Icon Shop Decoration Contractor Decorations gives list of items can be seen via Contractor Stations.

Note: It doesn't include the decorations that have to be built during gameplay.

Name Stations
A380 Wolfgang
Aircraft Tractor Wolfgang
Airport Exit Wolfgang
Airport Fountain Wolfgang
Airport Runway Wolfgang
Akita Statue Mizuki
Ancient Cross Dracula
Antonov Take-Off Wolfgang
Apple Orchard Christopher and Spring Wilma
Ash Tree Otto
Australia Flag Dave
Autumn Bridge Birthday Bill and Richard
Autumn Bush Jules, Birthday Bill, Johann and Antoni
Autumn Fence Dracula
Autumn Maple Fritz, Birthday Bill and Antoni
Autumn Park Fritz, Birthday Bill, Antoni, Cornelius and Inventor Tesla
Autumn Path Birthday Bill
Avenue Bench Wolfgang, Jules, Cornelius and Dr. Yaris
B737 Wolfgang
B737-700 Wolfgang
Backstreet Bench Samuel
Bamboo Jules
Banyan Jules
Barcelona Lamp Edison
Barrel Pyramid Jules
Barrel Stack Jules
Barricade I Mrs. Wilma
Barricade II Mrs. Wilma
Bay Watchtower Dave and Valentina
Beach Bar Dave and Valentina
Beach Bench Valentina
Beach Parasol Sam, Dave and Valentina
Beach Sand Alan, Jules, Dave and Dr. Yaris
Beech Tree Jules, Dave, Fritz, Dracula, Johann, Antoni, Ling and Edison
Beer Kegs Fritz
Bent Tree Jules, George, Otto and Richard
Berlin Jet Wolfgang
Berlin Lamp Jules
Beuth Statue Edison
Big Hay Mrs. Wilma and George
Big Snowman Santa and Mrs Claus
Big Totem Jules and Mrs. Wilma
Bill's Broken Statue Mrs. Wilma
Bill's Gold Statue Mrs. Wilma
Birch Fritz, Pierre, Antoni and Dr. Yaris
Birthday Balloons Birthday Bill
Black Gondola Giovanni
Blooming Sakura Mizuki
Blossoming Cherry Spring Wilma
Boarding Stairs Wolfgang
Boat Sign Giovanni
Brahma Jules
Bratislava Bench Birthday Bill, Wolfgang and Cornelius
Brazilwood Jules, Antoni and Richard
Brick Fence Sam and Dracula
Brick Pile Sam
Broken Chain Samuel
Bulldozer Wolfgang
Bushy Hornbeam Jules, Christopher, Antoni, Cornelius, Richard and Edison
Business Jet Mizuki and Wolfgang
Cactus Jules, Mrs. Wilma and Bobby
Cactus Bunch Ethan, Jules, Mrs. Wilma, Bobby and George
Cactus Rocks Jules, Mrs. Wilma, Ethan, Bobby and George
Canal Bench Jules
Canal Bridge Giovanni
Canal Lamp Jules, Richard and Giovanni
Cargo Container Wolfgang
Cauldron Yaris
CCR Wolfgang
Cement Silo Wolfgang
Cercis Tree Dr. Yaris
Charging Bull Christopher
Checker Cab Sam, Wolfgang and Birthday Bill
Cherry Blossom Mizuki and Christopher
Chocolate Shrub Dr. Yaris
Chocolate Stand Mrs Claus
Christmas Blimp Cringe
Christmas Bush Giovanni
Christmas Gate Mrs Claus
Christmas Lamp Santa and Mrs Claus
Christmas Lampost Cringe
Christmas Lights Cringe
Christmas Ornaments Cringe
Christmas Tree Santa
Citizen Car Sam, Wolfgang, Dracula and Birthday Bill
City Bench Jules
City Bush Antoni
City Flowers Antoni
City Palm Antoni
City Platanus Antoni
Clump Mrs. Wilma, Bobby and George
Coal Pile Dracula, Mrs. Wilma, Cornelius, Edison and Inventor Tesla
Colourful Present Santa, Santa and Mrs. Claus
Concrete Mixer Truck Wolfgang
Container Handler Wolfgang
Container Lift Wolfgang
Container Stack Wolfgang
Corn Field Mrs. Wilma
Crane Truck Sam
Crate George
Crate Stack Jules, Fritz, George, Edison and Inventor Tesla
Crates Jules
Crazy Witch Yaris
Creepy Spider Yaris
Curitiba Fountain Jules
Curitiba Garden Jules
Cyan Superveloce Lucy
Daffodil Patch Christopher, Richard, Dr. Yaris and Spring Wilma
Daisies Valentina
DASH8 Wolfgang
Decorated Lamp Christopher
DEST 1 struc 1 Mrs. Wilma
DEST 4 struc 1 George and Mrs. Wilma
DEST 4 struc 2 George
DEST 4 struc 3 George and Jules
DEST 4 struc 5 George and Jules
DEST 4 struc 8 George
Destroyed Wall Samuel
Devoted Samurai Mizuki
Docking Pole Giovanni
Double Cactus Jules, Ethan, Bobby and George
Dragon Sam and Wolfgang
Dump Truck Sam and Wolfgang
Easter Bunny Spring Wilma
Easter Egg Basket Dr. Yaris
Easter Tree Spring Wilma
Elegant Lamp Edison
Entangled C38 Alan and Dave
Eucalyptus Jules, Dave and Valentina
Fall City Park Richard and Inventor Tesla
Fallen Tree Santa
Fern Bush Jules and George
Festival Table Fritz
Fire of Summer Games Lucy
Fireworks 1 Lucy
Flood Pump George and Jules
Flower Bush Samuel
Flower Garden Christopher and Ling
Flower Pot Jules
Flying Doctor Mizuki and Alan
Flying Santa Santa
Forgotten Grave George
Forklift Wolfgang
Forlorn Grave Dracula
Forsythia Dr. Yaris and Spring Wilma
Fountain George and Johann and Giovanni
Fountain Park Dave and Antoni
Freight Container Mizuki
Frosted Tree Wolfgang
Frozen Bill Jiu
Fruit Cart Julesl, Birthday Bill and Cornelius
Fueling Tank Wolfgang
Garbage Truck Wolfgang
Garden Fountain Giovanni
Garden Pavilion Dr. Yaris
Gazebo Antoni
Geodome Ethan II
Ghastly Tree Yaris
Giant Bamboo Jules
Gift Santa
Gift From Santa Santa
Gingerbread Man Mrs. Claus
Glassy Underpass Wolfgang
Glittering Tree Mrs. Claus
Golden Beer Mug Fritz
Golden Clovers Richard
Golden Cover George
Golden Monument George during completion of his contracts. It can be sold and moved, but is not available for purchase.
Golden Wattle Richard and Dr. Yaris
Gondola Pole Giovanni
Grain Field Mrs. Wilma
Gravel Conveyor Sam
Grump Snowman Santa
Hachiko Statue Mizuki
Hanami Sakura Jules and Christopher
Harbour Bench Jules
Harbour Crane George
Hay Stack George
Heap of Presents Santa and Mrs Claus
Hedgerow Jules and Giovanni
Hill Tree Jules, Christopher, Fritz, Pierre, Johann, Giovanni, Antoni, Cornelius, Ling, Richard and Dr. Yaris
Hiroba Bench Jules and Christopher
Holograph Gallery Samuel
Hornbeam Tree Jules, Christopher, Pierre, Giovanni and Edison
Horse-Chestnut Jules, Dave, Antoni and Cornelius
Hot Dog Stand Samuel and Cornelius
Hot Dog Trailer Ethan
Hybrid Car Wolfgang
Hydro Conifer Christopher
Hydro Tree Samuel and Christopher
Ice Cream Cycle Dave
Icy Park Jiu
Icy Tree Wolfgang
Impounded Superveloce Lucy
Jatoba Jules, Giovanni, Antoni and Richard
Jet Take-Off Wolfgang
Jungle Palm Jules and Antoni
Kangaroo Sign Dave
Kangaroo Statue Valentina
Koi-Nobori Jules, Mizuki and Christopher
Krishna Bench Jules
Krishna Fern Jules
Krishna Lamp Jules
Lamp Sam
Large Crystal Santa
Large Mangrove Dave
Lavender Field Spring Wilma
Lavender Patch Spring Wilma
Lavender Row Spring Wilma
LeMans Sam and Wolfgang
LeMans Sport Sam and Wolfgang
Lifeguard Tower Alan and Dave
Limousine Alan and Wolfgang
Lion Sculpture Cornelius and Inventor Tesla
Living Statue Giovanni
London Bench Lucy
London Cab Wolfgang, Peter Sagan, Dave and Christopher
London Clock Jules, Antoni and Richard
London Fence Jules and Edison
London Lamp Jules, Christopher, Lucy, Cornelius and Edison
London Post Box Jules and Christopher
London Sign Peter Sagan and Lucy
Long Snow Overhang Wolfgang, Mrs. Claus and Jiu
Lotus Fountain Birthday Bill
Low Jungle Palm Jules and Antoni
Low Tree Ethan, Jules and George
Luggage Trailer Wolfgang
Luxurious Gondola Giovanni
Maloo Wolfgang
Mangrove Forest Alan, Jules and Dave
Mangrove Thicket Alan, Jules, Dave and Valentina
Mangrove Valley Alan, Dave and Valentina
Mangroves Alan, Jules and Dave
Maple Wolfgang, Jules, Johann and Antoni
Marble Bench Samuel and Wolfgang
Mars Relax Unit Christopher and Ling
Martian Mineral Ethan II
Martian Ore Ethan II
Martian Rock Ethan II
Massive Crane Edison
Medium Rock Jules, Mrs. Wilma, Bobby and George
Melting Snow Mrs. Claus
Metro Lamp Sam
MKIV Wolfgang
MKIV Turbo Wolfgang
MSA Hockey Player Jiu
Nautilus Notice Jules
Nelson Column Lucy
Neptune Fountain Jules, Richard and Giovanni
Newsstand Edison and Inventor Tesla
NHK Bus Samuel
NHK Street Lamp Samuel
NHK Taxi Samuel
Noxious Mist Yaris and Christopher
NSX Wolfgang
NSX GT Sam and Wolfgang
NYC Bench Christopher and Edison
NYC Cab Christopher
Oak Wolfgang, Jules, Dave, Johann, Antoni and Richard
Oktoberfest Gate Fritz
Old Cross Dracula and Yaris
Old Pine Christopher and Dr. Yaris
Old Sycamore George, Otto, Dracula, Johann, Sam and Antoni
Olympic Athletics Lucy
Olympic Banners Wolfgang
Olympic Cycling Lucy
Olympic Swimming Lucy
Olympic Tennis Lucy
Olympic Volleyball Lucy
Orange Tree Antoni
Outdoor Ad Wolfgang
Owl Totem Mrs. Wilma
Pallets Mizuki and Jules
Palm Tree Jules
Paranormal Activity Yaris
Park Fountain Dr. Yaris
Park Ranger Alan, Dave and Valentina
Park Site Giovanni while completing his contracts
Park Statue George, Sam, Jules, Giovanni and Antoni
Park Trees Jules, Christopher, Pierre, Johann, Giovanni, Antoni, Cornelius, Richard and Edison
Penguin Gunther Jiu
Peony Patch Wolfgang
Phone Box Dave and Christopher
Piccadilly Fountain Jules and Christopher
Pickup Truck Wolfgang
Pine Tree Ethan, Mrs. Wilma and George
Pink Superveloce Lucy and Giovanni
Pinkwood Johann, Giovanni, Antoni and Cornelius
Platanus Richard, Antoni, Edison and Dr. Yaris
Platform Cover Sam
Police Box Peter Sagan
Police Patrol Sam and Wolfgang
Porta-Potty Sam and Valentina
Postmodern Lamp Wolfgang
Potted Sycamore Sam
Present Pile Santa
Presents Santa, Santa and Mrs. Claus
Pretzel Stand Fritz
Promenade Palm Antoni
Quantus Helicopter Samuel
Radiant Icicle Santa
Rail Crane Edison
Rail Fence Jules and Valentina
Railway Worker Statue Christopher
Red Clovers Dr. Yaris
Red Head Cactus Ethan, Jules and George
Red Lamp Pierre
Red Maple Antoni and Christopher
Red Tower Crane Wolfgang
Reinforced Concrete Wolfgang
Reinforced Crate Jules
Reinforced Crates George
Rescue Steps Wolfgang
Rio Lamp Dracula and Cornelius
Road Block Sam and Dave
Road Roller Wolfgang
Roadmaster Christopher
Rollin' Tombstone Dracula
Rose Bush Spring Wilma
Rose Patch Johann
Rotten Pumpkin Anastasia
Round Sycamore George, Otto, Sam, Jules and Johann
Round Topiary Jules and Giovanni
Rusty C 5/6 Edison
Rusty Cistern Mizuki, Jules and George
Rusty Container Car Yaris
Rusty Crane Jules
Rusty GP7 Yaris
Rusty Shay Class C Edison
Safari Bus Valentina
Sakura Jules
Sakura Grove Mizuki, Christopher and Dr. Yaris
Sakura Orchard Mizuki and Jules
Sam's Billboard Sam
Santa Tree Mrs Claus
Santa's Elf Mrs. Claus
Santa's Helper Mrs. Claus
Santa's Helper 4S Mrs Claus
Santa's Pine Santa
Santa's Tree Santa and Mrs Claus
Sausage Stand Fritz and Richard
Saxonia Monument Johann
Scaffolding Sam
Scary Pumpkin Santa and Dracula
Sedan Car Lucy
Shamrock Field Dr. Yaris
Shark Sign Alan and Dave
Shiny Eggs Spring Wilma
Short Palm Jules and George
Sign - USA Cornelius
Small Clump George
Small Fern Jules and George
Small Fir Jules
Small Gondola Giovanni
Small Palm Antoni
Small Pine Richard
Small Platanus Antoni
Small Rock Mrs. Wilma
Small Snowy Tree Christmas contractor stations, Wolfgang and Mrs Claus
Small Spruce Contractor stations as appeared in 2013
Small Tree Jules, George and Richard
Smashin' Pumpkin Dracula
Snow Cannon Jiu
Snow Drift Wolfgang and Mrs Claus
Snow Drift Wolfgang
Snow Groomer Wolfgang
Snow Overhang Mrs Claus
Snow Pile Christmas contractor stations and Mrs. Claus
Snowflake Light Santa
Snowman Wolfgang
Snowmobile Wolfgang
Snowy Fir Wolfgang and Mrs Claus
Snowy Old Pine Santa
Snowy Park Santa
Snowy Pine Wolfgang, Santa, Mrs. Claus and Jiu
Snowy Small Fir Santa and Mrs Claus
Snowy Small Spruce Santa, Mrs Claus and Jiu
Snowy Tall Fir Santa and Jiu
Snowy Tall Spruce Santa, Mrs Claus and Jiu
Snowy Tree Wolfgang and Mrs Claus
Snowy Young Pine Mrs Claus and Jiu
Southern Bench Jules
Southern Clock Cornelius
Speaker Pole Sam and Wolfgang
Spice Stall Jules and Cornelius
Spiraling Topiary Jules, Johann and Giovanni
Spooky Pumpkin Yaris
Spooky Scary Skeleton Yaris
Spring Grove Fritz
Spring Park Antoni, Ling and Dr. Yaris
Spyder Alan
Station Clock Jules, Johann and Wolfgang
Steamcedes Edison
Steamcycle Edison
Steel Ladder George during his contracts
Steel Roof Sam
Street Art Wall Samuel
Street Platanus Christopher and Pierre
Street Sweeper Wolfgang and Birthday Bill
Strong Maple Dave, Pierre, Richard, Antoni and Dr. Yaris
Strong Platanus Samuel and Antoni
Subway Entrance Mizuki
Summer Bus Samuel and Valentina
Sunflower Patch Fritz
Sunshades Alan, Dave, Antoni and Valentina
Surfboards Dave
Sweet Tree Dr. Yaris and Spring Wilma
Sycamore Park George, Sam, and Jules
Tall Cedar Jules and Giovanni
Tall Fir Jules and Dr. Yaris
Tall Hornbeam Lucy, Jules and Giovanni
Tall Palm Antoni
Tall Pine Richard
Tall Poplar Sam and Dracula
Tall Spruce Jules and Dr. Yaris
Tall Sycamore George, Otto, Dracula and Sam
Tank Truck Wolfgang
Tasty Pumpkin Dracula
Telegraph Cornelius
Terrace Sam
The Bill's Statue Mrs. Wilma
Thin Cactus Jules and Bobby
Thin Cedar Jules and Giovanni
Thin Snowy Tree Wolfgang and Mrs Claus
Tow Truck Lucy
Tower Crane Sam
Town Well Mrs. Wilma and Jules
Trafalgar Ship Lucy
Traffic Light Samuel
Trainstation Tribute Birthday Bill
Tranquility Fountain Ling
Transport Timetable Sam
Tree and Rocks Mrs. Wilma, Ethan and Otto
Tree Bunch Lucy and Giovanni
Tree Stump Santa
Trio Lamp Jules and Dracula
TS Karaoke Jiu
TS Newscopter Sam, Mizuki and Wolfgang
TU-154 Wolfgang
Tucuma Jules and Antoni
Tulip Bed Christopher
Tulip Park Dr. Yaris
Tulip Patch Giovanni, Antoni and Dr. Yaris
Tulip Row Christopher and Spring Wilma
U.S. Flag Christopher
Unfinished Geodome Ethan II
Urban Greenery Ling
Urban Lamp Samuel, Edison and Inventor Tesla
Urban Tree Christopher and Birthday Bill
Valentine Bench Mrs. Wilma
Valentine Topiary Mrs. Wilma
Vases Jules
Venetian Roses Antoni
Venice Bench Giovanni
Venice Clock Giovanni
Victorian Bench Jules
Victory Column Jules
Vineyard Tractor Pierre
Vintage Lamp Wolfgang and Dracula
Washington Arch Edison
Waterpump Mrs. Wilma, Jules, Fritz, Dracula and Bobby
Wide Cedar Jules and Giovanni
Wide Hornbeam Jules, Cornelius and Edison
Winged Dog of Pixel Giovanni
Winter Birch Cringe
Winter Fence Santa
Winter Fence Cringe
Winter Fountain Cringe and Mrs Claus
Winter Snowman Cringe
Wisteria Antoni
Wisteria Pavilion Christopher and Spring Wilma
Wooden Bench Jules, Johann and Cornelius
Wooden Fence Dracula
Wrought Iron Fence Sam and Edison
Yellow Ipê Antoni
Young Pine Jules, Christopher and Dr. Yaris
Yule Tree Santa
ZETOR Tractor Pierre

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