Portrait small Arpad (2017)
Arpad's Contract Story (2017)
1 Üdvözletem! I, Arpad the Third, have risen again after 700 years of sleep. And what happened to my land in the meantime?! Some mortals have built there a noisy filthy station! You fools will regret it soon. My sinister glow will surely scare you off!
2 How come nobody is horrified by the evil glow?! Good old medieval times. It was way easier to scare people back then. If you help me banish these intruders from my property, I’ll reward you generously. However, nothing’s for free in these cruel times!
3 We’ll show them who’s the master here! I’ve got a plan. We’ll build a spooky monument as a sign of my reign of terror. But I’ll need some steel. And only those damned trains can bring it here. What an irony!
4 We’ll need some marble for the top of the monument. But it must be carried with special wagons!
5 Excellent. Now we can finally build my horrific monument. Let them see who’s the true ruler here!
6 We’ve failed again! Instead of running away from the monument, they’re making some kind of: „selfies for Distangram“ with it! (whatever that means). Fine then. They want war? They’ll get war! The dirty smoke of steam trains will chase them out!
7 Let’s add some smoke from the diesels too.
8 It’s time to reveal my power to the fullest! I’ll rebuild my ancient fortress to show everyone who the lord of this land is.
9 The fortress must have a solid base.
10 We need to hurry up! The wagons should be brought here by a magic locomotive. I’ve recently discovered such one in Transylvania – let’s try it out!
11 That locomotive didn’t succeed! Let’s try EMD Cavalier. But you’ll have to bring me Fuel first.
12 Good. Now we bring another batch of the material.
13 I’ve finally got everything I need! Take all the resources and build the fortress so I can spread the horror everywhere!
14 The fortress looks horrific but people have stayed here anyway! Nothing I’ve tried enough to frighten them. They have even started building tourist stands around it! Well, it seems like there’s no room for ghosts in these modern days... but there’s certainly room for business! Bring here as many tourists as you can. I, Arpad the Third, have become the lord of the most visited station in Transylvania.
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