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Airlord I  Logo Set
Statistics Locomotive Icon Shop Diesel
Type Diesel
BR 60 Airlord Quad
Cargo Icon Shop Cargo + Icon Shop XP Wagon
Set Bonus +20%
Set Size 40 BR 60 Airlord Quad Gems
Special Wagon Icon Shop XP Wagon Special Wagon Icon Shop XP Wagon
Eagle 15
Eagle 15 Gems Eurodefender Gold
Carbon Wagon Carbon Fuel Wagon Fuel
Aircraft Spare Parts
Aircraft Fuel Tanks
Aircraft Spare Parts Gold Aircraft Fuel Tanks Gems
Other Information
The name of this set was originally released as Airlord Guardian I.
Special Offer Icon Shop SO 28 May 2013
Vintage Offer Icon Shop VO 6 Apr 2014
Added to the Shop with the 11 Sep 2017 Game Update.
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