Achievements can be found under the Achievement icon Button-Achievements-Small on the main game menu. They are goals toward which you work, even if you are not aware of it. Achievements typically have multiple levels, with each level a bit tougher than the previous one. Achievements that have a level requirement higher than the player's current level will be hidden.

Shop Suggested Achievements

The main and sub categories of Achievements are:

Category Contents
Icon Achievement Suggested Suggested The six Achievements closest to being completed
Icon Shop Special Special
Icon Shop Special Special General gameplay Achievements
Icon Shop Seasonal Seasonal Seasonal Achievements
Icon Weekly Challenge Weekly Challenge Weekly Challenge Achievements
Icon Shop Loco Trains
Icon Achievements Passenger Trains on rails Generally passenger/mail/XP specific Achievements
Icon Achievements Cargo Material Transport Generally cargo specific Achievements
Icon Achievements Museum Museum Generally Museum specific Achievements
Icon Achievements Developer Developer Buildings, decorations, spending resources
Icon Achievements Builder Station Development Building/Decoration Achievements
Icon Achievements Spender Business Spending Resources Achievements
Icon Achievements Social Social Neighbors, flags, gifts
Icon Achievements Themed Themed Themed Sets
Icon Achievements Royal Royal Earning the Royal Train Logo Set
Icon Achievements TPE Trans Pixel Express Earning the TPE Express Logo Set
Icon Achievements TGV TGV Earning the TGV Sud-Est Logo Set
Icon Achievements PF I Pixel Freight I Earning the PF I Train Set Logo Set
Icon Achievements PF II Pixel Freight II Earning the PF II Train Set Logo Set
Icon Achievements PF III Pixel Freight III Earning the PF III Train Set Logo Set
Icon Achievements PF IV Pixel Freight IV Earning the PF IV Maglev Logo Set
Icon Achievements PF V Pixel Freight V Earning the PF Ethereal Material Logo Set
Icon Achievements Record Breakers Record Breakers Send International Trains

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