Carbon Carbon Wagons that can be purchased in the Shop at any time.

For basic information see the Carbon Wagons page.

Name Bonus Lvl Cost Buy XP Notes
Aircraft Spare Parts +220%3401,250,000 Gold12,500 XPLimit: 20
Airlord I Logo Set
Airlord II Logo Set
Andromeda Carbon +300%4402,100,000 Gold18,870 XPLimit: 22
Andromeda Cargo Logo Set
ARCon Carbon +130%179520,000 Gold7,200 XPLimit: 4
ARCon Cargo Logo Set
Bulky Carbon +45%9595,000 Gold1,050 XP
Camouflage Carbon +600%160175,000 Gold3,500 XPLimit: 2
Camouflage Logo Set
Carbon Canister +0%5820,000 Gold405 XP
Carbon Carrier +20%5810 Gems655 XP
73 32,750 Gold 655 XP
Carbon Legend +100%6960 Gems1,400 XPLimit: 6
Carbon Majestic +250%100100 Gems3,400 XPLimit: 10
Carbon Powerful +135%11165 Gems12,000 XPLimit: 13
210 600,000 Gold
Carbon Shipper +70%9035 Gems2,400 XPLimit: 20
130 202,000 Gold
Carbon Transporter +10%6927,500 Gold565 XP
Centurion Carbon +2,600%77017,000,000 Gold140,000 XPLimit: 12
Centurion Maglev Logo Set
Centurion Tail +2,600%77017,000,000 Gold140,000 XPLimit: 2
Centurion Maglev Logo Set
Chief Carbon +90%121400,000 Gold8,000 XPLimit: 4
Chief Cargo Logo Set
Crew Carbon +210%13975 Gems12,000 XPLimit: 24
Crew Cargo I Logo Set
Crew Cargo II Logo Set
Cylinder Carbon +320%43370 Gems42,000 XPLimit: 20
477 5,300,000 Gold
Dahlia Carbon +260%25340 Gems17,500 XPLimit: 26
Dahlia Cargo Logo Set
Evergrove Carbon +300%51070 Gems25,000 XPLimit: 29
Evergrove Cargo I Logo Set
Evergrove Cargo II Logo Set
530 2,500,000 Gold
FGC Carbon +100%135750,000 Gold15,000 XPLimit: 9
FGC Cargo I Logo Set
FGC Cargo II Logo Set
Graphite Hauler +40%6320 Gems650 XP
JNR Carbon +200%13470 Gems3,150 XPLimit: 15
JNR Cargo I Logo Set
JNR Cargo II Logo Set
296 1,250,000 Gold 19,900 XP
Nox Carbon +2,500%730150 Gems165,000 XPNox Maglev Logo Set
Pace Carbon +2,800%75017,300,000 Gold173,000 XPLimit: 13
Pace Express Logo Set
Raptor Carbon +1,200%288125 Gems32,500 XPLimit: 13
Raptor Maglev Logo Set
Sturdy Carbon +275%33385 Gems16,200 XPLimit: 12
377 1,875,000 Gold
Trichrome Carbon +250%2792,200,000 Gold15,250 XPLimit: 30
Trichrome Cargo I Logo Set
Vijay Carbon +250%25985 Gems15,900 XPLimit: 28
Vijay Cargo Logo Set
289 2,100,000 Gold
Wright Carbon +160%2471,000,000 Gold10,000 XPLimit: 18
Wright Cargo I Logo Set
Wright Cargo II Logo Set

Removed from the Shop

Carbon Carbon Wagons that are no longer available for purchase in the Shop.

Name Bonus Lvl Cost Buy XP Notes
Champion Carbon +1,900%4746,800,000 Gold68,000 XPLimit: 9
Champion Maglev Logo Set

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