There are 15 Social Achievements.

Achievement Social Visit Neighbours

Only a new neighbour counts for this achievement. You can recognize a new neighbour by the yellow star on their profile picture in your neighbours bar.

Neighbours can be added if you play the game from Facebook or check TrainStation Wiki forum thread Pixel Federation Portal Friends or check the TrainStation forum (i.e. [] for a thread(s) entitled "add me". Neighbours previously were required to unlock certain extensions and themes.

Name / Image Goal Award XP
Social Spirit
Achievement VisitNeighbours SocialSpirit
Visit 10 new neighbours Swift Sprinter

Swift Sprinter
(70 Passenger, +50%)

Community Leader
Achievement VisitNeighbours CommunityLeader
Visit 20 new neighbours Swift Sprinter

Swift Sprinter
(70 Passenger, +50%)

Social Beast
Achievement VisitNeighbours SocialBeast
Visit 10 new neighbours 90,000 Mail 1,400

Place Flags

You can get flags by buying them from the shop or get them as a gift from friends or neighbors on TrainStation.

Flags can be placed on your station similar to other decorations. As of game update 5-15-2014 placing flags on others' platforms was no longer available.

Name / Image Goal Award XP
Banner Bearer
Achievement PlaceFlags BannerBearer
Place 15 flags Swift Consolidation

Swift Consolidation
(Icon Shop Loco , 6 Icon Power)

Flag Carrier
Achievement PlaceFlags FlagCarrier
Place 150 flags Scotsman Rapid

Scotsman Rapid
(Icon Shop Loco , 6 Icon Power)

Station Marker
Achievement PlaceFlags StationMarker
Place 350 flags 8.000 Gravel 1,400
Achievement PlaceFlags Vexillarius
Place 2,000 flags Vexillarius



Use Gifts

When neighbours send you materials or decorations, you can use them to increase your material stock or to decorate your station.

Name / Image Goal Award XP
Achievement UseGifts Presentee
Use 10 Gifts Swift Sprinter
(70 Passenger, +50%)
Adored Neighbour
Achievement UseGifts AdoredNeighbour
Use 50 Gifts Utah Rapid
(85 Passenger, +50%)
Gift Collector
Achievement UseGifts GiftCollector
Use 250 Gifts 6.500 Glass 1,400
Bounty Hunter
Achievement UseGifts BountyHunter
Use 2,500 Gifts Bounty Hunter

Send Gifts

Send materials or decorations to your neighbours so they can increase their material stocks or decorate their stations. Added as part of the 24 March 2011 Game Update.

Image Name Goal Award XP
Achievement SendGifts TheRegardful The Regardful Send 40 Gifts Cow Wagon
(+60% XP)
Achievement SendGifts TheSolidary The Solidary Send 500 Gifts Sheep Wagon
(+70% XP)
Achievement SendGifts Donor Donor Send 1,200 Gifts Sheep Royal
(+90% XP)
Achievement SendGifts GiftGiver Gift Giver Send 5,000 Gifts Gift Giver