I have for some time been thinking about, why we write so much code on the trainset pages that are unnessary. ex

|car1name = Silicon Wagon {{silicon}}
|car1pic = QUBE Silicon.png
|car1link = [[QUBE Silicon]] {{gems}}

instead we could write

| car1pic= QUBE Silicon
| car1cost= {{gems}}
| car1type= Sili

and have the same result.

The template add the .png to the var car1pic when displaying the image, it reuse the car1pic when displaying the name of the item and since these 2 fields always are the same this shouldn't give any problems.

You can take a peek at these 2 I have changed at the danish TS page. Sunray Freight I & Mantis Cargo

And the Tsmeta template for the danish version can you find here. Tsmeta.

Is this something we should consider implementing into our page. On one of the pages I have tested it on, I have saved around 30% in size by doing this.

PLease let me know what you think about this idea.

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