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To make your station grow and thrive, you will need to erect buildings. All buildings take up a specific amount of room (Grid space) in your stations.

Buildings are located in the Shop.

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Other Buildings are rewarded during gameplay or can be purchased during bonus offers.

Most buildings create passengers, which you will send on Local Trains to earn gold or dispatch to International Trains to send gold, while Special Buildings offer certain game bonuses. You can acquire buildings from the Shop and from Contract rewards. Better buildings produce more passengers per Grid space and many buildings are part of a specific theme.

NOTE: If you finish all of Sam's contracts, you will receive a 10% discount on all future purchases of buildings. In each table of buildings below, the Discounted Cost column shows the prices of items when Sam's discount is active.

Passenger Income & Passenger Limit

For a detailed description read the thread at the Forum from a member of TS.



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Most buildings in TrainStation are designed to match a specific theme. For example, Western buildings are made of wood and have a rustic look similar to that found in the "Old West" of the USA. The themes that have matching buildings are:

Special Buildings[]

Main article: Special Buildings

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Special buildings are not producing passengers as usual buildings, but they increase passenger limit, flags limit, International Trains capacity, gifts per hour limit, and provide some special features to the game.

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