Logo TS
Alkahest Icon Shop Loco
Type Icon Shop Loco (Steam)
Power 102 Icon Power
Tax 6,464 Gold
Dispatch XP 738 XP
Set Alkahest Express (+150%)
OCU Required
Offer Information
Offer Type Offer Date Cost Buy XP Level Restrictions
Icon Shop SO Special 21 Nov 2017 320 Gems 123,420 XP 90 Limit 2
Icon Shop VO Vintage 24 Jun 2018 275 Gems 123,420 XP 70 Limit 3
AD60 was the first appearance of the Beyer-Garratt type locomotive on the New South Wales Government Railways. This type of articulated unit had seen considerable use on the narrow gauge lines of Australian systems for many years. Twenty five locomotives, and subsequently a further twenty five, were ordered from Beyer, Peacock and Co., but just forty two complete locomotives were delivered.
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