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Around the World is a Seasonal event held for a limited time on the TrainStation Fanpage. It represents a virtual trip around the world visiting various countries. Every few days, a special link is posted that awards a special country flag. Each flag grants +100Passenger/hr Income and +100Passenger Limit, and lasts for 3 days. Special Locomotives, Wagons, and other items may also be available.
  • Active dates:
    • 5 Jul 2016 - 3 Sep 2016
    • 3 Jul 2017 - 30 Oct 2017

This is not to be confused with the Around the World/Globe Achievements that arrived in 2014 with contractor Jules.


Date Item/
3 Jul 2017 Glocal Traveler Logo Set Glocal Summer is in full swing and who wouldn’t like to travel a bit? Mr. Bill knows it, so he prepared a very special train set for you. Visit shop, add this lovely USA inspired wagon to your collection and boost your progress with some lovely XPs!
4 Jul 2017 Flag of the USA Flag of the USA Happy Independence Day to everyone!
14 Jul 2017 Flag of France Flag of France Vive la France! It doesn't matter if you're French or not, this flag is for everyone
1 Aug 2017 Flag of Germany Flag of Germany Liebe dispatchers, Mr. Bill has another gift for you!
15 Aug 2017 Flag of India Flag of India Happy India Independence day to everyone!
31 Aug 2017 Flag of Japan Flag of Japan Japanese flag giveaway is here!
12 Sep 2017 Flag of Spain Flag of Spain There's never enough of cool flags, right?
26 Sep 2017 Flag of Brazil Flag of Brazil Mr. Bill loves Rio! That's why he's sending you a little present.


Date Award Message
5 Jul 2016 Flag of the UK Flag of the UK This Summer, Jules has decided to go on a special journey. Every other day, you'll receive a little gift from each country he visits. The big summer flag giveaway starts in London!
7 Jul 2016 Flag of France Flag of France Believe it or not - Jules is a secret fan of Tour de France! No wonder he stopped by in his homeland. Enjoy a true French passenger boost
9 Jul 2016 Flag of Belgium Flag of Belgium Jules is an anonymous chocoholic so he truly enjoyed his stay in Belgium!
11 Jul 2016 Flag of Netherlands Flag of Netherlands Tulip bouquet can wilt fast, unlike a boosted flag! 💐
13 Jul 2016 Flag of Denmark Flag of Denmark Good news for Lego fans, Jules is now in Denmark!
15 Jul 2016 Flag of Sweden Flag of Sweden Jules decided to cool down a bit in Sweden. He's tried to learn a couple of local words too, but the only thing he remembers is "Skål" 🐴

Luckily, he hasn't forgotten to send you the flag

17 Jul 2016 Flag of Germany Flag of Germany Greetings from Berlin! Jules is now enjoying Currywurst in Germany.
19 Jul 2016 Flag of Czechia Flag of Czechia City of 100 spires is today's destination! Jules is now enjoying the magic atmosphere of Prague.
21 Jul 2016 Flag of Austria Flag of Austria Jules just can't get enough of Sachertorte! What is your favorite Austrian specialty?
23 Jul 2016 Flag of Slovakia Flag of Slovakia Pixel crew is excited to meet Jules! 🙌 Right now, he's in Bratislava, Slovakia. Enjoy this little souvenir
25 Jul 2016 Flag of Hungary Flag of Hungary Traveling can be tiring, even for an adventurer like Jules. A nice spa is just what he needs today! Greetings from Budapest, Hungary
27 Jul 2016 Flag of Serbia Flag of Serbia Jules is sending you kisses from beautiful Belgrade <3
30 Jul 2016 Flag of Turkey Flag of Turkey The journey around the world continues! Jules is now in Turkey. Don't miss the flag
31 Jul 2016 Flag of Egypt Flag of Egypt A pyramid paperweight would surely be a nice souvenir 🐫 However, Jules thinks that a flag will be more appreciated
2 Aug 2016 Flag of India Flag of India The adventure isn't nearly over yet! Jules is now visiting Mahatma in India.
4 Aug 2016 Flag of Malaysia Flag of Malaysia Jules is now exploring South-East Asia in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
6 Aug 2016 Flag of Singapore Flag of Singapore Singapore is just a step away from Malaysia, so why not go there? Place a bit of Asia to your station
8 Aug 2016 Flag of Australia Flag of Australia It's time to chill! And who's a better chill buddy than Alan? Jules is enjoying Piña Colada in Sydney. What's your favorite summer drink?
10 Aug 2016 Flag of New Zealand Flag of New Zealand The journey continues in New Zealand 🐑 Who knows, maybe Jules will start farming one day too...
12 Aug 2016 Flag of China Flag of China Jules is amazed by the Great Wall of China!
14 Aug 2016 Flag of Japan Flag of Japan Jules can't move - he's had too much sushi with Mizuki in Tokyo!
16 Aug 2016 Flag of Argentina Flag of Argentina Don't disturb Jules! He's busy eating the original Argentinian medium-rare steak deliciousness.
18 Aug 2016 Flag of Brazil Flag of Brazil We hope that the Brazil flag won't be the only memory Jules has from this trip. You should have seen him dancing samba with the locals!
22 Aug 2016 Flag of Panama Flag of Panama Today's stop is Panama! What do you think will come next? :)
24 Aug 2016 Flag of Mexico Flag of Mexico No more tequila for Jules!
26 Aug 2016 Flag of the USA Flag of the USA Jules has finally arrived to USA, yay!
28 Aug 2016 Flag of Canada Flag of Canada This trip is all about maple syrup pancakes! Jules just can't get enough of them ;)
30 Aug 2016 Flag of Portugal Flag of Portugal Ever been to Portugal? One way or another - Jules is there now!
1 Sep 2016 Flag of Spain Flag of Spain Jules just couldn't refuse Antoni's invitation to Spain. Cheers to the good old friendship!
3 Sep 2016 Flag of Italy Flag of Italy Giovanni couldn't wait to meet Jules at the last stop of the journey - Italy! We hope you enjoyed our summer trip around the world :) Which countries have you visited during the summer?


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