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Icon Shop Building.png Contractor Buildings gives list of items can be seen via Contractor Stations.

Note: It doesn't include the buildings that have to be built during gameplay.

Name Stations
5th Av. Boutique Edison (2020), Inventor Tesla (2020) and Dorothy (2019)
5th Av. Helios Christopher, Edison (2020) and Dorothy (2019)
5th Av. Malachite Sam, Edison (2020) and Dorothy (2019)
5th Av.Cube Mizuki, after finishing all her contracts with +44 Resource Passenger.png/h 7 Misc Space.png, Sam, Edison (2020) and Dorothy (2019)
5th Av.Galileo Sam, Edison (2020) and Dorothy (2019)
5th Av.Gotar Edison (2020) and Dorothy (2019)
5th Av.Jade Sam, Edison (2020) and Dorothy (2019)
Abandoned Refinery Andy (2020) and Daniel (2021)
Abandoned Secretariat Mahatma
Abandoned Station Mahatma
Academic Entrance Andy (2020)
Academic Planetarium Andy (2020)
Academic Seaworld Andy (2020)
Aerial Tramway Post Ebenezer (2021)
Air Traffic Control Mizuki
Airport Gate Mizuki
Airport Hangar Wolfgang
Airport Hotel Wolfgang
Airport Mall Wolfgang
Airport Runway Mizuki with 23 Resource Passenger.png and Wolfgang with 13 Resource Passenger.png
Airport Terminal Mizuki
Alp Lodge Ralphie & Rudy (2016) and Ebenezer (2021)
Alterplex Towers Christopher
Amalienborg Palace Anastasia (2015)
Amsterdam Palace Edison (2020) and Dorothy (2019)
Ancestral House Christopher, Birthday Bill (2019), Richard, Cornelius, Andy (2020), B-day Bill (2020) and Yaris (2021)
Arboretum Dr. Yaris (2020)
Arenas de Barcelona Antoni and Zack (2021)
ASAP Visitor Center Andy (2020)
Asian-Pacific Plaza Jiu (2018) and Edison (2022)
Automated Clinic Cyber Alex (2020)
Baba Yaga's Hut Yaris (Scaled - 2019) and Albert (2021)
Ballentine Tower Roy (2021)
Bangkok Spire Ling
Bank Pierre
Bank of China Samuel
Bank of Seoul Jiu (2018) and Edison (2022)
Bank of the Land Lucy and Antoni
Barcelona Apartments Antoni
Barcelona Flats Antoni
Barcelona Station Antoni
Battersea A Lucy
Battersea B Lucy
Bavarian Brewery Daniel (2021)
Bay Lighthouse Andy (2020) and Yaris (2021)
Bay Wellington Twins Edison (2020) and Dorothy (2019)
Beach Apartment Richard and Zack (2021)
Beach Club Dave (2015), Valentina (2017) and Summer Games Valentina (2021)
Beach House Sam, Dave (2015), Alan, Valentina (2017) and Summer Games Valentina (2021)
Beach Residence Dave (2015)
BER Airport Terminal Wolfgang
BER Airport Terminal 1 Wolfgang
BER Airport Terminal 2 Wolfgang
BER Boarding Gate Wolfgang
BER Control Tower Wolfgang
BER Observation Tower Wolfgang
Berlin Bourse Ruth (2020)
Berlin Hauptbahnhof Ruth (2020)
Berlin Market Christmas Yaris (2021)
Berlin TV Tower Ruth (2020)
Bierburg Station François (2018)
Big Ben Jules, Peter Sagan (2014), Christopher, Lucy, Edison (2020) and Dorothy (2019)
Big Boy Workshop George
Big House Svetlana and Franz (2020)
Bigger Bank Valentina (2015)
Biomass Power Station Roy (2021)
Biotic Arch Cyber Alex (2020) and Roy (2021)
Blarney Castle Anastasia (2015)
Blue Church Birthday Bill (2019) and B-day Bill (2020)
Blue House Mrs. Wilma, after completing all her contracts
Blue Kiln Mrs. Wilma
Blue Warehouse Jules
Boat Workshop Svetlana
Bolshoi Theatre Richard, Edison (2020), Svetlana and Dorothy (2019)
Book Shop Dr. Yaris (2020)
Boston Arcology I Roy (2021)
Boston Arcology II Roy (2021)
Bouquet Boutique Dr. Yaris (2020) and Spring Wilma (2020)
Bovril Factory Daniel (2021)
Brewery Fritz (2013), Jules and Johann
Brewery Warehouse Fritz (2015)
Brick Condo Sam
Brightle Residence Zack (2021)
Brisbane Hotel Alan
Broadway Tower Christopher, Cornelius, Ling, Edison (2020) and Dorothy (2019)
Broken Elevator Ethan II
Brooklyn Building Christopher Richard, Edison (2020), Inventor Tesla (2020) and Dorothy (2019)
Bungalow Sam, Alan, Valentina (2017) and Summer Games Valentina (2021)
Burnt Workshop left Santa (2013)
Burnt Workshop middle Santa (2013)
Burnt Workshop right Santa (2013)
Bus Station Svetlana
Business Tower Jiu (2018) and Edison (2022)
Ca' d'Oro Jules
Ca' Rezzonico Giovanni, Edison (2020) and Dorothy (2019)
Cachoeira Hall Antoni and Svetlana
Calle del Carro Giovanni
Calle Delle Vele Giovanni
Can Negre Antoni
Candy Store Spring Wilma (2020)
Cantabria Post Office Carl (2018)
Carl Hotel Wolfgang
Cartographer's House Fritz (2015) and Franz (2020)
Casa Amatller Antoni
Casa Milà Zack (2021)
Casa Verde Antoni
Casino Sam
Casino Tower Alan
Central Depot North Mrs. Claus (2016)
Central market Zack (2021)
Central Secretariat Mahatma
Central Tower Christopher
Chalet Valentina (2017) and Summer Games Valentina (2021)
Charlestown Hospital Valentina (2017) and Summer Games Valentina (2021)
Chelyabinsk Opera Edison (2020), Svetlana and Dorothy (2019)
Chhatrapati Shivaji Mahatma
Chinese Shop Cornelius
Christmas Bakehouse Ralphie & Rudy (2016), Mr. Close (2020) and Christmas Yaris (2021)
Christmas Inn Santa (2016) and Mr. Close (2020)
Christmas Main St Mr. Close (2020) and Christmas Yaris (2021)
Christmas Market Ebenezer (2021)
Christmas Time Mrs. Claus (2016), Ralphie & Rudy (2016), Mr. Close (2020) and Christmas Yaris (2021)
Cinema Stage 1 Alan
Cinema Stage 2 Alan
City Council Jules and Richard
City Hall Lucy
Citypol Alan and Christopher
Classic Apartments Edison (2020) and Dorothy (2019)
Clock Tower Edison (2020), Dorothy (2019) and Andy (2020)
Clock Tower Giovanni
Cloud House Birthday Bill (2019), Andy (2020) and B-day Bill (2020)
Coal Crane Svetlana
Coal Plant Andy (2020)
Coaling House Jules
Coaling Station George, Mrs. Wilma and Bobby with 9 Resource Passenger.png
Coaling Tower Mrs. Wilma and Carl (2018)
Coffee & Tea Carl (2018) and Zack (2021)
Colonial House Antoni
Comfortable House Yaris (2021)
Construction Site Sam and Svetlana
Continental Villa Cornelius, Edison (2020) and Dorothy (2019)
Control Tower Sam, Alan and Wolfgang
Convention Center Samuel
Copenhagen Court Richard, Edison (2020), Svetlana and Dorothy (2019)
Copenhagen Hall Edison (2020), Svetlana and Dorothy (2019)
Corncob Birthday Bill (2019) and B-day Bill (2020)
Cottage Pierre
Cottage Orné Ebenezer (2021)
Country House Otto
Countryside Church Ralphie & Rudy (2016)
Crane Mizuki and Jules
Crimson Works George
Crocodile Lake Alan, Valentina (2017) and Summer Games Valentina (2021)
Dakota Residence Cornelius and Richard
Damaged Coaling Tower Mrs. Wilma
Damaged Station Mrs. Wilma
Dancing Tower I Mizuki
Dancing Tower II Mizuki
Dancing Tower III Mizuki
Dancing Tower IV Mizuki
Design Office Zack (2021)
Dingo Cliffs Alan
Dock Cabin Jules
Dock Tavern Svetlana
Dock Warehouse Richard, Svetlana and Daniel (2021)
Dockmaster's Office Svetlana
Doctor Otto and Pierre
Dojo Jules and Jiu (2021)
Dom Tower Edison (2020) and Dorothy (2019)
Double Camp Mrs. Wilma
Downtown Theatre Richard and Andy (2020)
Dresden Hall Johann
Dresden Station Johann
Easter Egg Museum Spring Wilma (2020)
Easter House Dr. Yaris (2020) and Spring Wilma (2020)
Easter Station Spring Wilma (2020)
Electronics Factory Sam, Wolfgang and Jiu (2021)
Elementary School Christopher
Elven Cottage Christmas Yaris (2021)
Elven House Ralphie & Rudy (2016) and Christmas Yaris (2021)
Elven Inn Ralphie & Rudy (2016)
Emery Towers Edison (2020) and Dorothy (2019)
Empire State Edison (2020) and Dorothy (2019)
Empire State Christopher
Engine House George and Jules
Eriport Central Roy (2021)
Eririse Roy (2021)
Exquisite Villa Sam
Factory George, Otto, Mahatma and Jules
Factory Chimney Otto and Daniel (2021)
Fall Residence Pierre
Family House Carl (2018)
Filling Station Otto, Jules and Mahatma
Fillmore Daniel (2021)
Financial Tower Samuel and Christopher
Fire Department Zack (2021)
Fire Hall Wolfgang
Fish Warehouse Mizuki
Fisherman's House Valentina (2017), Adventurer Lara (2020) and Summer Games Valentina (2021)
Fishing Port Mizuki
Flame of Nations Valentina (2014)
Flower Shop Valentina (2017), Dr. Yaris (2020) and Summer Games Valentina (2021)
Fluid Peak Roy (2021)
Flying Leaf Jiu (2018) and Edison (2022)
Fort Tower Mrs. Wilma
Foundry George and Daniel (2021)
Frankfurt Central Otto
Frosty Cottage Santa (2016), Ralphie & Rudy (2016) and Ebenezer (2021)
FUGU Restaurant Mizuki and Jiu (2021)
Fukuoka Christopher (Contracts 1-20), Mizuki, Jiu (2018) and Edison (2022)
Funkturm Ruth (2020)
Furniture Factory Edison (2020), Svetlana and Dorothy (2019)
Futuristic Club Cyber Alex (2020)
Galleria Hall Antoni
Gantry Crane Franz (2020)
Garden Restaurant Carl (2018)
Gare de Saint-Exupéry Sam with +75 Resource Income.png/h
Gas Station Sam and Wolfgang
Gate Extension Wolfgang
Gaudí House Zack (2021)
German Residence Johann
German Station Johann
German Tent Fritz (2015)
Gift Factory Santa (overview)
Gingerbread Station Christmas Yaris (2021)
Golden Age Club Richard, Edison (2020), Dorothy (2019) and Andy (2020)
Grace Cathedral Andy (2020)
Graffiti Depot Sam
Grand Central Valentina (2015)
Grand Depot Christopher
Grand Station Christopher, Cornelius, Edison (2020), Inventor Tesla (2020) and Dorothy (2019)
Green Tower Sam, Mizuki and Ling
Greenwich Lucy
Guru Palace Jules
Göltzsch Viaduct Johann
Göltzsch Viaduct 1 Johann and Dr. Yaris (2020)
Göltzsch Viaduct 2 Johann
Halloween House Dracula (2013), Yaris (Scaled - 2019) and Albert (2021)
Halloween Palace Dracula (2013)
Halloween Station Dracula (2013)
Halt Jules
Harbor Terminal Roy (2021)
Harbour Station George, Otto and Jules
Harsh Trade Shop Carl (2018)
Hashi Tower Mizuki and Jiu (2021)
Haunted Castle Dracula (2013), Yaris (Scaled - 2019) and Albert (2021)
Haunted Cathedral Dracula (2013)
Haunted House Dracula (2013) and Anastasia (2015)
Haunted Manor Yaris (Scaled - 2019), Anastasia (2015) and Albert (2021)
Haunted Mansion Anastasia (2015)
Hauptstrasse Ruth (2020)
Hearst Tower Edison (2020) and Dorothy (2019)
Hexa Skyscraper Jiu (2018) and Edison (2022)
High Rise Sam
HL PR Centre Zack (2021)
HL-US Research Lab Zack (2021)
Holo-Café Roy (2021)
Honeycomb Roy (2021)
Horror Station Yaris (Scaled - 2019), Anastasia (2015) and Albert (2021)
Hospital Sam
Hot Winery Santa (2016), Mrs. Claus (2016), Ralphie & Rudy (2016) and Christmas Yaris (2021)
House 84 Roy (2021)
House of Pace Cyber Alex (2020)
Hudson Street Ling
Hyperion Christopher (Contracts 1-20)
Ice Arena Jiu (2018) and Edison (2022)
Innovation Tower Samuel and Roy (2021)
Institute of Altruism Christopher
Irish Pub Dr. Yaris (2020) and Carl (2018)
Irregular Harmony Ling
Ivy High Rise Sam
Jean Cocteau Museum Roy (2021)
Jeju Towers Jiu (2018) and Edison (2022)
Jewelry Store Christopher, Edison (2020) and Dorothy (2019)
JFK Control Tower Edison (2020) and Dorothy (2019)
Johann's House Johann with 11 Resource Passenger.png
Johann's Workshop Johann
Jules' Workshop Jules
Kachiguda Station Christopher
Kaiju Tower Mizuki
Kaiserplatz Tower Ruth (2020)
Kangaroo Grasslands Alan, Valentina (2017) and Summer Games Valentina (2021)
Kashmir Station Mahatma and Jules
Kendo House Jules and Jiu (2021)
King's Diner Andy (2020)
Kinkaku-Ji Jules and Jiu (2021)
Kiwi Resort Dave (2015)
Koala Grove Alan, Valentina (2017) and Summer Games Valentina (2021)
Kollhoff Tower Ruth (2020)
Kolonnenstrasse Ruth (2020)
Kyoto Hotel Mizuki and Jiu (2021)
Lake Tahoe Castle Dr. Yaris (2020)
Large Warehouse Jules, Mrs. Wilma and Cornelius
Lausanne Station Carl (2018)
Lavish House Johann with 15 Resource Passenger.png and Anastasia (2015)
Le Grand Cafe Sam
Leaf House Pierre
Leafy Dwelling Dr. Yaris (2020) and Spring Wilma (2020)
Lehrter Station Jules
Leipziger Strasse Ruth (2020)
Leone villa stage 2 Giovanni
Leone villa stage 3 Giovanni
Leone villa stage 4 Giovanni, after completing all his contracts
Lifeguard Station Dave (2015), Valentina (2017) and Summer Games Valentina (2021)
Lighthouse Mizuki
Lippo Towers Samuel
Locomotive Factory Daniel (2021)
Lombard Street Andy (2020) and Yaris (2021)
London Cathedral Christopher and Lucy
Lotte World Tower Roy (2021)
Lotus Tower Roy (2021)
Luz Station Jules
Mag Lab Cyber Alex (2020)
Main Tower Ling and Ruth (2020)
Maintenance Depot Jules, Mahatma, Svetlana and Franz (2020)
Mama's Cottage Pierre
Manhattan Building Christopher, Edison (2020) and Dorothy (2019)
Manufacture Otto, Mahatma and Jules
Maritime Museum Andy (2020)
Marscraper Christopher
Meadow Station François (2018), Fritz (2015) and Pierre
Meadowport Hightower Samuel
Media Harbour Ruth (2020)
Merchant Otto and Valentina (2015)
Metropole Stage 1 Alan
Michigan Central Edison (2020) and Dorothy (2019)
Miner House Svetlana
Modern Art Museum Andy (2020)
Modern Brewery Fritz (2015)
Modern Dormitory Zack (2021)
Modern House Yaris (2021)
Modern Villa Roy (2021)
Moravian Church Svetlana
Mossy House Fritz (2015)
Motel California Richard and Andy (2020)
Mount Vernon Dr. Yaris (2020) and Andy (2020)
Multiplex Alan
Munich Towers Ruth (2020)
Museum George
Museum Villa Ruth (2020)
Music Academy Giovanni
Music School 1 Giovanni
Music School 2 Giovanni
Myriad Tower Zack (2021)
Nakagin Capsule Jiu (2021)
National Archives Richard snd Andy (2020)
National Opera Birthday Bill (2019) and B-day Bill (2020)
Neo HK Hotel Jiu (2018) and Edison (2022)
Neuschwanstein Fritz (2015)
New Kashmir Mahatma
New York Bank Cornelius, Edison (2020) and Dorothy (2019)
NeXtage HL Station Zack (2021)
NHK Business Centre Samuel
Nina Tower 1/2 Samuel, Jiu (2018) and Edison (2022)
Nina Tower 2/2 Jiu (2018) and Edison (2022)
Nippon Station Jules and Jiu (2021)
Northern Station Mrs. Wilma, after completing her contracts, this will appear on her station with 17 Resource Passenger.png
Northern Villa Ebenezer (2021)
Notting Hill House Lucy, Christopher, Edison (2020) and Dorothy (2019)
NYC Brown Flats Christopher, Cornelius, Edison (2020), Inventor Tesla (2020) and Dorothy (2019)
NYC Red Flats Christopher, Edison (2020) and Dorothy (2019)
Oil Refinery Andy (2020)
Oil Rig Svetlana
Old Barn Dracula (2013)
Old Cabin Svetlana, Franz (2020) and Jiu (2021)
Old Factory George
Old House Mahatma and Sam
Old Iron Factory Daniel (2021)
Old Leone Villa Giovanni
Old Manor Lara (2020)
Old Music School Giovanni
Old Workshop Johann
Old Workshop 2 Johann
Old Workshop 3 Johann
Olympic Stadium Lucy
Olympic Stadium 1 Lucy
Olympic Stadium 2 Lucy
Osaka Apartment Mizuki and Jiu (2021)
Ostankino Tower Jiu (2018) and Edison (2022)
Otto's Brick Kiln Otto
Otto's Foundry Otto with 41 Resource Passenger.png and Daniel (2021)
Overhead Crane Mizuki
Overtower Samuel
Palace Hotel Giovanni
Palace of Fine Arts Andy (2020)
Palazzo Ducale Jules and Giovanni
Palazzo Grimani Edison (2020) and Dorothy (2019)
Palazzo Michiel Giovanni
Palazzo Mosto Giovanni with 100 Resource Passenger.png
Palazzo Mosto Graf. Giovanni
Palazzo Mosto Old Giovanni
Palazzo Mosto Scaff. Giovanni
Palazzo Pisani Giovanni
Paris Police HQ Carl (2018)
Park Row Christopher, Edison (2020) and Dorothy (2019)
Park Tower Dorothy (2019)
Parking Deck Mizuki
Parking Garage Wolfgang
Penguin Resort Ebenezer (2021)
Petrol Station Sam
Piccadilly Peter Sagan (2014), Dave (2015) and Christopher
Pink Block of Flats Svetlana
Pink Restaurant Valentina (2015)
Pixel Depot Christopher
Pixel Factory Sam
Pixel Freight Depot Sam
Pixel Oil Refinery Sam
Pixel Storehouse Sam
Plane Hangar Alan, Valentina (2017) and Summer Games Valentina (2021)
Platypus Falls Alan, Valentina (2017) and Summer Games Valentina (2021)
Police Department Zack (2021)
Port New Dawn Roy (2021)
Power Plant Edison (2020), Dorothy (2019) and Andy (2020)
Pratt Plant I Daniel (2021)
Prismet Ruth (2020)
Promenade Alan
Promenade Stage 1 Alan
Promenade Stage 2 Alan
Provincial Hotel Dr. Yaris (2020)
Quantus stage 1 Ethan
Quantus stage 2 Ethan
Quantus Station Ethan
Queenslander House Valentina (2017) and Summer Games Valentina (2021)
Railroad Tavern Lucy and Christopher
Red House Jules
Red Lighthouse Jiu (2021)
Reindeer Pen Ralphie & Rudy (2016) and Christmas Yaris (2021)
Reindeer Stables Ralphie & Rudy (2016)
Reindeer Station Mrs. Claus (2016), Ralphie & Rudy (2016) and Christmas Yaris (2021)
Repair Shop George, Jules and Mrs. Wilma
Restaurant Lounge Alan
Rising Sun Station Mizuki and Jiu (2021)
Rose Bud Jiu (2018) and Edison (2022)
Rose of the East Jiu (2018) and Edison (2022)
Rotes Rathaus Ruth (2020)
Roundhouse George and Daniel (2021)
Row House Mahatma and Sam
Royal Albert Hall Dave (2015)
Royal Garden Richard
Rubber Factory Daniel (2021)
Ruga Bella Giovanni
Ruga Vecchia Giovanni
Rural House Fritz (2015)
Rural Residence Otto
Sagrada Familia Zack (2021)
Sagrat Cor Antoni
Saloon Mrs. Wilma with 8 Resource Passenger.png, after completing her contracts
San Francisco House Andy (2020) and Yaris (2021)
San Francisco Tower Andy (2020) and Yaris (2021)
Santa Claus Hall Christmas Yaris (2021)
Santa Claus House Santa (2016), Mrs. Claus (2016) and Ralphie & Rudy (2016)
Santa Claus Workshop Mrs. Claus (2016), Ralphie & Rudy (2016) and Christmas Yaris (2021)
Santa Lucia Giovanni
Santa's House Santa (2013), Ralphie & Rudy (2016) and Christmas Yaris (2021)
Santa's Tower Santa (2013) and Ralphie & Rudy (2016)
Santa's Toys Ralphie & Rudy (2016), Valentina (2015) and Christmas Yaris (2021)
Santa's Workshop Santa (2013)
Savanna Vetstation Carl (2018)
Scandinavia Tower Ruth (2020)
Schönefeld Airport Wolfgang
Semi-Detached House Lucy, Christopher, Richard, Edison (2020) and Dorothy (2019)
Sentinel Landmark Andy (2020)
Shap Pat Tower Samuel
Shenyang Stadium Christopher and Jiu (2018) and Edison (2022)
Shinjuku Mizuki and Jiu (2021)
Shiodome Christopher (Contracts 1-20) and Jiu (2021)
Shipyard Jules
Shiragiku Castle I Mizuki
Shiragiku Castle II Mizuki
Shiragiku Castle III Mizuki
Shower Cabin Jules and Svetlana
Signal Box Otto
Signal Cabin Mrs. Wilma
Silberling Depot Richard, Edison (2020) and Dorothy (2019)
Sky Tree Christopher (Contracts 1-20)
Skyrise Ling
Skyscraper Christopher
Skytall Ling
Small Bank Franz (2020)
Small Cabin Svetlana
Small Condo Cornelius
Small Factory Otto and Mahatma
Small Farm Jules, Mrs. Wilma, Bobby and Adventurer Lara (2020)
Small Hostel Franz (2020)
Small Residence Zack (2021)
Small Station George and Svetlana
Small Workshop Svetlana, Franz (2020) and Jiu (2021)
Snowy Alp Station François (2018)
Snowy Bourse Jiu (2018) and Edison (2022)
Snowy Cabin Santa (2016)
Snowy Clockhouse Ebenezer (2021)
Snowy Cosy House Ebenezer (2021)
Snowy Gas Station Wolfgang
Snowy Home Ralphie & Rudy (2016)
Snowy Jutaku Ralphie & Rudy (2016)
Snowy School Santa (2016)
Snowy Station Santa (2016), Mrs. Claus (2016) and Ralphie & Rudy (2016)
Snowy Suburb Station Mrs. Claus (2016)
Snowy Switch Tower Wolfgang
Snowy Tavern Ebenezer (2021)
Snowy Windmill Ebenezer (2021)
Space Elevator Ethan II
Spanish Apartments Edison (2020) and Dorothy (2019)
Spanish Condo Antoni
Spanish Flats Antoni
Speed Skating Oval Jiu (2018) and Edison (2022)
Spike Ling
Sport Lounge Alan
Spruce Tower Edison (2020) and Dorothy (2019)
St Mark's Campanile Jules and Giovanni
St.Michael's Gate Richard
Stables Mrs. Wilma
Stadium Tower Ruth (2020)
Staff Office Otto and Franz (2020)
Star Tower Jiu (2018) and Edison (2022)
State University A Edison (2020), Svetlana and Dorothy (2019)
State University B Edison (2020) and Dorothy (2019)
State University C Edison (2020) and Dorothy (2019)
Station Bobby
Statue of Liberty Sam and Christopher
Statue of Liberty Inventor Tesla (2020)
Suburb Station Sam
Suburban Vila Zack (2021)
Sun Hung Kai Samuel
Sunlight Villa Roy (2021) and Zack (2021)
Sunny Apartments Zack (2021)
Surf Shop Dave (2015), Valentina (2017) and Summer Games Valentina (2021)
Sustainable House Cornelius and Richard
Sweet Snowy Home Mrs. Claus (2016) and Ebenezer (2021)
Swimming Arena Lucy
Swimming Arena 1 Lucy
Switch Tower Otto, Wolfgang and Franz
Sydney Opera Alan
Sydney's Sport Park Alan
Symbiosys Cyber Alex (2020)
Synergy Cyber Alex (2020)
Syrup Factory Andy (2020) and Daniel (2021)
Taipei Tower Christopher (Contracts 1-20)
Taj Mahal Jules and Mahatma
Tall Lighthouse Svetlana
Tall Residence Otto
Teatro Giovanni
Teatro del Mondo Giovanni
Teatro Municipal Jules
Temple of the Wind Mizuki upon completing her contracts, and Jules and Jiu (2021)
Tempodrom Ruth (2020)
Terraced House Jules, Christopher, Edison (2020) and Dorothy (2019)
Thames Station Jiu (2018) and Edison (2022)
The Cliff Roy (2021)
The Fragment Peter Sagan (2014)
The Pyramid Ruth (2020)
The Scott Monument Anastasia (2015)
Thin Tower Block Mizuki and Jiu (2021)
Timber Cottage Jules and Johann
Timber House Jules and Johann
Timber Residence Jules and Johann
Timber Station Jules and Franz (2020)
Times Square Tower Christopher, Ling, Edison (2020) and Dorothy (2019)
Tokyo Boutique Christopher (Contracts 1-20) and Mizuki
Tokyo Tower Jiu (2021)
Tokyo TV Building Christopher (Contracts 1-20) and Jiu (2021)
Tool Shed Otto, Jules and Franz (2020)
Torres de Hercules Zack (2021)
Tower Block Sam
Tower Extension Edison (2020), Dorothy (2019) and Andy (2020)
Tower of London Jules and Lucy
Tower Stage 1 Alan
Tower Stage 2 Alan
Tower Stage 3 Alan
Town Courthouse Svetlana
Town Hall 1/3 Svetlana
Town Hall 2/3 Svetlana
Town Hall 3/3 Carl (2018)
Town House Richard, Edison (2020), Dorothy (2019) and Zack (2021)
Toy store Ralphie & Rudy (2016)
Traditional Bakery Carl (2018)
Train Scrapyard Andy (2020)
Transloading Yard Andy (2020)
Travel Plaza Samuel
Treehouse Valentina (2017), Spring Wilma (2020) and Summer Games Valentina (2021)
Triborough House Edison (2020) and Dorothy (2019)
Trust Skyscraper Jiu (2018) and Edison (2022)
Twin Towers Lucy
Uncut Gem Zack (2021)
Urban Brasserie Cornelius
Urban Villa Sam and Svetlana
Vacation Planner Carl (2018)
Vector Tower Jiu (2018) and Edison (2022)
Venezia Mestre Giovanni
Vesey Street Edison (2020) and Dorothy (2019)
Veterinary Clinic Alan, Valentina (2017) and Summer Games Valentina (2021)
Victoria Station Jules, Dave (2015), Christopher and Lucy
Victorian Library Edison (2020) and Dorothy (2019)
Victorian Warehouse Daniel (2021)
Vintage Residence Anastasia (2015) and Yaris (2021)
Wallstreet Christopher and Cornelius
Warwick Apartments Richard, Edison (2020), Inventor Tesla (2020) and Dorothy (2019)
Water Slide Dave (2015)
Water Supply Pierre
Water Tank George and Jules
Water Tower George, Jules, Mrs. Wilma, Valentina (2017) and Summer Games Valentina (2021)
Western Bank Mrs. Wilma and Cornelius
Westin Hotel Samuel and Ling
Westminster Court Lucy and Christopher
Westminster Hall Lucy and Christopher
Westminster Tower Lucy and Christopher
White Block of Flats Svetlana
Wildridge House Ebenezer (2021)
Windmill Jules and Johann
Winter Avenue Jiu (2018) and Edison (2022)
Winter Cabin Santa (2016), Mrs. Claus (2016), Ralphie & Rudy (2016), Mr. Close (2020) and Christmas Yaris (2021)
Winter Cottage Ebenezer (2021)
Winter Home Santa (2016) and Christmas Yaris (2021)
Winter Prague Station Ebenezer (2021)
Winter Promenade Jiu (2018) and Edison (2022)
Winter Townhall Santa (2016) and Mr. Close (2020)
Wintry Station Ebenezer (2021)
Wombat Burrows Alan
Wooden Cottage Pierre
Ye Olde Tavern Anastasia (2015)
Yellow Block of Flats Svetlana
Zenith Christopher
Zoofenster Ruth (2020)

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