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Expresszüge are game-controlled trains that appear at your station and award small amounts of materials Material, gold Gold.png, and/or experience XP Icon.png. An arriving/waiting Express Train is indicated by blue signal lights.

Local Express Trains

If you are logged into the game, and you have an empty rail at your station for 10 consecutive minutes, an Express Train will appear. As long as one rail remains clear, another Express Train will arrive until all rails are filled. Express Trains can be identified by their blue outline.
Express Trains will now wait in your station forever until you unload its wagons. This was changed in the first half of 2017, the exact date is unknown.

Express Trains are randomly generated by the game and can be matching sets or a mix of different locos/wagons. They are level-dependent and will become more advanced as the player levels. Occasionally, and for a limited time, PixelFederation will increase the chances of seeing rare locomotives as Express Trains to help players fill out their Museum. They will often be locomotives that are unlocked around the player's current level, or special offers currently or recently available.

NOTE: Hyperloop Express Trains only deliver XP.

Redirecting Express Trains

Train Yard Tower.png

As the game progresses, there may be a large volume of trains arriving at the player's station which can get hard to manage. At level 140, the Special Logo Special.png building Train Yard Tower can be purchased. This building will divert all local Express Trains to the station it is placed on. Having it at any other player station will help clean up and organize the main station rails and also increase the number of incoming Express Trains, because there are always free rails until filled up.


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Whistles are used to immediately divert an Express Train to the player's station. They can be used at any time a rail is open at their station. The Whistle button will display the number of whistles the player has available to use. Added with the 31 Mrz 2011 Game Update.

The maximum number of Whistles a player can have is 65.000, which will display as Max. However, when a new whistle is awarded, the number will drop down to 64.999 to allow the player to collect it.

Whistles are awarded from a few sources:

Note: this feature is unlocked at level 5.

Neighbour Express Trains

Every 23.5 hours, the player can also collect Express Trains from their neighbor's stations. See Neighbors.