Kontrakt Profil
Alan owns a station by the beach. He has plans to open two things: a safari to attract tourists, and a beachside resort for those who want to relax. Alan, the hotelier, would like your help to meet his needs.
Sværhedsgrad Mellem
Portrait full Alan
Antal kontrakter 90
Minimum Level 55
Tur tid 4 Timer
Afsluttende belønning 10% discount on Mystery Depot items
Brugbare lokomotiver Icon Shop Loco Damp
Icon Shop Diesel Diesel
Icon Shop Electric Elektrisk
Icon Shop Maglev Maglev[2]
Butik Alan's Butik
Anden information Historie
Contractor Station Street Sizes
Maximum Passengers Per Hour
  1. Diesel locomotives are accepted after completing contract #48
  2. Maglev Lokomotiv are accepted after completing contract #48

Kontrakt liste

Belønnende togsæt

Alan giver følgende togsæt som belønning for at fuldføre hans kontrakter.
Nummeret før navnet på togsættet er kontrakt nummeret som belønner det sidste 'stykke' af togsættet.


Description Image
Splash screen from collection of Alan's final contract.
Alan Completion Splash
Certificate from Alan granting the player the use of his station and explaining the final bonus associated with completion of his contracts.
Alan Ownership

Contractor Portrait until 14 Nov 2013