Australia Day are Seasonal Achievements available for a limited time during the Australia Day event. They appear under the Special Achievement tab, in the Seasonal subcategory. Once completed, they appear under the Finished Achievements tab.

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2014[edit | edit source]

Australia Day[edit | edit source]

AVAILABILITY: 23 Jan 2014 - 6 Feb 2014

Level: 25 Name + Goal to achieve Reward XP.png
Achievement Australia Day I.png

Australia Day I

Buy 3 Kangaroo Warning Icon Shop Decoration.png at your station
Icon Shop Decoration.png 2x Australia Flag
(Icon Shop Decoration.png )
Achievement Australia Day II.png

Australia Day II

Buy 2 Queenslander House Icon Shop Building.png at your station
Icon Shop Building.png 1x Sydney Museum
( +100Income.png /h, 25 Space.png)
Achievement Australia Day III.png

Australia Day III

Send 10 trains with any locomotive to Aussieland (20 mins) local destination
Icon Shop Diesel.png 1x NR Southern Spirit
(Icon Shop Diesel.png, 9 Icon Power.png)
Achievement Australia Day IV.png

Australia Day IV

Send 8 IT with the CBH Class Icon Shop Diesel.png
Gems.png 15 Gems.png 3,000
Level: 80 Name + Goal to achieve Reward XP.png
Achievement Australia Day Bonus.png

Australia Day Bonus

Send 15 IT with the NR Southern Cross Icon Shop Diesel.png
Gems.png 30 Gems.png 3,500
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