This page is about extensions, which now have a separate page from the themes. For themes, see Themen.

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Extensions are used to grow your TrainStation world from a small western rail depot to an advanced futuristic empire (or anywhere in between). They can be purchased from the Extensions tab in the Shop.

Shop Extensions

When starting TrainStation, the Main Station has only one rail for trains and one short street for buildings. You can only dispatch four trains at a time, and you can't dispatch Diesel, Elektrische, Maglev, or Hyperloop trains at all. Extensions allow you to change all of that.

With Extensions, you can make your station bigger, dispatch more trains, dispatch them quicker, and discover new technologies that unlock more parts of the game. You even can build four more stations and upgrade them too! All together, the game has over 170 extension upgrades available.

Stock Exchange
At level 28, it is recommended to purchase and place the Speziellegebäude Logo Special named Stock Exchange. Having this building in use at one of the player's stations (not in Storage) will grant a 20% discount to all Extension purchases. Discounted costs are usually listed on the Wikia for each Extension.

Extensions are divided up into five types:

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