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Aeternus Icon Shop Electric
Type Icon Shop Electric (Electric)
Power 76 Icon Power
Tax 675 U-235
Dispatch XP 607 XP
Set Aeternus Express I (+30%)
OCU Required
Offer Information
Offer Type Offer Date Cost Buy XP Level Restrictions
Icon Shop SO Special 9 Aug 2016 320 Gems 117,415 XP 90 Limit 2
Icon SpecialEvent Event 25 Nov 2016 [1]160 Gems 117,415 XP 90 Limit 3[1]
Icon Shop VO Vintage 25 Jun 2017 275 Gems 100,415 XP 70 Limit 4
Logo Limited Limited 3 Jun 2019-
24 Jun 2019
430 Gems 17,018,500 XP 730 Limit 10
1,701,853,000 Gold 760 Limit 1
Other Information
  1. 1.0 1.1 During the Black Friday event, this item had special event prices and limits. If you want to order this item from Support after the event has ended, the costs and limits are the same as the last Special/Vintage Offer.
The RABDe 500 (often nicknamed ICN for Intercity-Neigezug, German for Intercity Tilting Train, the train category for which these trains are used), is a Swiss passenger train which was introduced in 2000, in time for Expo.02 held in western Switzerland in 2002. Its maximum speed is 200 km/h (120 mph), which can be reached on the Mattstetten–Rothrist new line; however, as of 2011 the RABDe 500 is not currently used on this line, except on the branch to Solothurn. It was a joint development by Bombardier, SBB-CFF-FFS and Alstom, with an aerodynamic body designed by Pininfarina. Forty-four RABDe 500 trains with a total of 308 coaches were delivered to SBB-CFF-FFS between 1999 and 2005. The RABDe 500 often run with two complete compositions, each with seven carriages, both including a dining car (which forms part of 2nd class). Four of the seven carriages are second class. In first class, some compartments have electric power supply sockets and mobile phone reception enhancers. The introduction of the RABDe 500 was delayed by a lack of supplies from ADtranz. Nevertheless, its rolling stock was fully in use by the time for the Expo. The RABDe 500 trains are operated by Swiss Federal Railways.
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