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[[Bestand:ShopTab VintageOffer.png]]<br><br>
[[Bestand:ShopTab VintageOffer.png]]<br><br>
The '''Vintage Offer''' {{VO}} section of the [[:Categorie:Winkel|Winkel]] can be accessed by clicking on the Special Offer [[Bestand:Special Offer Old2.png|frame|right|old icon]][[Bestand:Special Offer.png|frame|left|current icon]] icon on the main screen or the Special Offer tab in the Shop.
[[Bestand:Special Offer Old2.png|frame|right|oude icoon]][[Bestand:Special Offer.png|frame|left|huidig icoon]] Spelers kunnen toegang krijgen tot de Uitverkoop sectie (in het engels Vintage Offer, afgekort: VO)<br>door in de [[:Categorie:Winkel|Winkel]] op het {{SO}} icoon te klikken, en vervolgens op het {{VO}} icoon.
De Uitverkoop geeft spelers een tweede kans om de items te kopen die ze gemist hadden tijdens de Speciale Aanbieding.
Normaal gesproken verschijnen items ongeveer 10 maanden na de Speciale Aanbieding in de Uitverkoop. De Uitverkoop wordt beschikbaar wanneer een speler level 90 behaald, '''EN''' de aanbiedingen veranderen.<br>De Uitverkoop veranderd elke zondag en woensdag om 15:00 uur.
Vintage Offers give players a second chance to purchase items they might have missed during a Special Offer. Usually, an item will be available in a Vintage Offer approximately ten months after its initial Special Offer. The Vintage Offer becomes available once a player reaches level 90, and offers change every Sunday and Wednesday at 15:00 (3:00 p.m.) CET.
Zie ook: [[:Categorie:Speciale Aanbieding|Speciale Aanbieding]] {{SO}}
See also: [[:Categorie:Speciale Aanbieding|Speciale Aanbieding]] {{SO}}.
[[:Categorie:Uitverkoop 2018|Uitverkoop 2018]]<br>
[[:Categorie:Uitverkoop 2017|Uitverkoop 2017]]<br>
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[[:Categorie:Uitverkoop 2016|Uitverkoop 2016]]<br>
!scope="col"| Aanbieding Start Datum
[[:Categorie:Uitverkoop 2015|Uitverkoop 2015]]<br>
!scope="col"| {{Stoom}}
[[:Categorie:Uitverkoop 2014|Uitverkoop 2014]]<br>
!scope="col"| {{Cargo}} / {{PassWagon}} / {{XPWagon}}
[[:Categorie:Uitverkoop 2013|Uitverkoop 2013]]<br>
!scope="col"| {{Gebouw}} / {{decoration}} / • • •
[[:Categorie:Uitverkoop 2012|Uitverkoop 2012]]<br>
[[:Categorie:Uitverkoop 2011|Uitverkoop 2011]]
| {{date|2016|3|2}}
| [[Hard Rock Quartet]]<br>[[Hard Rock Duet]]
| [[Hard Koolstof]]<br>[[Hard Spijkers]]<br>[[Hard U-235]]<br>[[Hard Marmer]]<br>[[Hard U-235 410]]
| [[Freddie]]
| {{date|2016|2|28}}
| [[Summertide]]<br>[[Summertide 380]]
| [[Summertide 1e Klasse]]<br>[[Summertide 2e Klasse]]<br>[[Summertide VIP]]<br>[[Summertide Eindwagon]]
| [[Summer Residence]]<br>[[Gazebo]]
| {{date|2016|2|24}}
| [[QUBE CF Quad]]<br />[[QUBE CF Double]]
| [[QUBE Silicon]]<br />[[QUBE Wood]]<br />[[QUBE Glass]]<br />[[QUBE Carbon]]
| [[Moonta Station]]<br />[[Peace Monument]]
| {{date|2016|2|21}}
| [[CAF Oaris]]<br />[[CAF Oaris 320]]
| [[Oaris 1st Class]]<br />[[Oaris 2nd Class]]<br />[[Oaris Versatile]]<br />[[Oaris Mail]]<br />[[Oaris Tail]]
| [[Palace of the Arts]]
| {{date|2016|2|17}}
| [[Daybreak]]<br />[[Eástre C44aci]]<br />[[Eos TGV]]
| [[Daybreak Wires]]<br />[[Daybreak Glass]]<br />[[Daybreak Silicone]]<br />[[Daybreak Steel]]<br />[[Eástre Plastics]]<br />[[Eástre Uranium]]<br />[[Eástre Rubber]]<br />[[Eástre Gravel]]<br />[[Eos Premium]]<br />[[Eos Standard]]<br />[[Eos VIP]]<br />[[Eos Tail]]
| [[Spring Resort]]
| {{date|2016|2|14}}
| [[Velaro TCDD]]<br />[[Velaro TR]]
| [[Velaro 1st Class]]<br />[[Velaro 2nd Class]]<br />[[Velaro VIP]]<br />[[Velaro Restaurant]]<br />[[Velaro Tail]]
| [[Yas Resort]]
| {{date|2016|2|10}}
| [[GE Seaboard Quad]]<br />[[GE Seaboard Double]]
| [[Seaboard Plastics]]<br />[[Seaboard U-235]]<br />[[Seaboard Rubber]]<br />[[Seaboard Gravel]]
| [[U.S. Capitol]]<br />[[U.S. Flag]]
| {{date|2016|2|7}}
| [[Acela Gallantry]]<br />[[Acela Fortitude]]
| [[Gallantry 1st Class]]<br />[[Gallantry 2nd Class]]<br />[[Gallantry Tail]]<br />[[Gallantry VIP]]
| [[:Category:Extensions#International_Slots|Bonus International Slot]]<br />[[Memorial Museum]]
| {{date|2016|2|3}}
| [[DF200 Horizon Q]]<br />[[DF200 Horizon D]]
| [[Horizon Titanium]]<br />[[Horizon Steel]]<br />[[Horizon Marble]]<br />[[Horizon Fuel]]
| [[Vintage Residence]]<br />[[Federation Tower]]
| {{date|2016|1|31}}
| [[M-1 Noble]]<br />[[M-1 Leviathan]]
| [[M-1 Superb Wires]]<br />[[M-1 Wires]]<br />[[M-1 Nails]]<br />[[M-1 Bricks]]<br />[[M-1 Cement]]
| [[Blue Ridge Statue]]
| {{date|2016|1|27}}
| [[ATSF Ember]]<br />[[EF-4 Ember]]
| [[Ember 1st Class]]<br />[[Ember 2nd Class]]<br />[[Ember VIP]]<br />[[Ember Restaurant]]
| [[Santa Fe Depot]]<br />[[Trevithick's Statue]]
| {{date|2016|1|24}}
| [[Billiton Atlas]]<br />[[Billiton Mercury]]
| [[Atlas Wood]]<br />[[Atlas Titanium]]<br />[[Atlas Wires]]<br />[[Atlas Rubber]]
| [[Space HQ]]<br />[[Sputnik Statue]]
| {{date|2016|1|20}}
| [[Apollo]]<br />[[NJ2 Moonshot]]
| [[Apollo 1st Class]]<br />[[Apollo 2nd Class]]<br />[[Apollo VIP]]<br />[[Apollo Tail]]
| [[Space Observatory]]<br />[[Hubble Telescope]]
| {{date|2016|1|17}}
| [[Merry GP60]]
| [[Merry Carbon]]<br />[[Merry Fuel]]<br />[[Merry Titanium]]<br />[[Merry Wood]]<br />[[Merry Wood 1000]]
| [[Christmas Box]]<br />[[Flying Santa]]
| {{date|2016|1|13}}
| [[Joyful Class 19.10]]<br />[[Joyful Class 128]]
| [[Joyful 1st Class]]<br />[[Joyful 2nd Class]]<br />[[Joyful Mail]]<br />[[Joyful Wishes]]<br />[[Joyful Feast]]
| [[Christmas Courthouse]]
| {{date|2016|1|10}}
| [[PRR Valiant]]<br />[[GP38 Vanguard]]<br />[[KLW Vanguard]]
| [[Vanguard Steel]]<br />[[Vanguard Silicon]]<br />[[Vanguard Gravel]]<br />[[Vanguard Glass]]
| [[Terraced Tower]]
| {{date|2016|1|6}}
| [[Aether Double]]<br />[[Aether]]
| [[Aether 1st Class]]<br />[[Aether 2nd Class]]<br />[[Aether VIP]]<br />[[Aether Restaurant]]<br />[[Aether Mail]]
| [[Legislative Seat]]
| {{date|2016|1|3}}
| [[Vossloh Logitren]]<br />[[Euro Logitren]]
| [[Logitren Carbon]]<br />[[Logitren Nails]]<br />[[Logitren U-235]]<br />[[Logitren Marble]]
| [[Old Iron Factory]]<br />[[Industrial Chimney]]
| {{date|2015|12|30}}
| [[Alstom Jazz]]<br/>[[Trenitalia Jazz]]
| [[Jazz 1st Class]]<br/>[[Jazz 2nd Class]]<br/>[[Jazz Express Mail]]<br/>[[Jazz Tail]]
| [[:Category:Extensions#Storage|Bonus Storage +200]]<br/>[[Music Factory]]
| {{date|2015|12|27}}
| [[WDG4 Prateek]]<br />[[IR Prateek]]
| [[Prateek Fuel]]<br />[[Prateek Plastics]]<br />[[Prateek Bricks]]<br />[[Prateek Cement]]
| [[Steel Mill]]<br />[[Foundry (SO)]]
| {{date|2015|12|23}}
| [[ITX Saemaul]]<br />[[Korail Saemaul]]
| [[Saemaul 1st Class]]<br />[[Saemaul 2nd Class]]<br />[[Saemaul VIP]]<br />[[Saemaul Tail]]
| [[Expo Hall]]<br />[[Unification Monument]]
| {{date|2015|12|20}}
| [[Fastech Breeze]]<br />[[Fastech Verdant]]
| [[Breeze 1st Class]]<br />[[Breeze 2nd Class]]<br />[[Breeze VIP]]<br />[[Breeze Tail]]
| [[Gift HQ]]<br />[[Spring Apartment]]
| {{date|2015|12|16}}
| [[Dies]]<br />[[Nox]]
| [[Dies Fuel]]<br />[[Nox U-235]]<br />[[Dies Bricks]]<br />[[Nox Nails]]<br />[[Dies Plastics]]<br />[[Nox Carbon]]<br />[[Dies Cement]]<br />[[Nox Marble]]<br />[[Dies Tail]]<br />[[Nox Tail]]
| {{date|2015|12|13}}
| [[Coradia Sovereign]]<br />[[Alstom Sovereign]]
| [[Sovereign 1st Class]]<br />[[Sovereign 2nd Class]]<br />[[Sovereign VIP]]<br />[[Sovereign Tail]]
| [[Amalienborg Palace]]<br />[[Monarch's Carriage]]
| {{date|2015|12|9}}
| [[GT1-001 Lush]]<br />[[RZD Lush]]
| [[Lush Silicon]]<br />[[Lush Wood]]<br />[[Lush Glass]]<br />[[Lush Carbon]]
| [[Namaste Tower]]<br />[[Leafy Dwelling]]
| {{date|2015|12|6}}
| [[RegioPanter]]<br />[[RegioPanter 7EV]]
| [[RegioPanter Premium]]<br />[[RegioPanter Standard]]<br />[[RegioPanter Connect]]<br />[[RegioPanter Tail]]<br />[[RegioPanter Mail]]
| [[National Museum]]
| {{date|2015|12|2}}
| [[GE Dash Pilbara]]<br />[[9-44CW Pilbara]]
| [[Pilbara Cement]]<br />[[Pilbara Wires]]<br />[[Pilbara Nails]]<br />[[Pilbara Bricks]]<br />[[Mining Raptor]]
| [[Mining Truck]]
| {{date|2015|11|29}}
| [[Commonwealth 373]]<br />[[Commonwealth E300]]
| [[Commonwealth 1st cl.]]<br />[[Commonwealth 2nd cl.]]<br />[[Commonwealth VIP]]<br />[[Commonwealth Tail]]
| [[Marlborough House]]<br />[[CW Monument]]
| {{date|2015|11|25}}
| [[CW NSW 90]]<br />[[CW GE 8-40C]]
| [[CW Wires]]<br />[[CW Titanium]]<br />[[CW Wood]]<br />[[CW Rubber]]
| [[Energy Centre]]<br />[[Solar Concentrator]]
| {{date|2015|11|22}}
| [[Zefiro NTV]]<br />[[Zefiro NTV 340]]
| [[NTV 1st Class]]<br />[[NTV 2nd Class]]<br />[[NTV Connect]]<br />[[NTV Tail]]
| [[Research Center]]<br />[[:Category:Extensions#International Slots|Bonus International Slot]]
| {{date|2015|11|19}}
| [[BR 37 LoadHaul]]<br />[[Class 37 LoadHaul]]
| [[LoadHaul Silicon]]<br />[[LoadHaul Uranium]]<br />[[LoadHaul Glass]]<br />[[LoadHaul Gravel]]
| [[Ye Olde Tavern]]<br />[[Jaguar]]
| {{date|2015|11|15}}
| [[AGV Grande]]<br />[[AGV Vitesse]]
| [[AGV 1st Class]]<br />[[AGV 2nd Class]]<br />[[AGV Connect]]<br />[[AGV Tail]]<br />[[AGV Versatile]]
| [[Petit Château]]
| {{date|2015|11|11}}
| [[PH37ACmi OWU]]<br />[[PowerHaul OWU]]
| [[OWU Rubber]]<br />[[OWU Carbon]]<br />[[OWU Gravel]]<br />[[OWU Glass]]
| [[Power Station]]<br />[[Vending Machines]]
| {{date|2015|11|08}}
| [[ICx]]<br />[[ICx Light]]
| [[ICx 1st Class]]<br />[[ICx 2nd Class]]<br />[[ICx VIP]]<br />[[ICx Connect]]<br />[[ICx Tail]]
| [[Automobile Museum]]
| {{date|2015|11|4}}
| [[ADtranz OHE Quad]]<br />[[ADtranz OHE Triple]]
| [[OHE Nails]]<br />[[OHE Steel]]<br />[[OHE Marble]]<br />[[OHE Bricks]]
| [[Alpine Observatory]]<br />[[Winter Veil]]
| {{date|2015|11|1}}
| [[Zombie]]<br />[[Ghoul]]
| [[Zombie 1st Class]]<br />[[Zombie 2nd Class]]<br />[[Zombie VIZ]]<br />[[Zombie Tail]]
| [[Witch's Hut]] [[File:Logo Pumpkin.png|20px]]<br />[[:Category:Extensions#Storage|Bonus Storage +200]] [[File:Logo Pumpkin.png|20px]]
| {{date|2015|10|28}}
| [[Halloween Fright]]<br />[[Halloween Night]]
| [[Halloween Pumpkins]]<br />[[Halloween Masks]]<br />[[Halloween Potion]]<br />[[Halloween Coffins]]
| [[Horror Station]] [[File:Logo Pumpkin.png|20px]]<br />[[Flying Witch]] [[File:Logo Pumpkin.png|20px]]
| {{date|2015|10|25}}
| [[Norrtag X62]]<br />[[Lirex X62]]
| [[X62 1st Class]]<br />[[X62 2nd Class]]<br />[[X62 Priority Mail]]<br />[[X62 Mail]]<br />[[X62 Tail]]
| [[Helsinki Station]]
| {{date|2015|10|21}}
| [[GE Gridiron Quad]]<br />[[GE Gridiron Double]]
| [[Gridiron Wood]]<br />[[Gridiron Silicon]]<br />[[Gridiron Carbon]]<br />[[Gridiron Wires]]
| [[Glendale Stadium]]<br />[[Jerry Rice Statue]]
| {{date|2015|10|18}}
| [[Elyseus]]
| [[Elyseus 1st Class]]<br />[[Elyseus 2nd Class]]<br />[[Elyseus Scenic]]<br />[[Elyseus Versatile]]<br />[[Elyseus Tail]]
| [[Renovated Station]]<br />[[Derelict Station]]
| {{date|2015|10|14}}
| [[Renfe HS Quad]]<br />[[Renfe HS Double]]
| [[Renfe Fuel]]<br />[[Renfe Marble]]<br />[[Renfe Plastics]]<br />[[Renfe Cement]]
| [[Petroleum Refinery]]<br />[[Tanker Truck]]
| {{date|2015|10|11}}
| [[Nankai Happy]]<br />[[Nankai Gundam]]<br />[[Nankai Rapi:t]]
| [[Happy 1st Class]]<br />[[Happy 2nd Class]]<br />[[Happy Tail]]<br />[[Gundam 1st Class]]<br />[[Gundam 2nd Class]]<br />[[Gundam Tail]]<br />[[Rapi:t 1st Class]]<br />[[Rapi:t 2nd Class]]<br />[[Rapi:t Tail]]
| {{date|2015|10|7}}
| [[EMD SD45]]<br />[[GM SD45]]
| [[SD45 Bricks]]<br />[[SD45 Titanium]]<br />[[SD45 Steel]]<br />[[SD45 Cement]]
| [[Globe Arena]]<br />[[Unisphere]]
| {{date|2015|10|4}}
| [[Bombardier Talent 2]]<br />[[Talbot Talent 2]]
| [[Talent 2nd Class]]<br />[[Talent 1st Class]]<br />[[Talent Tail]]<br />[[Talent VIP]]<br />[[Talent Connect]]
| style="white-space:nowrap;" | [[Ecoprism Tower]]
| {{date|2015|9|30}}
| [[SD70ACe Caterpillar]]<br />[[EMD Caterpillar]]
| [[Caterpillar Rubber]]<br />[[Caterpillar Wires]]<br />[[Caterpillar Nails]]<br />[[Caterpillar U-235]]<br />[[Rail Dozer]]
| style="white-space:nowrap;" | [[Dreams Hotel]]
| {{date|2015|9|27}}
| [[Emperor]]<br />[[Emperor Class]]
| [[Emperor Gravel]]<br />[[Emperor Titanium]]<br />[[Emperor Rubber]]<br />[[Emperor Silicon]]
| style="white-space:nowrap;" | [[Ice Bar]]<br />[[Glacial Factory]]
| {{date|2015|9|23}}
| style="white-space:nowrap;" | [[Christmas Embrace]]<br />[[Christmas Charm]]
| style="white-space:nowrap;" | [[Embrace 1st Class]]<br />[[Embrace 2nd Class]]<br />[[Embrace Connect]]<br />[[Embrace Tail]]
| style="white-space:nowrap;" | [[Purity]]<br />[[Countryside Church]]
| {{date|2015|9|20}}
| style="white-space:nowrap;" | [[Frostwind]]<br />[[Chillwind]]
| style="white-space:nowrap;" | [[Frostwind Marble]]<br />[[Frostwind Wood]]<br />[[Frostwind Bricks]]<br />[[Frostwind Wires]]
| style="white-space:nowrap;" | [[:Category:Extensions#Train Slots|Bonus Train Slot]]<br />[[Snow Blower]]
| {{date|2015|9|16}}
| style="white-space:nowrap;" | [[Winter Queen]]<br />[[Winter Regent]]
| style="white-space:nowrap;" | [[Winter 1st Class]]<br />[[Winter 2nd Class]]<br />[[Winter VIP]]<br />[[Winter Tail]]
| style="white-space:nowrap;" | [[Wintry Station]]<br />[[Christmas Market]]
| {{date|2015|9|13}}
| [[Icarus]]<br />[[Daedalus]]<br />[[NZ AM Class]]<br />[[EMD Anniversary]]
| [[Icarus Titanium]]<br />[[Icarus Steel]]<br />[[Icarus Wires]]<br />[[Daedalus 1st Class]]<br />[[Daedalus 2nd Class]]<br />[[Daedalus Tail]]<br />[[NZ 1st Class]]<br />[[NZ 2nd Class]]<br />[[NZ Tail]]<br />[[Anniversary Rubber]]<br />[[Anniversary Gravel]]<br />[[Anniversary Glass]]
| {{date|2015|9|9}}
| [[GG1 Thanksgiving]]<br />[[GG1 Gratefulness]]
| [[Thanksgiving Premium]]<br />[[Thanksgiving Economy]]<br />[[Thanksgiving Diner]]<br />[[Thanksgiving Multi]]
| [[Euromall]]<br />[[Home Sweet Home]]
| {{date|2015|9|6}}
| [[DLR NGT]]<br />[[DLR Next]]
| [[DLR Premium]]<br />[[DLR Business]]<br />[[DLR Connect]]<br />[[DLR Tail]]
| [[Dresden Central]]<br />[[Fountain Park]]
| {{date|2015|9|2}}
| [[GP40-2LW Rutland]]<br />[[GP40-2LW Vermont]]
| [[Rutland Fuel]]<br />[[Rutland Silicon]]<br />[[Rutland Cement]]<br />[[Rutland Plastics]]
| [[Large Refinery]]<br />[[Engine Factory]]
| {{date|day=30|month=08|year=2015}}
| [[Eurostar E320]]<br />[[Eurostar Velaro]]
| [[Eurostar Deluxe]]<br />[[Eurostar Standard]]<br />[[Eurostar Connect]]<br />[[Eurostar Tail]]
| [[St. Pancras Station]]<br />[[Eurostar Monument]]
| {{date|2015|8|26}}
| [[GE Evolution T4]]<br />[[GE Evolution]]
| [[Evolution Steel]]<br />[[Evolution Marble]]<br />[[Evolution Bricks]]<br />[[Evolution Titanium]]
| [[Eco Pulse]]<br />[[:Category:Extensions#International Slots|Bonus International Slot]]
| {{date|2015|8|23}}
| [[Via Scandinavia]]<br />[[Scandinavia 4000]]
| [[Scandinavia U-235]]<br />[[Scandinavia Wires]]<br />[[Scandinavia Cement]]<br />[[Scandinavia Nails]]
| [[Göteborg Tornet]]<br />[[Municipal Council]]
| {{date|2015|8|19}}
| [[Daedalus]]<br />[[Daedalus Vectron]]
| [[Daedalus 1st Class]]<br />[[Daedalus 2nd Class]]<br />[[Daedalus VIP]]<br />[[Daedalus Tail]]<br />[[Daedalus Mail]]
| [[Visionary Tower]]
| {{date|2015|8|16}}
| [[NZ AM Class]]<br />[[NZ AM Auckland]]
| [[NZ 1st Class]]<br />[[NZ 2nd Class]]<br />[[NZ Connect]]<br />[[NZ Tail]]
| [[UN Office]]<br />[[UN Statue]]
| {{date|2015|8|12}}
| [[BR60 United Kingdom]]<br />[[BR60 Great Britain]]
| [[England Plastics]]<br />[[Wales Bricks]]<br />[[Scotland Nails]]<br />[[N. Ireland Wood]]
| {{date|2015|8|9}}
| [[Gautrain Electrostar]]<br />[[Gautrain Rapid]]
| [[Gautrain 1st Class]]<br />[[Gautrain 2nd Class]]<br />[[Gautrain Tail]]<br />[[Gautrain VIP]]
| {{date|2015|8|5}}
| [[Diamondback]]<br />[[ŽSR 755 Diamondback]]
| [[Diamondback Plastics]]<br />[[Diamondback Marble]]<br />[[Diamondback Uranium]]<br />[[Diamondback Glass]]
| {{date|2015|8|2}}
| [[ICE 3 Germania]]<br />[[ICE 3 Teuton]]
| [[Germania 1st Class]]<br />[[Germania 2nd Class]]<br />[[Germania Connect]]<br />[[Germania Tail]]
| {{date|2015|7|29}}
| [[GP38AC USA]]<br />[[GP38AC Eagle]]
| [[US Wood]]<br />[[US Fuel]]<br />[[US Carbon]]<br />[[US Gravel]]
| {{date|2015|7|26}}
| [[TGV Lyria]]<br />[[TGV 4413]]
| [[Lyria 1st Class]]<br />[[Lyria 2nd Class]]<br />[[Lyria Tail]]
| [[Futuroscope]]
| {{date|2015|7|22}}
| [[Rumo AC44i]]<br />[[Rumo 9810]]
| [[Rumo Titanium]]<br />[[Rumo Plastics]]<br />[[Rumo Steel]]<br />[[Rumo Wires]]
| {{date|2015|7|19}}
| [[Newag Impuls]]<br />[[Impuls 31WE]]
| [[Impuls 1st Class]]<br />[[Impuls 2nd Class]]<br />[[Impuls Connect]]<br />[[Impuls Tail]]
| {{date|2015|7|15}}
| [[BNSF RLM]]<br />[[SD70 RLM]]
| [[RLM Marble]]<br />[[RLM Silicon]]<br />[[RLM Bricks]]<br />[[RLM Steel]]
| {{date|2015|7|12}}
|[[Shinkansen Tsubame]]<br />[[Shinkansen 800]]
|[[Tsubame 1st Class]]<br />[[Tsubame 2nd Class]]<br />[[Tsubame Tail]]
|[[Jeju Towers]]
| {{date|2015|7|08}}
|[[BRM 001 Quad]]
|[[BRM Glass]]<br />[[BRM Wires]]<br />[[BRM Uranium]]<br />[[BRM Plastics]]
|[[:Category:Extensions#Train Slots|Bonus Train Slot]]
| {{date|2015|7|05}}
| [[Veloce 660]]<br />[[Veloce 330]]
| [[Veloce 1st Class]]<br />[[Veloce 2nd Class]]<br />[[Veloce Mail]]<br />[[Veloce Tail]]
| {{date|2015|7|01}}
| [[Icarus]]<br />[[Baldwin Icarus]]
| [[Icarus Titanium]]<br />[[Icarus Wires]]<br />[[Icarus Steel]]<br />[[Icarus Nails]]
| {{date|2015|6|28}}
| [[Coradia Liner V200]]<br />[[Alstom Liner V200]]
| [[V200 Executive]]<br />[[V200 VIP]]<br />[[V200 Standard]]<br />[[V200 Tail]]
| {{date|2015|6|24}}
| [[IGT 246 Quad]]<br />[[IGT 246 Double]]
| [[IGT Fuel]]<br />[[IGT Cement]]<br />[[IGT Rubber]]<br />[[IGT Nails]]
| {{date|2015|6|21}}
| [[Voyager]]<br />[[Voyager 220]]
| [[Marco Polo]]<br />[[James Cook]]<br />[[Ferdinand Magellan (2014)|Ferdinand Magellan]]
| [[Barcelona Tower]]
| {{date|2015|6|17}}
| [[EMD Ferromex Quad]]<br />[[EMD Ferromex Double]]
| [[Ferromex U-235]]<br />[[Ferromex Marble]]<br />[[Ferromex Rubber]]<br />[[Ferromex Cement]]
| {{date|2015|6|14}}
| [[GySEV Flirt]]<br />[[GySEV 415]]
| [[GySEV 1st Class]]<br />[[GySEV Connect]]<br />[[GySEV 2nd Class]]<br />[[GySEV Tail]]
| {{date|2015|6|10}}
| [[Victorian Seventh]]<br />[[C Class Seventh]]
| [[Seventh Gravel]]<br />[[Seventh Carbon]]<br />[[Seventh Glass]]
| [[Birthday Box]]
| {{date|2015|6|7}}
|[[THSR Septenary]]<br />[[700T Septenary]]
| [[Septenary Premium]]<br />[[Septenary Mail]]<br />[[Septenary Standard]]<br />[[Septenary Tail]]
| {{date|2015|6|03}}
|[[Euro Colossus Quad]]<br />[[Euro Colossus Double]]
| [[Colossus Silicon]]<br />[[Colossus Nails]]<br />[[Colossus Titanium]]<br />[[Colossus Bricks]]
| {{date|2015|5|31}}
| [[Photon 1st Class]]<br />[[Photon VIP]]<br />[[Photon Versatile]]<br />[[Photon 2nd Class]]<br />[[Photon Tail]]
| {{date|2015|5|27}}
|[[PH37ACi Quad]]<br />[[PH37ACi Double]]
| [[PH37ACi Plastics]]<br />[[PH37ACi Gravel]]<br />[[PH37ACi Wood]]
|[[:Category:Extensions#Storage|Bonus Storage]]
| {{date|2015|5|24}}
|[[Thalys Francia]]<br />[[PBA Francia]]
| [[Francia 1st Class]]<br />[[Francia 2nd Class]]<br />[[Francia Tail]]
|[[Gare de l'Est]]
| {{date|2015|5|20}}
|[[BR70 Colas Quad]]<br />[[BR70 Colas Double]]
| [[Colas Wood]]<br />[[Colas U-235]]<br />[[Colas Fuel]]<br />[[Colas Steel]]
| {{date|2015|5|17}}
|[[Talgo Pato]]<br />[[Talgo S-102]]
| [[Talgo Economy]]<br />[[Talgo Premium]]<br />[[Talgo Tail]]
| {{date|2015|5|13}}
|[[Black]]<br />[[Vityaz Quad]]<br />[[Koncar 6112]]<br />[[SNCF Prima]]
| [[Black Glass]]<br />[[Black Rubber]]<br />[[Vityaz Nails]]<br />[[Vityaz Fuel]]<br />[[Koncar Tail]]<br />[[Koncar 1st Class]]<br />[[Prima Plastics]]<br />[[Prima Bricks]]
| {{date|2015|5|10}}
|[[Super Kamui]]<br />[[Super Kamui JNR]]
| [[Kamui Mail]]<br />[[Kamui Tail]]<br />[[Kamui 1st Class]]<br />[[Kamui 2nd Class]]
| {{date|2015|5|6}}
|[[Puncheur Triple]]<br />[[Puncheur Double]]
| [[Puncheur Bricks]]<br />[[Puncheur Steel]]<br />[[Puncheur Carbon]]<br />[[Puncheur Wires]]
| {{date|2015|5|3}}
|[[GG1 Freedom]]<br />[[ALCO Freedom]]
| [[Roosevelt]]<br />[[Truman]]<br />[[Wilson]]
|[[The White House]]
| {{date|2015|4|29}}
|[[Nighthawk]]<br />[[ML 4000 Nighthawk]]
| [[Nighthawk Bricks]]<br />[[Nighthawk Silicon]]<br />[[Nighthawk Cement]]<br />[[Nighthawk Wood]]
| {{date|2015|4|26}}
|[[MTR Stockholm]]<br />[[MTR Gothenburg]]
| [[MTR 1st Class]]<br />[[MTR 2nd Class]]<br />[[MTR Tail]]
|[[Hoboken Office]]
| {{date|2015|4|22}}
|[[CIE 181 Quad]]<br />[[CIE 181 Double]]
| [[CIE Titanium]]<br />[[CIE Glass]]<br />[[CIE U-235]]<br />[[CIE Silicon]]
| {{date|2015|4|19}}
|[[BR Class 800]]<br />[[BR Class 800 SE]]
| [[Peterborough]]<br />[[York]]<br />[[Hull]]<br />[[Newcastle]]
| {{date|2015|4|15}}
|[[ER20 IntEgro Quad]]<br />[[ER20 IntEgro Double]]
| [[IntEgro Marble]]<br />[[IntEgro Cement]]<br />[[IntEgro Plastics]]<br />[[IntEgro Rubber]]
| {{date|2015|4|12}}
| [[Kawasaki efSET]]<br />[[Keisei Chiba]]
| [[Nobuto]]<br />[[Makuhari]]<br />[[Inage]]<br />[[Nishi]]
| {{date|2015|4|8}}
| [[GE T4 World Cup]]
| [[World Cup Fuel]]<br />[[World Cup Wires]]<br />[[World Cup Steel]]<br />[[World Cup Gravel]]
|[[Sporting Goods]]
| {{date|2015|4|5}}
| [[Koncar 6112]]<br />[[HZ 6112]]
| [[Koncar Connect]]<br />[[Koncar 1st Class]]<br />[[Koncar 2nd Class]]<br />[[Koncar Tail]]
| {{date|2015|4|1}}
| [[Erie SD70 Quad]]<br />[[Erie SD70 Double]]
| [[Erie Rubber]]<br />[[Erie Gravel]]<br />[[Erie Nails]]<br />[[Erie Marble]]
| {{date|2015|3|29}}
| [[Cobra]]
| [[Cobra 1st Class (maglev)|Cobra 1st Class]]<br />[[Cobra 2nd Class (maglev)|Cobra 2nd Class]]<br />[[Cobra Versatile]]<br />[[Cobra Mail]]<br />[[Cobra Tail]]
| {{date|2015|3|25}}
| [[UKLight]]
| [[UKLight Carbon]]<br />[[UKLight Uranium]]<br />[[UKLight Titanium]]<br />[[UKLight Glass]]
| [[:Category:Extensions#Train Slots|Bonus Train Slot]]
| {{date|2015|3|22}}
| [[ED250]]<br />[[ED250 InterCity]]
| [[ED250 1st Class]]<br />[[ED250 Mail]]<br />[[ED250 2nd Class]]<br />[[ED250 Tail]]
| {{date|2015|3|18}}
| [[Rickenbacker Turbo]]<br />[[Rickenbacker]]
| [[Rickenbacker Steel]]<br />[[Rickenbacker Wood]]<br />[[Rickenbacker Cement]]<br />[[Rickenbacker Glass]]
| {{date|2015|3|15}}
| [[Black]]<br />[[PL42AC Black]]
| [[Black Marble]]<br />[[Black Glass]]<br />[[Black Rubber]]<br />[[Black Gravel]]
| {{date|2015|3|11}}
| [[NS Maritime]]<br />[[BR Maritime]]
| [[Maritime 1st Class]]<br />[[Maritime 2nd Class]]<br />[[Yacht]]<br />[[Submarine]]
| {{date|2015|3|8}}
| [[QGRY 801 Quad]]<br />[[QGRY 801 Triple]]
| [[QGRY Nails]]<br />[[QGRY Silicon]]<br />[[QGRY Fuel]]<br />[[QGRY Carbon]]
| {{date|2015|3|4}}
| [[TGV 140]]<br />[[TGV 140 325]]
| [[TGV 140 1st Class]]<br />[[TGV 140 2nd Class]]<br />[[TGV 140 VIP]]<br />[[TGV 140 Tail]]
| {{date|2015|3|1}}
| [[Stadler Flirt]]
| [[Stadler 1st Class]]<br />[[Stadler 2nd Class]]<br />[[Stadler Connect]]<br />[[Stadler Tail]]
| [[Prague Main Station]]
| {{date|2015|2|25}}
| [[SNCF Prima]]<br />[[SNCF DE30BAC]]
| [[Prima Titanium]]<br />[[Prima Wires]]<br />[[Prima Plastics]]<br />[[Prima Bricks]]
| {{date|2015|2|22}}
| [[Softronic Hyperion]]<br />[[MMV Hyperion]]
| [[Bucharest]]<br />[[Timisoara]]<br />[[Cluj-Napoca]]<br />[[Iasi]]
| {{date|2015|2|18}}
| [[Captrain 66 Quad]]<br />[[Captrain 66 Triple]]
| [[Captrain Gravel]]<br />[[Captrain Wood]]<br />[[Captrain Rubber]]
| [[:Category:Extensions#International Slots|Bonus International Slot]]
| {{date|2015|2|15}}
| [[Springtime]]<br />[[Springtime Dew]]
| [[Springtime 1st Class]]<br />[[Springtime VIP]]<br />[[Springtime 2nd Class]]<br />[[Springtime Tail]]
| {{date|2015|2|11}}
| [[Essence of Easter]]<br />[[Spirit of Easter]]<br />[[Heart of Easter]]
| [[Easter Wires]]<br />[[Easter Glass]]<br />[[Easter Uranium]]<br />[[Easter 1st Class]]<br />[[Easter 2nd Class]]<br />[[Easter Tail]]<br />[[Easter Coach]]<br />[[Easter Wishes]]
| {{date|2015|2|8}}
| [[Civia]]<br />[[Civia Naranja]]
| [[Civia VIP]]<br />[[Civia 1st Class]]<br />[[Civia 2nd Class]]<br />[[Civia Tail]]
| {{date|2015|2|4}}
| [[Vossloh Chief Quad]]<br />[[Vossloh Chief Triple]]
| [[Chief Cement]]<br />[[Chief Bricks]]<br />[[Chief Silicon]]<br />[[Chief Steel]]
| {{date|2015|2|1}}
| [[ED4M Russia]]
| [[Moscow]]<br />[[ED4M Connect]]<br />[[Saint Petersburg]]<br />[[Krasnodar]]
| [[Lomonosov University]]
| {{date|2015|1|28}}
| [[Vityaz Quad]]<br />[[Vityaz Double]]
| [[Vityaz Carbon]]<br />[[Vityaz Fuel]]<br />[[Vityaz Nails]]<br />[[Vityaz Marble]]
| {{date|2015|1|25}}
| [[Desiro DB]]<br />[[Desiro OBB]]
| [[Desiro Business]]<br />[[Desiro Standard]]<br />[[Desiro Connect]]<br />[[Desiro Tail]]
| {{date|day=21|month=1|year=2015}}
| [[SD70 Blue Bullet]]<br />[[SD60E Black Bullet]]
| [[Bullet Steel]]<br />[[Bullet Nails]]<br />[[Bullet Marble]]
| [[Norfolk Tower]]
| {{date|day=18|month=1|year=2015}}
| [[BGC Bleu]]<br />[[BGC Rouge]]
| [[BGC Bar Coach]]<br />[[BGC 1st Class]]<br />[[BGC 2nd Class]]<br />[[BGC Tail]]
| {{date|day=14|month=1|year=2015}}
| [[Cyborg]]<br />[[Cyber Boss]]
| [[Cyborg Cement]]<br />[[Cyborg Silicon]]<br />[[Cyborg Plastics]]<br />[[Cyborg Cement Tail]]
| {{date|day=11|month=1|year=2015}}
|[[Shinkansen E4 Tokyo]]<br />[[Shinkansen E1 Tokyo]]
|[[Shinjuku (Wagon)|Shinjuku]]<br />[[Otemachi]]<br />[[Ueno (Nagomi)|Ueno]]<br />[[Ryogoku]]
| {{date|day=7|month=1|year=2015}}
| [[Clover]]<br />[[Shamrock]]
| [[Shamrock Uranium]]<br />[[Shamrock Bricks]]<br />[[Shamrock Gravel]]
| [[:Category:Extensions#Train_Slots|Bonus Train Slot]] [[File:Logo Price.png|20px]]
| {{date|day=4|month=1|year=2015}}
| [[Maharaja]]<br />[[Maharani]]
| [[Deluxe Suite]]<br />[[Presidential Suite]]<br />[[Junior Suite]]
| [[Maharaja Landmark]]
| {{date|day=31|month=12|year=2014}}
| [[IORE Party]]<br />[[PRR T1 Party]]
| [[Party Invitations]]<br />[[Party VIP]]<br />[[Party Coach (Party Express)|Party Coach]]
|[[Big Ben Countdown]]
| {{date|day=28|month=12|year=2014}}
| [[Neos]]<br />[[SD70 ACe Neo]]
| [[Neos Fuel]]<br />[[Neos Titanium]]<br />[[Neos Marble]]<br />[[Neos Fuel Tail]]
|[[Xmas Cheer]] [[File:Logo Christmas.png|20px]]<br />[[Xmas Joy]] [[File:Logo Christmas.png|20px]]
|[[Xmas Energy]] [[File:Logo Christmas.png|20px]]<br />[[Xmas Pebbles]] [[File:Logo Christmas.png|20px]]<br />[[Xmas Shards]] [[File:Logo Christmas.png|20px]]
|[[Santa's Box]] [[File:Logo Christmas.png|20px]]
|[[Bliss]] [[File:Logo Christmas.png|20px]]<br />[[Dazzling Miracle]]  [[File:Logo Christmas.png|20px]]<br />[[Dazzling Marvel]][[File:Logo Christmas.png|20px]]<br />[[Dazzling Shine]][[File:Logo Christmas.png|20px]]
|[[Bliss Coach]]  [[File:Logo Christmas.png|20px]]<br />[[Bliss Tail]][[File:Logo Christmas.png|20px]]<br />[[Dazzling Coach]][[File:Logo Christmas.png|20px]]<br />[[Dazzling Mail]][[File:Logo Christmas.png|20px]]<br />[[Dazzling Sleds]][[File:Logo Christmas.png|20px]]<br />[[Dazzling Lights]][[File:Logo Christmas.png|20px]]<br />[[Dazzling Technology]][[File:Logo Christmas.png|20px]]<br />[[Dazzling Sleigh]][[File:Logo Christmas.png|20px]]
|[[Grand Tourer]]<br />[[Grand Racer]]
|[[Grand Tires]]<br />[[Grand Windshields]]<br />[[Grand Racing Parts]]<br />[[Grand Standard Parts]]
|[[Shanghai Transrapid]]
|[[Transrapid VIP]]<br />[[Transrapid 1st Class]]<br />[[Transrapid 2nd Class]]<br />[[Transrapid Tail]]
|[[Maglev Station]]
|[[Elite 390]]<br />[[Top 390]]
|[[Elite 1st Class]]<br />[[Elite 2nd Class]]<br />[[Elite Tail]]
|[[Gift of Prometheus]]
|[[Striker]]<br />[[Opponent]]
|[[Stadium Equipment]]<br />[[Ice Hockey Sticks]]<br />[[Stadium Frames]]<br />[[Plexiglass]]
|[[Patriot Triple]]<br />[[Patriot Quad]]
|[[Patriot Bricks]]<br />[[Patriot Nails]]<br />[[Patriot Glass]]<br />[[Patriot Cement]]
|[[Supreme Rival]]<br />[[Supreme Athlete]]
|[[Supreme Skiing]]<br />[[Supreme Ice Hockey]]<br />[[Supreme Snowboarding]]<br />[[Supreme Figure Skating]]
|[[Cargo Sprinter]]
|[[Sprinter Cement]]<br />[[Sprinter Titanium]]<br />[[Sprinter Gravel Tail]]<br />[[Sprinter Rubber]]<br />[[Sprinter Wood]]
|[[Winter Challenger]]
|[[Challenger VIP]]<br />[[Challenger 1st Class]]<br />[[Challenger 2nd Class]]<br />[[Challenger Tail]]
|[[Winter Sports Dome]]
|[[Champion]]<br />[[GP60 Champion]]
|[[Champion Wires]]<br />[[Champion Uranium]]<br />[[Champion Carbon]]<br />[[Champion Steel]]
|[[China Star DJJ2]]
|[[DJJ2 Premier]]<br />[[DJJ2 VIP]]<br />[[DJJ2 Standard]]<br />[[DJJ2 Tail]]
|[[Shenyang Stadium]]
|[[WAGR X Quad]]<br />[[WAGR X Triple]]
|[[WAGR Turbo Gravel]]<br />[[WAGR Turbo Plastics]]<br />[[WAGR Turbo U-235]]
|[[Kangaroo Statue]]
|[[NGT Skyline]]<br />[[NGT CityPearl]]
|[[Skyline VIP]]<br />[[Skyline Business]]<br />[[Skyline Economy]]<br />[[Skyline Tail]]
|[[9-44CW Brute]]
|[[Brute Turbo Marble]]<br />[[Brute Turbo Carbon]]<br />[[Brute Turbo Fuel]]<br />[[Brute Rubber]]<br />[[Brute Fuel]]
|[[Bloody Mary]]<br />[[Nightmare]]
|[[Grim Carriage]] [[File:Logo Pumpkin.png|20px]]<br />[[Apparition]]<br />[[Spirit]]
|[[Haunted Castle]]  [[File:Logo Pumpkin.png|20px]]
|[[Green Witch]]<br />[[Ghost]]<br />[[Horror]]
|[[Ghost Cement]]<br />[[Ghost Marble]]<br />[[Ghost Wood]]
|[[ES64U Snowplow]]<br />[[UP GTEL Snowplow]]
|[[Chairlift Masts]]<br />[[Cable Car Carrier]]<br />[[Chairlift Carrier]]<br />[[Chairlift Cables]]
|[[BR 52 Goldie]]<br />[[DSB ME Goldie]]<br />[[DB 240 Goldie]]<br />[[EMD GP50 Goldie]]
|[[Golden Skyscraper]]<br />[[Sixty-Three]]
|[[SNCF Francilien]]<br />[[SNCF X 72500]]
|[[Francilien VIP]]<br />[[Francilien Business]]<br />[[Francilien Economy]]<br />[[Francilien Tail]]
|[[Vossloh G2000BB NG]]<br />[[Vossloh G2000BB BLK]]
|[[Vossloh Bricks]]<br />[[Vossloh Nails]]<br />[[Vossloh Titanium]]
|[[DB 103 Quad]]<br />[[DB 103 Triple]]
|[[DB 103 Sleeper]]<br />[[DB 103 Business]]<br />[[DB 103 Restaurant]]<br />[[DB 103 Economy]]
|[[Acciona 333 Quad]]<br />[[Acciona 333 Triple]]
|[[Acciona Glass]]<br />[[Acciona Marble]]<br />[[Acciona Cement]]<br />[[Acciona Silicon]]
|[[European Bull Quad]]<br />[[European Bull Triple]]
|[[European Bricks]]<br />[[European Plastics]]<br />[[European Fuel]]
|[[Aged Brick Flatcar]]
|[[Zeno]]<br />[[DB V320 Quad]]<br />[[Sm6 Allegro]]<br />[[Tough Boy]]
|[[Zeno Bricks Tail]]<br />[[Zeno Rubber]]<br />[[V320 Uranium]]<br />[[V320 Steel]]<br />[[Allegro Tail]]<br />[[Allegro 2nd Class]]<br />[[Tough Boy 1st Class]]<br />[[Tough Boy Gravel]]
|[[Acela Thanksgiving]]<br />[[ACS 64 Harvest]]
|[[Home]]<br />[[Pilgrim]]<br />[[Turkeys]]<br />[[Squashes]]
|[[DB 202 003 Quad]]
|[[DB 202 Wires]]<br />[[DB 202 Gravel]]<br />[[DB 202 Rubber]]<br />[[DB 202 Uranium]]
|[[:Category:Extensions#Train Slots|Bonus Train Slot]]
|[[Hokuriku Shinkansen]]
|[[Hokuriku VIP]]<br />[[Hokuriku Mail]]<br />[[Hokuriku 1st Class]]<br />[[Hokuriku 2nd Class]]<br />[[Hokuriku Tail]]
|[[BR Class 70 Quad]]<br />[[Argo]]
|[[Argo Silicon]]<br />[[Argo Wood]]<br />[[Argo Nails]]<br />[[Argo Tail]]
|[[ES44 Keystone]]<br />[[ES44 Pennsylvania]]
|[[Pennsylvania Steel]]<br />[[Pennsylvania Oil]]<br />[[Pennsylvania Titanium]]
|[[The Bill's Statue]]
|[[Yu-e 001 Pioneer]]<br />[[Yu-e 001 Inventor]]
|[[Inventor's Vision]]<br />[[Inventor's Idea]]<br />[[Inventor's Dedication]]
|[[Tesla Tower]]
|[[ETR 600 Pendolino]]<br />[[ETR 600 Italia]]
|[[ETR 600 VIP]]<br />[[ETR 600 1st Class]]<br />[[ETR 600 2nd Class]]<br />[[ETR 600 Tail]]
|[[UP GTEL 8500 Turbo]]<br />[[UP GTEL 8500]]
|[[GTEL 8500 Plastics]]<br />[[GTEL 8500 Carbon]]<br />[[GTEL 8500 Glass]]
|[[Pixel Pacific]]
|[[TS Revelry]]<br />[[TS Jubilee Quad]]<br />[[TS Birthday Quad]]<br />[[TS Party]]
|[[Revelry Exclusive]]<br />[[Revelry Tail]]<br />[[Jubilee Glass]]<br />[[Jubilee Bricks]]<br />[[Birthday Fuel]]<br />[[Birthday Steel]]<br />[[Party Coach (3rd TS Party)|Party Coach]]<br />[[Party Tail]]
|[[DXB Quad]]<br />[[DXB Triple]]
|[[DXB Rubber]]<br />[[DXB Uranium]]<br />[[DXB Wires]]<br />[[DXB Nails]]
|[[Tough Boy]]
|[[Tough Boy 1st Class]]<br />[[Tough Boy 2nd Class]]<br />[[Tough Boy Gravel]]<br />[[Tough Boy Marble]]<br />[[Tough Boy Nails]]
|[[Zeno]]<br />[[Eurolight Quad]]
|[[Zeno Bricks]]<br />[[Zeno Plastics]]<br />[[Zeno Rubber]]<br />[[Zeno Bricks Tail]]
|[[HXD1D Rail Mail]]
|[[Rail Mail 1st Class]]<br />[[Mail Priority]]<br />[[Mail Domestic]]<br />[[Rail Mail 2nd Class]]
|[[EMD SD39 Cosmos]]
|[[Cosmos UFO]]<br />[[Cosmos Voyager]]<br />[[Cosmos Silicon]]<br />[[Cosmos Carbon]]<br />[[Cosmos Titanium]]
|[[DB 406 Deutschland]]<br />[[DB 406 Unity]]
|[[Deutschland Premier]]<br />[[Deutschland VIP]]<br />[[Deutschland Standard]]<br />[[Deutschland Tail]]
|[[Vossloh Lager Quad]]<br />[[Vossloh Lager Triple]]
|[[Lager Wood]]<br />[[Lager Glass]]<br />[[Lager Steel]]
|3 Aug 2014
|[[M-420 Logger]]<br />[[ES64U Forester]]
|[[Logger Fuel]]<br />[[Logger Wood]]<br />[[Grapple Dozer]]<br />[[Grapple Loader]]
|30 Jul 2014
|[[Serpent]]<br />[[Presidential Quad]]
|[[Serpent Cement]]<br />[[Serpent Gravel]]<br />[[Serpent Glass]]<br />[[Serpent Tail]]
|27 Jul 2014
|[[GNER White Rose]]<br />[[GNER Yellow Rose]]
|[[Rose London]]<br />[[Rose VIP]]<br />[[Rose York]]<br />[[Rose Tail]]
|23 Jul 2014
|[[DB V320 Quad]]
|[[V320 Marble]]<br />[[V320 Uranium]]<br />[[V320 Cement]]<br />[[V320 Steel]]<br />[[V320 Titan]]
|20 Jul 2014
|[[Sm6 Allegro]]<br />[[Sm6 Forte]]
|[[Allegro 1st Class]]<br />[[Allegro 2nd Class]]<br />[[Allegro Restaurant]]<br />[[Allegro Tail]]
|16 Jul 2014
|[[SNCF 65000 Liberté]]<br />[[SNCF 65000 Égalité]]
|[[Liberté Bricks]]<br />[[Liberté Silicon]]<br />[[Liberté Plastics]]
|[[Arc de Triomphe]]
|13 Jul 2014
|[[GWR King Triple]]<br />[[GWR King Quad]]
|[[King Nails]]<br />[[King Glass]]<br />[[King Steel]]
|[[Rusty GWR King]]
|9 Jul 2014
|[[EMD F9A Laborer]]<br />[[EMD F9A Worker]]
|[[Laborer Fuel]]<br />[[Laborer Cement]]<br />[[Laborer Wires]]<br />[[Laborer Titanium]]
|[[Fyra V250]]<br />[[Fyra Albatross]]
|[[Fyra 1st Class]]<br />[[Fyra 2nd Class]]<br />[[Fyra Restaurant]]<br />[[Fyra Tail]]
|[[BR 37 Anglia Quad]]<br />[[BR 37 Anglia Triple]]
|[[Anglia Gravel]]<br />[[Anglia Carbon]]<br />[[Anglia Rubber]]<br />[[Anglia Marble]]
|[[Cargon]]<br />[[GP38-2 Sovereignty]]<br />[[DB Class 120 Quad]]<br />[[Erie RR L-1 Quad]]
|[[Cargon Tail]]<br />[[Cargon U-235]]<br />[[Heritage Bricks]]<br />[[Fuel Dominion]]<br />[[Golden Carriage]]<br />[[DB 120 Business]]<br />[[DP1 Wood-U235]]<br />[[Wooden Crate Carrier]]
|[[ES44 Noble Rescuer]]
|[[Police Officer]]<br />[[Paramedic]]<br />[[Nails Rescuer]]<br />[[Wood Rescuer]]<br />[[Steel Rescuer]]
|[[Shark]]<br />[[BHEEM Shark]]
|[[Shark VIP]]<br />[[Shark 1st Class]]<br />[[Shark 2nd Class]]<br />[[Shark Tail]]
|[[ALCO Meteoros]]<br />[[ALCO Rockhound]]
|[[Meteoric Glass]]<br />[[Meteoric Titanium]]<br />[[Meteoric Uranium]]
|[[Shinkansen 500NG]]
|[[Nagoya]]<br />[[Kyoto]]<br />[[Osaka]]<br />[[Sapporo]]
|[[Aerodrome Tower]]
|[[DB V300 Quad]]<br />[[DB V300 Triple]]
|[[DB Gravel]]<br />[[DB Uranium]]<br />[[DB Cement]]
|[[Dual Cement Silo]]
|[[TGV California]]<br />[[TGV Fly]]
|[[Los Angeles]]<br />[[San Francisco]]<br />[[San Diego]]<br />[[San Jose]]
|[[2Zagal Quad]]<br />[[2Zagal Triple]]
|[[Zagal Bricks]]<br />[[Zagal Titanium]]<br />[[Zagal Silicon]]
|[[Deltic DP1 Quad]]<br />[[Deltic DP1 Triple]]
|[[DP1 Gravel-U235]]<br />[[DP1 Wood-Glass]]<br />[[DP1 Wood-U235]]<br />[[DP1 Glass-Gravel]]
|[[SNCB 77 Quad]]<br />[[SNCB 77 Triple]]
|[[Belgian Wires]]<br />[[Belgian Marble]]<br />[[Belgian Plastics]]
|[[Colonne du Congres]]
|[[DB Class 120 Triple]]<br />[[DB Class 120 Quad]]
|[[DB 120 Restaurant]]<br />[[DB 120 Comfort]]<br />[[DB 120 Sleeper]]<br />[[DB 120 Business]]
|[[Cargon Fuel]]<br />[[Cargon Steel]]<br />[[Cargon Nails]]<br />[[Cargon U-235]]<br />[[Cargon Tail]]
|[[VR Class L Quad]]<br />[[VR Class L Triple]]
|[[VR 1st Class]]<br />[[VR 2nd Class]]<br />[[VR Restaurant]]
|[[Maryborough Station]]
|[[GP50 Frisco Quad]]<br />[[GP50 Frisco Triple]]
|[[Frisco Steel]]<br />[[Frisco Carbon]]<br />[[Frisco Nails]]
|[[Independent Nation]]
|[[Washington (Wagon)|Washington]]<br />[[Livingston]]<br />[[Franklin]]<br />[[Adams]]
|[[Jefferson Memorial]]
|[[GP38-2 Sovereignty]]<br />[[GP38-2 Dominion]]
|[[Fuel Dominion]]<br />[[Plastics Dominion]]<br />[[Rubber Dominion]]
|[[Strong Maple]]
|[[TGV Francais]]<br />[[CC 21000 Francais]]
|[[Cuisine]]<br />[[Lyon]]<br />[[Avignon]]<br />[[Marseille]]
|[[Goliath Cargobeast]]<br />[[Golem Cargobeast]]
|[[Cargobeast Silicon]]<br />[[Cargobeast Marble]]<br />[[Cargobeast U-235]]<br />[[Cargobeast Titanium]]
|[[BR Class 7 Quad]]<br />[[BR Class 7 Triple]]
|[[Vintage Fuel]]<br />[[Vintage Wood]]<br />[[Vintage Refrigerator]]<br />[[Vintage Grain]]
|[[SD70 Heritage Triple]]<br />[[SD70 Heritage Quad]]
|[[Heritage Bricks]]<br />[[Heritage Carbon]]<br />[[Heritage Glass]]
|[[Historical Cannon]]
|[[Morpheus 1st Class]]<br />[[Morpheus 2nd Class]]<br />[[Morpheus Mail]]<br />[[Morpheus Tail]]
|[[Eighth Note]]
|[[Rock Hero]]<br />[[Rock Hercules]]
|[[Wire Rocks]]<br />[[Wood Rocks]]<br />[[Steel Rocks]]
|[[Show Stage]]
|[[DSB EA Nordic Quad]]<br />[[Double-Deck Nordic]]
|[[Copenhagen]]<br />[[Aarhus]]<br />[[Aalborg]]
|[[VL Class Triple]]<br />[[VL Class Quad]]
|[[Antipodal Cement]]<br />[[Antipodal Gravel]]<br />[[Antipodal Nails]]
|[[Ocean Water Tap]]
|[[BR 60 Airlord Triple]]<br />[[BR 60 Airlord Quad]]
|[[Aircraft Fuel Tanks]]<br />[[Aircraft Spare Parts]]<br />[[Eagle 15]]<br />[[Eurodefender]]
|[[Maxima Bayern]]<br />[[Euro Borussia]]
|[[Bayern Fuel]]<br />[[Bayern Plastics]]<br />[[Borussia Wires]]<br />[[Borussia Uranium]]
|[[ÖBB RailJet Triple]]<br />[[ÖBB RailJet Quad]]
|[[ÖBB Business]]<br />[[ÖBB Premier]]<br />[[ÖBB Tail]]
|[[KFNB Austria]]
|[[RSD-15 CP Triple]]<br />[[RSD-15 CP Quad]]
|[[Hockey Stick Carrier]]<br />[[Plexiglass Transport]]<br />[[Puck Shipper]]
|[[Stando Cup]]
|[[Acela Flyer]]<br />[[HHP-8 Flyer]]
|[[Flyer Deluxe]]<br />[[Flyer Business]]<br />[[Flyer Tail]]
|[[Union Station]]
|[[Dash 8-32BWH Quad]]<br />[[Dash 8-32BWH Triple]]
|[[Veteran Steel]]<br />[[Veteran Titanium]]<br />[[Veteran Wood]]
|[[Aged Turbo Train]]
|[[Century Quad]]<br />[[Century Triple]]
|[[Century Coach]]<br />[[MKT 403]]<br />[[Century Mail]]<br />[[Southern RPO]]
|[[Blaze]]<br />[[Frost]]
|[[Blaze Marble]]<br />[[Blaze Fuel]]<br />[[Frost Uranium]]<br />[[Frost Wires]]
|[[NS 1700 Queen]]<br />[[NS 6300 Beatrix]]
|[[Royal Carriage]]<br />[[Regal Coach]]<br />[[Golden Carriage]]
|[[Queen's Palace]]
|[[EMD DDM45 Quad]]<br />[[EMD DDM45 Triple]]
|[[Rubber Robust]]<br />[[Cement Victory]]<br />[[Glass Victory]]
|[[Rusty Madeira]]
|[[Frecciarossa 1000]]<br />[[FS E652 Rossa]]
|[[ETR 1000 Business]]<br />[[ETR 1000 Standard]]<br />[[ETR 1000 Executive]]
|[[Leaning Tower]]
|[[CR NJ2 Quad]]<br />[[CR NJ2 Triple]]
|[[Yin Silicon Carrier]]<br />[[Gravel Robust]]<br />[[Yin Bricks Carrier]]
|[[Lucky Dragon]]
|[[Sapsan]]<br />[[EP1M Volga]]
|[[Sapsan 1st Class]]<br />[[Sapsan 2nd Class]]<br />[[Sapsan Tail]]
|[[Ostankino Tower]]
|[[GT1-001 Double]]<br />[[GT1-001]]
|[[Bolshoy Fuel]]<br />[[Bolshoy Carbon]]<br />[[Bolshoy Wire]]
|[[Yuri Gagarin Statue]]
|[[VSE Series 50000]]<br />[[EH500 Yuki]]
|[[VSE Comfort]]<br />[[VSE Business]]<br />[[VSE Tail]]
|[[Nagoya Station]]
|[[RENFE 353 Quad]]<br />[[RENFE 353 Triple]]
|[[Iberian Wood]]<br />[[Iberian Steel]]<br />[[Iberian Uranium]]
|[[Old Truck]]
|[[Aurora Comfort]]<br />[[Aurora Business]]<br />[[Aurora Economy]]<br />[[Aurora Tail]]
|[[Malaysia Towers]]
|[[CKD4B Triple]]<br />[[CKD4B Quad]]
|[[Glass Cargo]]<br />[[Rubber Cargo]]<br />[[Marble Cargo]]
|[[Rusty M62 Sergei]]
|[[BR Class 92 Triple]]<br />[[BR Class 92 Quad]]
|[[Tunnel Debris]]<br />[[Conveyor Belt]]<br />[[Eurotunnel Digger]]
|[[SNCF 68000 Triple]]<br />[[SNCF 68000 Quad]]
|[[Grandes Nails]]<br />[[Grandes Bricks]]<br />[[Grandes Titanium]]
|[[Rail Crane (Decoration)]]
|[[380AL Inverso]]<br />[[EF210 Inverso Triple]]
|[[Inverso Business]]<br />[[Inverso Economy]]<br />[[Inverso Tail]]
|[[IE 201 Class Triple]]<br />[[IE 201 Class Quad]]
|[[Cement Bubble]]<br />[[Plastic Souvenirs]]<br />[[Silicon Twin Hopper]]
|[[NSB El 18 Double]]<br />[[NSB El 18 Triple]]
|[[NSB A7]]<br />[[NSB B7]]<br />[[NSB FR7]]
|[[NSB Di8 Triple]]<br />[[NSB Di8 Quad]]
|[[Modular Tank Car]]<br />[[Automated Hopper]]<br />[[Customized Transport]]
|[[Erie RR L-1 Quad]]<br />[[Erie RR L-1 Triple]]
|[[Steel Wheel Carrier]]<br />[[Wooden Crate Carrier]]<br />[[Erie Caboose]]
|[[Erie Depot]]
|[[Pacific National Triple]]<br />[[Pacific National Quad]]
|[[Melbourne Glass]]<br />[[Queensland Rubber]]<br />[[Pilbara Marble]]
|[[Giant Mine Truck]]
|{{date|day=4|month=8|year=2013}} - {{date|day=5|month=1|year=2014}}
| '''Data missing'''
|[[ALCO C-855 Apollo]]<br />[[ALCO C-855 Skylab]]
|[[Moon Rock Transport]]<br />[[Apollo Lunar Module]]
|[[Saturn V Launch Pad]]<br />[[Moon Statue]]
|[[HEMU-400X MK1]]<br />[[HEMU-400X MK2]]
|[[400X-Honam]]<br />[[400X-Gyeongbu]]<br />[[HEMU-400X Tail]]
|[[UP Veranda Double]]<br />[[FM H-24-66 Triple]]
|[[Great Uranium Van]]<br />[[Great Cement Tank]]<br />[[Twin Fuel Tank]]
|[[Rusty Shay Class C]]
|[[Zefiro 380]]<br />[[CR SS9-G Double]]
|[[Zefiro 1st Class]]<br />[[Zefiro 2nd Class]]<br />[[Zefiro 380 Tail]]
|[[Nanjing Tower]]
|[[BR Class 50 Quad]]<br />[[BR Class 50 Triple]]
|[[Silicon Ore Car]]<br />[[Titanium Coil Car]]<br />[[Data Wire Carrier]]
|[[Electronics Truck]]
|[[Acela CP Quad]]<br />[[Acela CP Double]]
|[[CP Crew Coach]]<br />[[Dolphin Carrier]]<br />[[47-MLB Carrier]]
|[[CP Hangar]]
| '''Data missing'''
|[[Blade 1st Class]]<br />[[Blade 2nd Class]]<br />[[Blade Tail]]
| {{date|2012|7}}
| [[Maxima 40CC Pixelmax]]<br />[[PKP ST43 Double]]
| [[Gravel Massive]]<br />[[Rubber Massive]]<br />[[Steel Massive]]
| [[Water Reservoir]]

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Spelers kunnen toegang krijgen tot de Uitverkoop sectie (in het engels Vintage Offer, afgekort: VO)
door in de Winkel op het Icon Shop SO icoon te klikken, en vervolgens op het Icon Shop VO icoon.

De Uitverkoop geeft spelers een tweede kans om de items te kopen die ze gemist hadden tijdens de Speciale Aanbieding. Normaal gesproken verschijnen items ongeveer 10 maanden na de Speciale Aanbieding in de Uitverkoop. De Uitverkoop wordt beschikbaar wanneer een speler level 90 behaald, EN de aanbiedingen veranderen.
De Uitverkoop veranderd elke zondag en woensdag om 15:00 uur.

Zie ook: Speciale Aanbieding Icon Shop SO

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