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Template {{contract}} creates a link to one or more (up to 9) particular contracts on a contractor's main page. It also can display the text "(required)" or "(optional)", for use in infoboxes of items used for the relevant contract(s).


{{contract}} accepts:

  • two required unnamed parameters
  • eight optional unnamed parameters
  • two optional named parameters

{{contract|<contractor name (with year)>|<contract number #1>|<contract number #2>|<contract number #3>|<...>|<contract number #9>}}

Simple link

A simple link uses two required pieces of data, as unnamed parameters.

  • contractor name (required) - The name of the contractor's main page, including year, if applicable.
  • contract number #1 (required) - The number of the (first or only) relevant contract.

Linking multiple related contracts

To display multiple related contracts, the template allows eight optional pieces of data, as unnamed parameters.
Simply add the contract numbers needed, one at a time, each separated by a pipe (|) character. DO NOT add extra pipes (|) for unneeded parameters.
The template will accept 0-8 additional contract numbers, for a possible total of 9 contracts linked. Each contract number added will generate a new, separate link. The contractor's name (and year) will display only once.

Required or optional?

When adding {{contract}} to an infobox of an item to be purchased to complete a contract, the template uses two optional pieces of data, both as named parameters. In these cases, editors are required to use one of these parameters.

  • Optional parameter req, if present, will display the text (required) after the final link.
  • Optional parameter opt, if present, will display the text (optional) after the final link.


gives: Johann #12

{{contract|Mrs. Wilma|9}}
gives: Mrs. Wilma #9

{{contract|Valentina (2015)|4|5|6|7}}
gives: Valentina #4, #5, #6, #7

gives: Otto #5, #22, #31 (nodig)