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Occasionally, Pixel Federation will hold Icon SpecialEvent.png Besondere Ereignisse. For the duration of the event ONLY, specific items had lowered prices and/or raised limits. Once the event ends, the special pricing/limit ends.

If a player wants to order these items from Support after the event ends, the costs and limits are the same as the most recent Sonder-/Ausverkauf Angebote.

Event & Datum Lokomotiven Wagons Anderes
22 Jun 2021
Icon Shop Maglev.png Gloromina Gloromina 1. Klasse
Gloromina 2. Klasse
Gloromina VIP
Gloromina Endwagen
27 Apr 2021
Icon Shop Electric.png ONPF Alstom Avelia
Icon Shop Electric.png ONPF Alstom HS2
ONPF 1. Klasse
ONPF 2. Klasse
ONPF Economy
ONPF Restaurant
ONPF Endwagen
30 Mrz 2021
Icon Shop Electric.png Victorian L Black Icon Uncommon.png
Icon Shop Diesel.png Victorian B Black
Victorian 1. Klasse
Victorian 2. Klasse
Victorian Economy
Victorian VIP
Victorian Restaurant
2 Mrz 2021
Icon Shop Electric.png Bael Velaro
Icon Shop Electric.png Bael E320
Bael 1. Klasse
Bael 2. Klasse
Bael Economy
Bael VIP
Bael Restaurant
Bael Endwagen
2 Feb 2021
Icon Shop Loco.png MR class F7
Icon Shop Electric.png Revived DRG E18
F7 1. Klasse
F7 2. Klasse
F7 Economy
F7 Restaurant
5 Jan 2021
Icon Shop Loco.png Gecko Class 01.5 R
Icon Shop Electric.png Gecko Vr2
Gecko 1. Klasse
Gecko 2. Klasse
Gecko Economy
Gecko VIP
Gecko Restaurant

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