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In order to develop your station and your railway empire you need materials-- lots of materials; these are collected by sending out cargo trains on your local lines. Cargo is collected at a base rate of 10 units per wagon on a 10 minutes ride; this is then modified by the wagon capacity, loco type, and the length of the trip.

For a detailed description of destination vs. cargo capacity see Local Trains. Also, eventually you'll have to send materials to contractor in order to fulfill contracts, or neighbours to help them with their stations. In this case, cargo is sent at a base of 225 units per wagon, whatever the chosen route is (normal or fast); and modified by the wagon capacity, loco type, set bonus, number of recipients and the existence of the Container Storage and/or the Brick Workshop, Bright Office, Machine Oratory buildings in the player's station.

For each material there are 8 wagons available for coins in the shop, they are: Base capacity, +10%, +20%, +45%, +70% (limited to 20), +135% (limited to 13), + 200% (limited varies and levels deep into the 300s), and 275% (limit 12 and after level 377). In addition for most materials there is a +40% wagon, a +100% available for gems, and the +20% can also be bought for gems. Train Station rolls out additional capacity in order to make mass material gathering accessible to everyone. Finally, there are several wagons only available as special offer and as rewards from contracts, achievements, or levelling up.

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