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Der Spieler kann die Event Angebote (Abkürzung: EO; Shop icon: Icon Shop EO.png) Sektion im Shop finden in dem der Spieler auf den Event Tab im Shop (oben gezeigt) klickt.

Event Angebot Items sind für die Zeit eines bestimmten Events im Shop auffindbar und können nur gegen Eventmaterialien gekauft werden.

Diesjähire Event Angebote sind:

Each years of Event Angebote has its own page via Historische Angebote.

See also: Special Offer Icon Shop SO.png, Vintage Offer Icon Shop VO.png, Limited Offer Saisonal 

Note: Pixel Federation has one kinds of Event Offer (abbreviation: EO). The main type is similar to the Special Offer (abbreviation: SO) Limited Offer (abbreviation: LO). Like the SO, LO, an EO presents items in the Shop for a limited time. Unlike the SO, EO items are available for three or four weeks. This type of EO expires for all players at the same time. Also, unlike SO and LO, require the player to use the special resources to purchase the items from the shop. Any special leftover resources that aren't being spent on after the allotted time, will be converted to special flags. See Resources page for more information.

See also: Gem Offer

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