Box of Curiosities is a Mystery Box available from the Mystery Depot in the Shop. It offers players the opportunity to spend resources on a chance to win unique items. There is no limit to how many a player can purchase and the 10% discount from completing Alan's contracts applies to them.

Added with the 14 Mar 2016 Game Update.

Box of Curiosities Available Cost Discounted Buy XP Level
Icon Shop Mystery 14 Mar 2016 - Present 1,000,000 Gold 900,000 Gold 10,000 75

All items are marked in the Shop with a colored ribbon showing the chance of winning that item:
MD Exclusive MD Very Rare MD Rare MD Common


Award Type Details Rarity % Chance
Jet Tail Jet Tail Icon Shop Passenger Wagon 200 Passenger  +40% Very Rare 9.5%
Cement Blue Cement Blue Icon Shop Cargo +90% Cement Exclusive 4.0%
Carbon Blue Carbon Blue Icon Shop Cargo +90% Carbon Exclusive 4.0%
Titanium Blue Titanium Blue Icon Shop Cargo +90% Titanium Exclusive 4.0%
Rail Screw Carrier Rail Screw Carrier Icon Shop Cargo +110% Nails Exclusive 3.5%
Railroad Tie Carrier Railroad Tie Carrier Icon Shop Cargo +110% Wood Exclusive 3.5%
Jet First Class Jet First Class Icon Shop Passenger Wagon 205 Passenger  +65% Rare 12.0%
Jet Second Class Jet Second Class Icon Shop Passenger Wagon 200 Passenger  +20% Rare 14.0%
Golden Tanker Golden Tanker Icon Shop Cargo +60% Fuel Very Rare 5.0%
Golden Smithy Golden Smithy Icon Shop Cargo +60% Steel Very Rare 5.0%
SNail 60 SNail 60 Icon Shop Cargo +60% Nails Very Rare 5.0%
Brick Crusher Brick Crusher Icon Shop Cargo +60% Bricks Very Rare 5.0%
Okinawa Zero Okinawa Zero Icon Shop Passenger Wagon 190 Passenger  +30% Very Rare 10.0%
Yamato Zero Yamato Zero Icon Shop Passenger Wagon 175 Passenger  +20% Rare 15.5%

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