double 171601109.41Unmarked Container Historical Mystery Depot
Ultimate Trophy 181721989.56Touchdown III1
UP SW-10 Triple 1256624.67Rabona III1
V200 D-Storm 710301.43D-Storm Logo Set
DPL-Reward-On from Bobby #9
Valve BR I 1675904.69Valve BR I Logo Set
DPL-Reward-On from Daniel - Levels 120-299 #21
Valve BR II 322753008.59Valve BR II Logo Set
DPL-Reward-On from Daniel - Levels 300-699 #21
Valve BR III 807007008.75Valve BR III Logo Set
DPL-Reward-On from Daniel - Levels 700+ #21
Vampiric Cargo I 2020018210.00Vampiric Cargo I Logo Set
DPL-Reward-On from Dracula - Levels 120-299 #28
Vampiric Cargo II 483052786.35Vampiric Cargo II Logo Set
DPL-Reward-On from Dracula - Levels 300-699 #28
Vampiric Cargo III 765855327.70Vampiric Cargo III Logo Set
DPL-Reward-On from Dracula - Levels 700+ #28
Vapor 1159658788.39Fumus Box Offer Box
Vectron 9 Black 756706158.93Pixel Box Offer Box
Vectron 9 Blue 78Free6850.00Pixel Box Offer Box
Vectron 9 Red 756606058.80Pixel Box Offer Box
Vectron D Double 1818011510.00Forgotten Cargo Historical Mystery Depot
Vectron D Triple 2526815510.72DPL-Reward-On from Wolfgang #891
Victorian C Quad 3434522010.15Strange Package Historical Mystery Depot
Victorian C Triple 302551808.50Forgotten Cargo Historical Mystery Depot
Victorian C-inematic 45625814.00Cinema Tech Logo Set
DPL-Reward-On from Giovanni #35
Vin 564004757.14Vin Cargo Logo Set
DPL-Reward-On from Pierre #17
Voith Maxima 40CC 1258574.83Secret Box Historical Mystery Depot
Vossloh G1700 BB 930503.33Mysterious Bags Historical Mystery Depot
Vossloh G2000 BB 1153554.82Secret Box Historical Mystery Depot
Vossloh G2000BB NG 474323119.19Vossloh Freight I Logo Set
Impulse III
Vossloh Joy 1231938326.58Joy Freight II Logo Set
Christmas Ribbon III
Vossloh Malt 251352305.40Malt Cargo Logo Set
Wrench III
WAGR S Class Triple 444202209.55Strange Package Historical Mystery Depot
WAGR S Yule 75Free6500.00Spirit of Christmas Offer Box
Warlock 1301,1151,0158.58Spell Crate Offer Box
WDG4D Frenzy 726345618.81Mechanical Cache Offer Box
WDG5 Chainsaw 119Free9400.00Diesel Box (High Risk) Offer Box
Diesel Crate (Safe Bet) Offer Box

Westrail L Class D 504035598.06Westrail Cargo II Logo Set
Business II
Winter Euro 4000 938778209.432K18 Box Offer Box
Winter PH37 101Free8500.002K18 Box Offer Box
Winter Tiger 918577809.422K18 Box Offer Box
Winter Wonderland 454433259.84Santa's Box (2013) Offer Box
Wisdom Class 7400 D 968417718.76Wisdom Cargo I Logo Set
Purple Ribbon III
Wizard 1139658788.54Spell Crate Offer Box
XPT 13105858.08XPT Experimental Logo Set
DPL-Reward-On from Alan #28
ČD Class 753 1162525.64Nylon1
ČD Class 753 Double 161709610.63Forgotten Cargo Historical Mystery Depot
ČKD T669.0 TiN 1153574.82Secret Box Historical Mystery Depot
ŽSR Class 772 1250564.17Unlabeled Crates Historical Mystery Depot

All items (438)

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