Contractor Shops can be found at each Contractor's Station. The items available in these Shops can only be placed on those stations, and not the player's. Also, if these items are sold, the gold received is sent to the Contractor's bank, not the player's.

Lastly, buildings in these Shops usually have different statistics than similar items in the normal Shop.

Permanent ContractorsEdit

Mrs. Wilma's Shop
Johann's Shop
Bobby's Shop
Mahatma's Shop
George's Shop
Otto's Shop
Sam's Shop
Jules' Shop
Alan's Shop
Wolfgang's Shop
Mizuki's Shop
Lucy's Shop
Giovanni's Shop
Antoni's Shop
Ethan's Shop
Christopher's Shop
Ethan II's Shop
Cornelius' Shop
Ling's Shop
Pierre's Shop
Samuel's Shop

Scaled ContractorsEdit

Mrs. Claus' Shop (2016)
Cringe's Shop (2019)
Dracula's Shop (2013)
Fritz's Shop (2015)
Dorothy's Shop (2019)
Dave's Shop (2015)
Tamar's Shop (2019)
Daniel's Shop (2019)
Esther's Shop (2016)
Tesla's Shop (2019)
Valentina's Shop (2015)
Svarta's Shop (2019)
Santa's Shop (2018)
Snow Queen's Shop (2018)
Albert's Shop (2018)
Carl's Shop (2018)
Zack's Shop (2018)
Valerie's Shop (2016)

Seasonal ContractorsEdit

François' Shop (2018)
Robin's Shop (2018)
Jiu's Shop (2018)
Ebenezer's Shop (2017)
Arpad's Shop (2017)
Spring Wilma's Shop (2017)
Valentina's Shop (2017)
Santa's Shop (2016)
Mrs. Claus' Shop (2016)
Ralphie & Rudy's Shop (2016)
Zombill's Shop (2016)
Valerie's Shop (2016)
ESET Android's Shop (2016)
Esther's Shop (2016)
Valentina's Shop (2016)
Bertha's Shop (2015)
Santa's Shop (2015)
Anastasia's Shop (2015)
Fritz's Shop (2015)
Dave's Shop (2015)
Charlie's Shop (2015)
Valentina's Shop (2015)
Mrs. Claus' Shop (2014)
Peter Sagan's Shop (2014)
Valentina's Shop (2014)
Santa's Shop (2013)
Dracula's Shop (2013)
Fritz's Shop (2013)
Peter's Shop (2013)
Santa's Shop (2012)
Santa's Shop (2011)

Competitive ContractorsEdit

Engineer Alex's Shop (2019)
Manager Carl's Shop (2019)
CEO Ling's Shop (2018)
Champion Jiu's Shop (2018)
Daniel's Shop (2017)
Alex's Shop (2017)

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