Portrait small Carl (2018)
Carl's Contract Story (2018)
1 Hi buddy, it’s nice to meet you! I’m Carl, the railroader. My dear wife Charlotte has recently passed away and I’ve decided to move on. I’m gonna put my good old station into order, sell it and move to Brazil where I’ll retire. First you’re gonna have to help me with these old rusty trains.
2 There’s so much free space everywhere all of sudden! What shall we put here instead? Something made of Marble might be nice…
3 Have you seen all those weird hi-tech-extraordinary trains? I mean maglevs and hyperloops. They are really popular nowadays but in my humble opinion, nothing can beat the good old diesels. Cheers to the classics!
4 My neighbour Bill offered to build me some nice benches. All I have to do is to take care of the materials. We’ve got a decent stock of Marble, let’s add some Cement too.
5 Will you help Bill to build the benches? I’m really busy with finding some nice property in Brazil. Hopefully, I’ll be able to afford it after I sell this station.
6 I got rid of some old stuff and got some new. Now it’s time to fix whatever is worth saving. We’re gonna need some renovation depot for the old diesels!
7 Charlotte always said that I was like a bull in a China shop. And she was right, I really am an old clumsy guy. When I was cleaning my house, I managed to break the whole porcelain set! Charlotte wouldn’t be pleased, so let’s get some new one.
8 Ouch! I stepped on a glass shard, I need to rest! Moreover, there’s a football match on TV. Come on, you can finish the shipment on your own! A cold beer in the fridge will be waiting for you afterwards.
9 I’m about to do some BBQ, are you hungry? Oh, I see, you’re busy with the depot. Don’t worry, you’ll get the best burger you’ve ever tasted. It’s Charlotte’s secret recipe!
10 Looking at the Rumford welcome sign, I’ve realized that it won’t be easy for me to leave this place. After all, I’ve lived here my whole life! But I’ve also noticed that the sign is really old and hard to read. We should do something about it.
11 The Steel shipment was a very good idea! Look, there are some trains approaching my station. Will you help me unload them?
12 Those passengers probably had rocks in their suitcases because my back really hurts right now. However, we don’t need any rocks at the moment. Nails would help us better.
13 I have two basic rules: no hi-tech trains and no digital signs. My beautiful hometown deserves so much better! Let’s use some nice old school materials.
14 It’s just about the right time to give my old station a new look. We’re gonna need plenty of materials. By the way - do you like spaghetti? Charlotte used to cook them for me every Thursday…
15 I’m almost done with spaghetti, the only thing I need now is a nice loaf of cheese. My friend Bill has sent it to me with his train. Would you mind to pick it up?
16 Dinner’s ready! Eat as much as you wish, there’s plenty of everything. But we’re gonna have to get back to work soon.
17 I’ve already found some serious buyers! If we rebuild the station, it’s gonna be twice as worth! Who knows, maybe I’ll be able to buy some island in Brazil afterwards, haha.
18 I’d like my station to be in good hands. That’s why I’m gonna choose the buyer wisely. Bill seems to be interested! But he’s got one special condition.
19 We used to be really good friends with Bill and Wilma and they both would like to have some memory of Charlotte at the station. And I couldn’t agree more! Let’s fill this empty stock with some generous batch of Carbon.
20 Wake up, Bill’s here! We’ve decided to build something Charlotte would love - a diner where her best meals would be served for our passengers! He’s gonna help us build it too. Are you ready?
21 The station looks fantastic and diner is full of guests every day! Charlotte would be proud. I think it’s time to let Bill unload the first batch of trains and I’ll pack my bags in the meantime. Take these Gems as a humble sign of my thankfulness and never forget how awesome diesel trains are. Oh, and visit me in Brazil sometimes!
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