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Diesel Locomotives are located in the Shop, under the Locomotives tab.

Shop Diesel Locomotives.png

Other Diesel Locomotives are rewarded during gameplay or can be purchased during bonus offers.

Loco Diesel.png

Diesel Locomotives began replacing Steam power in the early 1900s. Diesel engines burn liquid fuel in an internal combustion engine/turbine to produce motion or generate electricity for motors. TrainStation includes Diesels ranging from the early Yu-e 001 Pioneer to modern engines like the ES44 Hybrid Double.

For uncommon version, please see this page.
  • Level Required: 25
  • Extension Required: Dieselisation
  • Rails Required: Normal Rails
  • Dispatch Tax: Fuel Fuel.png
  • Bonus: Cargo Capacity +140%
  • Special Buildings:
  • Materials Allowed:
    • Passenger.png Passengers
    • Mail.png Mail
    • XP.png XP
    • Wood.png Wood
    • Nails.png Nails
    • Bricks.png Bricks
    • Glass.png Glass
    • Fuel.png Fuel
    • Steel.png Steel
    • Gravel.png Gravel
    • U-235.png U-235
    • Cement.png Cement
    • Rubber.png Rubber
    • Carbon.png Carbon
    • Titanium.png Titanium
    • Marble.png Marble
    • Wires.png Wires
    • Plastics.png Plastics
    • Silicon.png Silicon

Prior to the 4 Nov 2019 Game Update, all Locomotives of power 14+ require One-Click-Unload (OCU).

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