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BR Class 20 Icon Shop Diesel
BR Class 20
Type Icon Shop Diesel (Diesel)
Power 5 Icon Power
Tax 11 Fuel
Dispatch XP 22 XP
Set N/A
OCU Not required
Award Information
Award From Train Set Dispatcher Limit 1
Other Information
This locomotive replaced the EMD GP50 for the Train Set Dispatcher achievement. The EMD GP50 was moved to the Shop.

Interesting Facts:

  • Though labled as a "BR Class 20" the locomotive is actually painted in "Railfreight" colors.
  • The Class 20 in game is actually back to front, as common practice in the UK with Class 20 locomotives is to operate the locomotives with the cab as the front.
  • It is entirely possible to unlock this locomotive long before unlocking dieselization, creating minor frustration in players looking for a free locomotive. Note: The locomotive can't be used until you purchase dieselization.
  • In the Double version of this locomotive, the engines are oriented cab to cab, where as a second double version in blue livery actually has the engines facing the more common (and by some arguments proper) way.
The BR (British Rail) Class 20, also known as an „English Electric Type 1“, is a class of diesel-electric locomotive. In total, 228 locomotives in the class were built by English Electric between 1957 and 1968, the large number being in part because of the failure of other early designs in the same power range to provide reliable locomotives. The locomotives were known by railway enthusiasts as "Choppers", a name derived from the distinctive beat that the engine produces under load which resembles the sound of a helicopter.
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