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One-Click-Mail (OCM) used to allow the player to collect all mail packages at a station by clicking any one package. It was replaced by Versorgungskiste when Mail Packages were removed. It worked at both player and neighbour stations. This eliminated having to find and click each individual package. OCM was an Extension that could be purchased in the Shop.
Shop Extensions

NOTE: OCM did not affect unloading mail wagons. To unload mail wagons with one click, purchase the One-Click-Unload (OCU) extension.

Level Required Cost Discounted[1] Buy XP Icon
17 160 Gems 128 Gems 8.650
30 550.000 Gold
25.000 Holz Icon
25.000 Nägel Icon
440.000 Gold
20.000 Holz Icon
20.000 Nägel Icon
  1. A 20% discount applies when the Stock Exchange building is placed at any player station.


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