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2002SRVlad 2002SRVlad 31 December 2021

The end of 2021, the beginning of 2022

My first (and maybe the only) blog article.
Being here for more than 5 years (but absent for 4)... Anyway, I decided to contribute on this wiki to help others (especially on Yaris Scaled Contracts, because I LOVE accomplishing his contracts).
I still have to learn the mechanics of editing on this wiki, but you know the drill: slowly, but surely
I hope to see you again in 2022!
And keep playing TrainStation!

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Trainzfan13 Trainzfan13 13 July 2021

Stupid inaccurate company on the Hiawatha (Set)!

  1. The Hiawatha (Set) has a ANNOYING INACCURACY on the coaches. They display Louisville & Nashville. Not The Milwaukee road.
  2. The cars aren’t like the real 1935 train cars. Hopefully a NG version will have more detail. Like the NG scotsman. Includes. Hiawatha diner 1x. Hiawatha coach X3. Hiawatha lounge 1x. & Hiawatha Observation 1x.

Car limit: 6.

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Trainzfan13 Trainzfan13 30 June 2021

Can someone please make a restaurant car for the trigo express? (Common & Uncommon?)

Can someone please take a NG scotsman restaurant car and make it into a restaurant car for the trigo express? (Common & Uncommon?)

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Cargran-Wilfred Cargran-Wilfred 6 September 2020

Enjoying The Wiki

I've been contributing more than normal lately, I'm glad to be apart of the community. Steadily learning and doing more. Glad to help with anything that is needed (Within reason). Quite a good team of contributors currently.👍

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AnimePerson1 AnimePerson1 8 June 2020

100,000+ Edit

Just noticed now, I just hit 100,000+ edit, cool, never though I get this far, since join this wiki 😎😎😎👍.

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Logstar53 Logstar53 30 April 2020

Level 300

Thanks to the guys at I reached level 300 yesterday. Extremely surprised that I managed to do this after a few very short months! In this time I have completed all the museum achievements except Diesel Collector 3 & 4 and Electric Collector 3 & 4. Thanks again to the guys on the discord who helped a lot with train spamming.

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AnimePerson1 AnimePerson1 5 March 2020

Level 1000

I recently level up to level 1000, few days ago... after 7 years playing TrainStation. =D Never though I will get there but i did cool and still playing TrainStation alongside doing TS Wiki works. =)

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Scania Mejdahl David Scania Mejdahl David 22 November 2019



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Niklas TrainStation Niklas TrainStation 9 November 2019

Got a new Hyperloop Train! :D

Got the Impeccable Hyperloop Train! :3

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Mariusgherasie Mariusgherasie 1 January 2019

Contribution on wiki pages

Why we need to fill all wiki pages for contractors or for train sets?

Because someone don't have enaugh ressources to buy all trains, but he can buy the best one and then can expand fast his station.

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BraixenDashy BraixenDashy 31 December 2018

Happy New Year 2019

Hi guys, I hope you enjoyed the 2018 year, now let's go into 2019!

So yeah, Happy New Year 2019, everyone!

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BraixenDashy BraixenDashy 24 December 2018

Merry Christmas 2018

Merry Christmas, everyone and dispatchers! I hope you get those good Christmas gifts!

Best regards.

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AnimePerson1 AnimePerson1 24 December 2018

Woow weeeeeeee

Wow, looking at my edit so far... wow.... 30000's edit since I join the wiki =), coool.....

Plus glad to notice so far and slowly getting there that dpl is fully controlling the Shop and Reward Section =) (Special thanks to TT for assistance with dpl when issue arises and how to resolve it 😎👍🏽, thanks Sensei).

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AnimePerson1 AnimePerson1 17 November 2018


Yup that sum it up of how I feel right now.... wow looking back on how far I made during my game ts progress and over here on wiki ... wow...

I’m glad I found this site and it has been very helpful to me plus tip/progression I had to do for the game... Thanks guys on Wiki 😎👌🏽

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©TriMoon™ ©TriMoon™ 16 November 2018

Left this wiki

Reason can be read here.

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Juice1961 Juice1961 19 September 2018

Hi to all

Im new in this Trainstation WIki, please be patient if i do wrong or strange!

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BobbyMickens BobbyMickens 4 August 2018

Definition for Friend's list treasure chest and clock icons

What is the diffence between the treasure chest and clock icons that appear next to a friend

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AnimePerson1 AnimePerson1 11 June 2018

Wow O O

My goesh..... I finally made it to 10000 edit on the wiki.... since I join.... never though I will get this far out of edit I done.

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AnimePerson1 AnimePerson1 1 June 2018

Hard Work.....😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

Hi.... not sure what point me writing this but anyway here it is....

Lately, I been updating wiki categories page to match all items there is in the table, far I know only diesel left to go (as I'm manage to get maglev, hyperloop, steam, electric locomotives done)...

Also making sure all the code version is at latest version, as well putting it A-Z order and avoid hassle of rechecking it or re updating the code data again... so next time...

"just simply add new item to categories specific page"


As far I know I'm not done yet.... since I'm only at starting point, just about to get locomotive page all up to date (only, at moment)... got to do other shop categories specific pages too.... sigh) but could do with a helping hand... lol.... on t…

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AnimePerson1 AnimePerson1 24 March 2018

Finally... it is here!!!!!!

Yay... Yeah Man!.... I have finally got my Christopher train set after four months of hard work.... just collected it from today.... with reward given to me as first gift.... 100 gem coool.... now I can have HL first half mat to increase and gems too =). ^___^

Hmm.. let see how long Ling mission will take now 😎😁😁😁

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Djjd47130 Djjd47130 11 March 2018

Electric Collector III - How long is this going to take?

Okay, so I've been watching and waiting for the Electric Collector III achievement (Add 300 unique electric locomotives to your Museum). I'm on level 353, and have paid at least $100 over time for gems. But I still don't have it. I have all the rest of the special train sets, just not this one.

Granted, I'm at 275/300 - only 25 more to go. But I'm at the mercy of the random express trains. I find it hard to even find a job or anything to get any large number of whistles as I did in the past. I've only been using the ones which show up while unloading trains, or collecting gifts, etc.

At this point, at the rate I've been seeing new electric locomotives, I estimate still at least a month or two before I can collect 25 more. 

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AnimePerson1 AnimePerson1 8 March 2018


Hmmm..... how often does people find their storage is always get full too often?

Since I spend a day yesterday trying to make more space to clear out items I don't used often in the game and manage create more space this time... but I often notice it get full too quick before I get chance to buy new storage space.... hmm......

Anyone got a tip on this, about ensuring there is more space and avoiding it to fill up storage space too quickly?

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AnimePerson1 AnimePerson1 26 February 2018


........ -sigh-....... my my my...... why am I still here playing TrainStation game?..... -sigh-.

Sorry for odd blog post... I’m just feeling odd at moment with TrainStation game.... sigh....

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7simpsons 7simpsons 1 February 2018


Just a dad of a busy house full of gamers.  Currently at lvl 438 but increasing fast.  Help is gladly accepted

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Djjd47130 Djjd47130 7 January 2018

QT9090 Enhanced - Only one I need

I don't even remember when or where I got this train. I think I spent gems for it. But now that I have the QT9090 Enhanced train set, I don't see the need to have ANY other passenger or mail train on the rails. It brings me more than ALL the rest of my train sets COMBINED! 

First of all, the stats:

  • Locomotive: QT9090 Enhanced (Maglev) - Power: 34
  • x1 Enhanced VIP - Passengers: 2,640 - Profit: 4,400%
  • x16 Enhanced Standard - Passengers: 2,400 - Profit: 2,450%
  • x1 Enhanced Premium - Passengers: 2,400 - Profit: 3,840%
  • x15 Enhanced Diner - Passengers: 2,400 - Profit: 2,650%
  • x1 Enhanced Tail - Passengers: 2,400 - Profit: 2,660%
  • Set bonus: 30%

Combine all those together, and this is what I get:

  • Passengers: 81,840
  • 1 Hour: 11,839,933 Gold Coins!!!

If you have a …

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Djjd47130 Djjd47130 7 January 2018

Two Months Non Stop

Rewind to a few months ago. I'm a regular Facebooker (if that's even a word). I see / post all sorts of things on Facebook. Among those things are of course the sponsored posts from other pages. Every now and then, I would see a sponsored ad for the Train Station game, and would think to myself "What's so fun about watching a bunch of trains practically going in circles?" It seemed like a kids game, not too much different from piecing together a miniature plastic train set.

Then, after seeing about it so many times, I broke down and started playing.

Apparently, I already tried playing at one point in the past too. Because I already had a little bit of progress. Obviously I had no idea what I was doing though, because I was in a terrible posi…

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AnimePerson1 AnimePerson1 4 January 2018


Oh yeah.... oh...yeah!....oh yeah!”!!!.... lol..... I have finally, officially complete all medium Contractors, plus I’m now halfways completing the contractors mission list. (I think it will be very unlikely I ever going do Richard Contractor mission list.... as I’m like I will pass it and work on other stuff I need to do). Plus I’m also in good mood...(completed station 4 today and now working on station 5, as u can see on my profile),... wish I could complete all medium Contractors and remaining easy Contractors mission more earlier than now.... (could done it in 2014.... but my local slot and international slot plus locomotives wasn’t good at the time.... was having to sell of coins and materials in order gain more chances of getting …

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Rolf Al Rolf Al 4 January 2018

missing levels for 4th and 5th station and street extension

A lower level account of me just reached level 180.
I will now try to get the missing infos for the expansion of the 4th and 5th street.

Today reached level 198, now accumulating more for the second street at level 202.
Found another source for the data, saved some millions of mats and much more time.
4th and 5th street completed and corrected.

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Scouts Out Scouts Out 13 November 2017

Aw Crap, Not Now

OK, so let's see. I play Train Station on both a laptop and also on a Amazon Kindle Fire. I really enjoy the game. Buying locomotives, building stations, completing challenges/acheivements, etc. Even more so I really enjoy trading locomotives with the other players and helping those working on their sightseeing acheivements. I have a few friends here on the Wiki page that I work with regularly and more from the Pixel page. All have been very helpful in completing acheivements and working on my museum. Thank you to all who send new engines, experience points and gold. I really appreciate the help as I continue to grow.

So to the meat of the matter. Here I am working on that seven minute station run to Metropolis to catch a glimpse of Superma…

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AnimePerson1 AnimePerson1 11 November 2017

Latest Train Page Code Version

Wow, I'm not sure how long I been doing it for.. but I know I have done it, got all the old code to be updated to latest version... with all the editting I done to get it this far, plus double checking it on second round... I am glad I made it and done it... but I do wonder what Edittor will say... I think they will say now do same for other items e.g. building, goods wagon etc.... right now I am going take a break and see in near future I see if I will do the other =)....

But boy... I didn't expect to be in rank 14th place (just amount of hard work editing I done) and amount badge I got from it... whoa.... but hey... I done it.. I am happy.. now relax and take a break from editting ^_^.

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AnimePerson1 AnimePerson1 26 October 2017

Badges Earned Update ^ ^

Yay, I hit above 1000 achievement point, plus nearly close to be on the leaderboard, since I currently ranked 21.. cool =).... but boy.. I didn't expect to be in 1000 points by now.... lol =]

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AnimePerson1 AnimePerson1 5 October 2017

My Edit so far

Yike, I can't believe I am near to 1000...well accuratly I am more close to 800, since I am in 790's of edit I made.... whoa... I did not expect to get this far from where I was when I first join this site. 

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TrashTerrier TrashTerrier 4 October 2017

Dutch wiki passed the 10.000 pages

A little celebration here, after 2 years of hard labour, the Dutch wiki passed the pages!

TrashTerrier (talk) 22:11, October 4, 2017 (UTC)

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AnimePerson1 AnimePerson1 8 August 2017


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TrashTerrier TrashTerrier 9 April 2017

Interwiki message

As most of you might know by now, i'm the Founder of the Dutch wiki
I'm working (too) hard to keep up with this wiki, which i do mostly alone
That means, that i can make mistakes....
Usually, i notice mistakes right away and correct them within a few seconds
But it might happen that it takes longer, or not at all
Please forgive me when that happens, and feel free to notify me about it

TrashTerrier (talk) 00:52, January 7, 2016 (UTC)

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BentLauridsenDK BentLauridsenDK 26 January 2017

Gold outcome from IT and local trains

Working on a template that can calculate the outcome from a passenger/mail train, that should be displayed beside the Trainset table.

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Eddyschouwenaars Eddyschouwenaars 8 January 2017

ik heb tot mijn vijfde station

komen er nog meerdere stations bij met uitbreidingen ?

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Kmjn1978 Kmjn1978 2 August 2016

Museum Missing Trains

  • 1 Steam - 49
  • 2 Diesel - 463
  • 3 Electric – 260?
  • 4 Maglev - 0
  • 5 Offer - 592

4-6-4 Maple Leaf

AC-11 Northern Star


Anniversary General

Arktisk Bershire

Army Triples

ATSF Ember

Big Boy Dueochrome

Big Boy Triple

Br Class 7 Quad

Br Class 7 Triple

C 5/6 Azure Peak

Camel Express

Class 10 Stainless

Class 198 Frenzy

Class 7 1M

Dazzling Shine / Den Storslåede Pragt

DRG Serie 16 Double

Erie R L-1 Triple

Evrgreen Peace


GWR King Triple

JNR Class D51

Mallard Tatsu

Mountain Boy Double

N&W Y6B Quad

Peacemaker Shay

Påske Hjerte


SAR 19D Triple

Shay Class C

SJ F Steam

SL7  Aisa Express

Snowflag / Sneflug

SR Ultimate Winner

Supreme Athlete

Tough Boy


TS Jubilee Double

TS Jubilee Quad

WF Games Supplier

Zeze Parade

Zezé Leone Double – Shop


2TE116 Double

2TE25k Double


2Zagal Qu…

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PaJson PaJson 29 April 2016

New here


I guess I am new here. I just recently started playing TrainStation and have reached level 80 in a week or so. I guess you could say I am obsessed! Too add me, visit my userprofile @



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Elvara78 Elvara78 18 March 2016



I've started the game in December 2015 and I plan on keeping going for while.

I used this wikia some much I decided to help out where nd when I can.

Don't hesitate to contact me.


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Sams8651 Sams8651 27 December 2015

Icicle train sets

How do you get icicle train sets?

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Trenistasyonu Trenistasyonu 6 November 2015



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BentLauridsenDK BentLauridsenDK 30 October 2015



I'm form Denmark, and I plan to translate the complete TS Wiki page into Danish at a later time, so if someone want to help with this project let me know.

At the moment I'm helping get a common layout on the different pages.

Have a nice day.

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Hypertiny Hypertiny 15 September 2015

Completed Contracts

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Trenistasyonu Trenistasyonu 20 July 2015

Çuf Çuf

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Jetdragon69 Jetdragon69 12 May 2015

A beginners guide (from a beginner) to TrainStation.


This is some of the things I have learned over the past 6 months of playing Trainstation.

First of all, I want to point out, I am not one of the gem buying players. It is easy to get gems without buying them or using some of the cheat programs. How can a player get all those wonderful gems? It is simple: be a daily player. By playing everyday (after the first week) a player can aquire 2 to 4 gems every day; one for just logging in (from the daily bonus) and 1 to 3 from the daily gem train. Also note that gems are a fequent reward for compleating contracts. Save these gems and watch the special offers. I suggest saving up and spending your gems on free tax engines.

Speaking of engines, We all start with steam. As soon as possible, researc…

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TheMiningPacman TheMiningPacman 16 December 2014

Takes too long to level up in Train Station.

I have been playing the game for about a week or 2, but I am still only level 10. I think the system should be quicker to be honest, but that is just my opinion. If you agree/disagree, please feel free to post your ideas in the comments below.

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613038 613038 22 May 2014

My stations

I'm at level 182 since yesterday. Since the new flags came, I progressed 3 levels.

Some people said my station isn't developped as well. But I calculated that my station produce enough passengers for me (local train) and others (international train). OK, The trains I used to send gold could seems a little... tiny.

So I will speak about my stations (I've got actually three personal stations and 2 others one I won by Mrs Wilma and Johann Strauss.

My first station :

I know this is the one which is seen by the neighbors when they visit me. So I would like to use this one as a decoration. I use the nippon theme, so I'll try to put the most japan building.

My second station :

I use the theme "antipod". The internationals trains I receive are redirecte…

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KmamK KmamK 11 February 2014


Because of a little lack of time, but especially a broken notebook, I won't be here the next days (maybe, I hope not, weeks). I'll try to read and answer the recent discussion about TD and so on.

Greetings KmamK (talk) 22:35, February 11, 2014 (UTC)

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Waichung1823 Waichung1823 6 February 2014

How to get adler first class

Anyone know how to get adler first class  without using gems?

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